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Dragon Ball features an extensive cast of characters, having spawned over three decades and several comics, films, and television series. Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to shortchange gamers in this regard. In comparison to previous releases, like as Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which included over 150 playable characters, the list in this game seems limited.

Granted, it is difficult to build a huge number of distinct combatants, but FighterZ has enhanced its roster in the three years since its first release. Occasionally, you simply want to play as your favourite characters from the show, regardless of their similarities to other characters. Mods can assist with this, and FighterZ has an abundance of them.


1) Baby Vegeta

Aside from Kid Goku, FighterZ does not reuse a great deal of Dragon Ball GT material. Not surprising, but… Despite its flaws, it is part of the Dragon Ball tradition and should be honoured as such.

With the Baby Vegeta mod, you can control a Baby-possessed Vegeta. Essentially the primary antagonist of the first plot arc of Dragon Ball GT. This mod lacks character outlines, making it aesthetically inferior to the others. However, the model functions so effectively in the game that it merits recognition.


2) Caulifla, A Saiyan From The Multiverse

Dragon Ball Super’s Multiverse melees introduce new Saiyans to hungry fans, among other things. The most entertaining is unquestionably Caulifla, a warrior whose limitless energy cannot be restrained. Testing her limitations against Goku invigorates her beyond belief, and she illuminates the screen throughout every match.

She is partly present in the game as Kefla, the fusion of her and her friend and likely boyfriend, Kale, but this mod allows players to smash the competition as the psychotic little brat.


3) Planet Tuffle

Planet Tuffle, or Planet Vegeta?

You decide, based on your loyalties. This modification adds a whole new level to the game. Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan homeworld, as well as the Tuffles and Plants races serve as inspiration for this level.

All of which were destroyed by the Saiyans themselves. Without outlines, the stage does not seem as impressive as the official ones. I guarantee you that there is no better place to host a deathmatch between Bardock and Freeza.


4) Ryu, A DLC Character From Street Fighter

In the current era of DLC, guest characters are a standard feature in fighting games. Why not invite the leader of one of the most popular combat series of all time, Street Fighter?

With its flamboyant moves and anime sensibilities, this Capcom series is already as insane as Dragon Ball. Let Ryu teach these rainbow-haired freaks the ropes. With the abundance of martial arts and energy blasts, he should feel perfectly at home. Which is stronger: the Hadouken or the Kamehameha?



5) Beerus Planet Stage

Have you ever heard of the planet of Beerus?

It is 26 minutes distant from King Kai’s Planet while travelling at warp speed. Or with only a few clicks in FighterZ.

Given that Beerus is a playable character, it would have been sacrilege not to add his planet as a stage. This modified stage has a very clean appearance and captures the enigmatic atmosphere of this planet.


6) Stephanie Nadolny as Goku and Gohan

Nadolny was Funimation’s original English voice actor for Gohan and Kid Goku throughout Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and the plethora of films and video games that followed. Beginning with Dragon Ball Z Kai, the corporation replaced her with Colleen Clinkenbeard, who in the view of many fans has never measured up.

The virtuous heroism and potent energy that Nadolny brought to his parts were replaced with piercing shouts and despondent irritation. Before these modifications were released, this was also true of FighterZ. Teen Gohan and the GT version of Goku now have Nadolny’s voice instead of Clinkenbeard’s due to previous recordings. All nostalgic enthusiasts, rejoice!


7) Vegeta Black

Observing Goku Black in action was a shocking experience for me. Seeing the kind and kind Saiyan warrior act so viciously shattered my heart… However, after breaking his bones in FighterZ, everything was good again.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that someone has created a Vegeta Black mod. This mod, which is a recolor of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, includes a special Lobby Avatar and a brutality rating of almost nine thousand!!



8) Manga Colors & Shading

FighterZ already imitates Dragon Ball’s appearance and feel well. It is an anime brought to reality. What if, though, it became more manga-like?

There were several stylistic differences between the original comics and their anime adaptations. Perhaps the orange hue is lighter, or the shadows are more distinct. These may not seem like much, yet they may make all the difference in the world. As a result, any character equipped with these upgrades may be differentiated readily from their equivalents. Comparable to night and day.


9) Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack

Goku with Ultra Instinct is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, he is monotonous due to his lack of appropriate attire.

Modders have once again come to the rescue, and this Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack comes with four new outfits that will make you appear much more fashionable while you destroy a whole squad with him alone.


10) Imperfect Cell, A Variant Of Cell

As with many other Dragon Ball characters, the insectoid android Cell has several incarnations. FighterZ only features one of these forms for the purpose of concentration and originality, and it makes logical that this form be “Perfect” Cell.

However, Imperfect Cell, the first non-larval incarnation of the winged antagonist, is far more unsettling due to his raspy voice and unnatural looks. He also employs his stinger in fighting, which he does by emulating Cooler (and his tail). The effort that went into designing this mod’s visual aspects cannot be understated. The omission of Cell’s second form is perhaps for the best, sparing players from his bizarre blackface lips.



11) Full Color Manga Palette Pack

Color manga palette? But I thought mangas were black and white! Dragon Ball, like almost every major shonen manga, sometimes had fully coloured pages.

In addition, this mod adds clothing for other characters based on these colourful pages. The outcomes are quite excellent. It adds a new degree of dynamism to the game’s visuals.


12) Bardock The Brilliant Scientist

Dragon Ball Z’s Ocean dub achieved a lot of things right, but it’s still riddled with bizarre small eccentricities that have made many fans laugh and inspired countless memes. Whether they were the result of censorship or ignorance, it’s still entertaining to look back on them. Without a full moon, Vegeta transformed into a Great Ape as an example. He attributes this skill to Goku’s father, whom he describes as a “great scientist.”

In truth, Bardock was a warrior with little scientific expertise, but that didn’t stop modders from perpetuating this absurd notion. However, these skins are only available for his lobby avatar and not his in-game fighter. However, the picture of the head bobbing is perhaps more hilarious.


13) SSJ4 Yamcha Remastered

The thief-turned-savior of Earth who sacrificed himself to prevent the Saiyans from achieving their goals… Dragon Ball Z gives him little opportunity to excel. Yet in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Everything is made possible.

The SSJ4 Yamcha mod is a costume mod that was never requested yet was desperately required. Turning Yamcha becomes a Super Saiyan 4, you can be sure he won’t be dumped by Bulma. Or you will be slain by a pitiful Saibaman. Hopefully.


14) Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

Despite the fact that Dragon Ball GT was, at best, divisive, several elements have endured throughout the years. One of them is Super Saiyan 4, which represents a major break from past transformations and is much more stunning than more recent ones. GT Goku can transform into this form for one of his strikes, but his opponent cannot. Is he insufficiently a Scorpio?

This mod levels the playing field by giving Vegeta his own ape form from the show. See what happens when you pit him against his Super Saiyan Blue opponent. Perform a crossover of Dragon Ball Heroes-style. Thankfully, his biker-like basic form is not featured, thus he lacks a moustache.



15) Damaged Piccolo

Piccolo has often stood beside Goku and the other Z Fighters. In return for his personal well-being, he often made the difference. While the character does not seem to be well-liked in FighterZ, which is not unexpected given that he does not have nine thousand various forms.

However, the community adores him as much as it does all Saiyans. And modders have given him a uniform that acknowledges the sacrifices he has made to preserve the planet. Not bad, given that he had intended to destroy it.




16) Tapion, Using Trunks’ Skeleton

This would occur if the Supreme Kai were not a useless waste of space. No, this comparison is not only based on appearance. Tapion is also the herald of death, an ancient entity who warns the heroes of cataclysmic danger. He fights his own battles, thus it’s about time he (and other film characters) get some respect.

Using Trunks as the template for the mod is a poetic reference. The fact that they have the same honourable, no-nonsense mentality justifies their similar motions and mannerisms. Tapion even gives the little Saiyan his sword at the conclusion of their quest. This doesn’t make sense from a continuity standpoint, but it’s a wonderful touch anyway.


17) Sonic The Hedgehog

It is difficult to believe this is genuine. Sonic the Hedgehog, famed for his fast-paced platforming, has been placed into a major fighting game. Nonetheless, it’s not exactly out of the blue. This confident little mouse has engaged in an excessive amount of combat. Plus, given that he is quicker than the speed of sound, he would likely be eager to test his reflexes against the Dragon Ball cast.

In addition, he has already explored the anime environment with Sonic X. This, along with his streamlined appearance, makes him an odd match for the style. Of course, it helps that he is modelled on Teen Gohan, one of the game’s tiniest and fastest fighters. All of these features work harmoniously together to guarantee that the mod retains Sonic’s personality. Who knew he would be such a perfect match? It only demonstrates the inventiveness that results from fan inspiration, one of the many advantages of the modding community.

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