17 Best Brawlhalla Mods

Brawlhalla has always been a game with several faces, including brands such as The Walking Dead, Ben 10, and, most recently, Kung Fu Panda. The 2D fighting game continues to foster a healthy community by hosting regular tournaments in which talented players may compete for large rewards.

Brawhalla has an extensive library of modifications, and with all the available character skins, weapon packs, and different venues, players may personalise the game to their liking. Numerous popular modifications introduce new player characters, the majority of whom are cameos from other famous games, television programmes, and advertisements.

1) Light Saber

If you haven’t realised from my lists, I’m basically a sucker for everything Star Wars-related. I leapt at the opportunity to install this Light Saber weapon mod when I discovered it.

Even more, the colour switch function enables you to pick between several sabre hues. As if you were using Luke, Obi-Wan, or even Darth Vader’s lightsaber in combat. Please note that this patch replaces the Monofilament Blade of Hattori. Therefore, it will not be accessible to all legends.

2) Steve Enters Valhalla

Brawlhalla has up to 53 unique playable characters, each with a multitude of unlockable skins. There are characters for all tastes and play types, and each character has a distinct look and play style.

This hack replaces the head of the Ronin Koji skin with the pixelated face of Minecraft’s Steve. The whole effect of Steve wielding a katana while clad in martial arts garb is very humorous, given that this skin is less visually appealing than others. This modification also recreates the in-game animations to include Notch’s clumsy protagonist.

3) Firewatch Miami Dome

Even with modding, it is possible to fight on totally custom maps, and you won’t want to miss this one. This patch replaces the default Miami Dome arena with a stunning mountain sunset from Firewatch.

Brawlhalla may have a totally different atmosphere than you’re used to. Surprisingly, the contrast of the cartoon-style legends flying over the globe works.

4) Fight Epic Battles In Stardew Valley

The official Brawlhalla Mods website is mostly comprised of different maps for seasoned players seeking to spice up their game. Some of the distinctive map skins include underground caves and futuristic cityscapes, however, some players may appreciate the amusing contrast of fighting against the lovely background of Eric Barone’s Stardew Valley.

This map not only has 2D pixel graphics based on the iconic light farming simulation game, but it also features music from the game. Players may like the contrast of Lara Croft fighting John Cena in such a serene setting.

5) Fantasy Weapons

Combat with an array of weaponry is usually entertaining in any game. However, this is particularly true in Brawlhalla, where weaponry is so readily available. Despite the fact that each legend may wield two distinct weapons, the available selections are limited.

This effectively implies that there is a great deal of overlaps in terms of which legends may wield particular weapons, which diminishes their uniqueness. Fantasy Weapons intends to rectify this by introducing 52 brand-new unique weapon skins to the game. A fantastic method to bring variation to the content between matches.


6) Replaces Swords With Lightsabers

In Brawlhalla, several characters fight with their bare fists or, in some circumstances, their claws. One freshly introduced character wields both a blaster and mystical orbs, a lethal combo.

A mod created by RiTiN enables players to exchange most swords for lightsabers. Fans of the Jedi Order will like this mod’s inclusion of lightsaber sounds whenever a character hits and the opportunity to pick any sabre colour. Unfortunately, this modification does not let lightsabers deflect missiles like they do in the movie.

7) Luffy Crossover

Now we have another Petra skin, this time substituting another famous anime character for her. The patch adds the renowned One Piece character Luffy to the Brawlhalla arena, which is an excellent addition.

Specifically for anime enthusiasts. This modification also includes color-swapping options, making his look more adjustable. In addition, special sound effects and distinctive movements have been incorporated.

8) Battle Against An Epic Sunset At Shipwreck Falls

Some Brawlhalla maps are less difficult to master than others. New players should avoid playing on maps with a single platform, such as Shipwreck Falls since it is much simpler to fall off the level. This map presents a thrilling challenge for other players, as warriors bounce on top of and off of each other in a frenetic attempt to control the limited arena.

It does not seem like the walking simulator Firewatch would be the ideal match for a combat game. However, Shipwreck Falls appears even more beautiful against a fiery orange sunset. Even Brawlhalla fans who have not played Firewatch will find this mod’s visual and soundtrack to be exquisite.

9) Demon Slayer Modpack

I am aware that not everyone is a fan of One Piece. Especially those who have just recently been interested in anime. Fans of the more current Demon Slayer series may now get access to two more legends.

The Demon Slayer Modpack contains playable versions of the Tanjiro and Zenitsu legends. In addition, it has colour changing, customised noises, and distinctive movements. All the best items.

10) Replace Diamio With Chester The Cheetah

With so many viable characters and weapon combinations, it is simple for players to experiment with various builds to see which ones perform best. Mordex may not be the finest Brawlhalla legend, but he has the funniest reskins.

Players using the Diamio skin for Mordex from the game’s Hellboy crossover may modify it to include a fiery cameo. Chester the Cheetah is a figure from Cheetos advertisements, and oddly, he is also a fantastic addition to Brawlhalla. In this humorous joke mod, players may make Chester whatever colour they choose and even give him a top hat.

11) Cloud Strife Enters Valhalla!

FF7 will have a special place in my heart forever. I’ve always thought it would be awesome if Cloud or Sephiroth were playable in a fighting game. And although Dissidia Final Fantasy may have satisfied that need, I still make use of modifications like this one whenever I can.

Installing this will allow Cloud to replace Hanbok Jaeyun in Brawlhalla. Even Cloud’s Buster sword is included, making it worthwhile to test this mod simply for the sword.

12) A Crossover Mod That Replaces All Of The Game’s Maps

Certain modifications are incompatible with one another, although the vast majority may coexist, allowing players to build odd pairings of characters and settings for a unique experience. Prior to downloading any files, players must ensure that they are compatible with the most recent version of Brawlhalla; otherwise, they will not function.

This map pack replaces all of Hollow Knight’s stages with locations from the classic 2D adventure game. In addition to new landscapes, a separate mod allows players to handle the titular insect fighter. Using both files, gamers will have all they want for a flawless Hollow Knight crossover.

13) Brawlhalla X Hollow Knight Crossover Mod

Recently, I’ve been quite into Hollow Knight. And I about went insane when I noticed this modification. The environments in Hollow Knight are among the most distinctive I’ve seen in a video game.

Combining these settings with the game’s music creates a distinct feel. Vanilax929 takes all of that to Brawlhalla with this pair of Hollow Knight-inspired maps, one of which even includes a unique soundtrack.

14) An Updated 2B Character Mod

The Brawlhalla modding community is still quite active. In addition to the daily creation of new modifications, fans are continually patching older mods so that they may be utilised with more current game versions.

This mod to add the character 2B from Nier: Automata was created by a user named Stompman. After a Brawlhalla update rendered the mod outdated, it was revived with more intricate animations. This skin may be applied to several different characters, requiring players to acquire multiple different skins for it to function.

15) The Knight Makes His Way Into Battle!

Obviously, there is no better mod than the nameless knight to top the list. With his version, modder Maashous transforms the main protagonist of Hollow Knight into a playable Brawlhalla legend, replacing the default Mythic Hero Val.

This fits wonderfully with the previous mod’s Hollow Knight maps, and the knight even holds his trusty nail. In the same manner as in the original game.

16) A Fresh Soundtrack To Enjoy While Brawling

While Brawlhalla impresses with its well-balanced action and a large pool of playable characters, some fans may find its musical score to be a little lacking. While the game’s selection of battle music is not horrible, it is also not very memorable; some players may choose to listen to their own playlists instead.

MattRoszak, a modder, decided to attempt to resolve this issue by replacing the game’s OST with a superior one comprised of tunes from his favourite games. This easy-to-install alternative soundtrack features epic tunes from several games, including Bullet Heaven and Rivals of Aether.

17) Color-Coded Jump Animations

As a free-to-play game, Brawlhalla often draws new players, despite the steep learning curve for some. It might be difficult to concentrate on platforming, evading, and hitting all at once. Legends may leap to great lengths, and it is not uncommon for a player to believe that he or she has pushed an opponent over a ledge, just to have the opponent hop back on.

Knowing when a player has used their double jump might be advantageous since they will be unable to leap again until they have landed. A mod has thankfully been developed that color-codes the leaps so that it is apparent which one a character is doing. Even though this mod is prohibited in tournaments, it might be a beneficial tool for novice players to learn the game’s fundamentals and enhance their own abilities.

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