15 Must-Have Mods That Make Your Cities Skylines Game Awesome

Cities: Skylines has one of the most robust modding communities available, particularly on Steam Workshop. In comparison to Sim City, the most popular city-builder of the previous decade, the player population of this game is particularly committed to giving players as much flexibility as they can conceive.

Cities: Skylines includes extremely accessible modding tools that enable competent modders to modify almost every aspect of the game. From constructing their own new structures and map settings to modifying the game’s fundamental features. There are several modifications that even brand-new users are advised to install in order to enhance their experience.

Cities: Skylines continues to be a simulation fan favourite even after its debut. In 2022, players are still generating mod material for Cities: Skylines, and despite the fact that alternative possibilities and new projects are on the horizon, the game’s fantastic gameplay continues to attract enthusiasts. Those who want to get even more out of the well-designed simulator may turn to the active mod community for some genuinely absorbing add-ons that can entirely rejuvenate the game for those who have taken a break or just want more from their experience. To better highlight some of the greatest Cities: Skylines modifications, more entries have been added to the following list.

1) Loading Screen Mod

Prior to installing any sensible modifications, you need install this first. A simple programme that facilitates the management of your game’s modifications and all the assets necessary to operate the game successfully.

This also shows important information while your city is loading, such as the amount of RAM being utilised, which assets are being loaded, and which assets are missing (if any). This alone makes it an essential mod for organising the various modifications you’ll be using. In addition, it reduces loading time by including its own asset loader, thus it’s very remarkable.


2) CameraGrid

Taking stunning snapshots of your enormous city is one of Cities: Skylines’s greatest joys. Skylines – the ability to demonstrate your gaming expertise online is a lot of fun, and the game creates stunning panoramas and, yeah, skylines.

CameraGrid is an utility developed to facilitate the capture of screenshots. At the click of a button, CameraGrid will add a grid to your UI to assist you in composing the ideal image; it even offers numerous configurations.

3) Ultimate Eyecandy v1.5.2

Based on the name, this is probably not what you are imagining. Cities: Skylines is already aesthetically pleasing on its own. Therefore, we are not seeking anything to enhance the game’s visuals. Ultimate Eyecandy is the most helpful tool for capturing your city in the circumstances of your choosing.

Perhaps you have just begun developing your own city and want to share your efforts. This will certainly come in helpful. You may modify the time of day, the latitude and longitude of the sun, the ambient light intensity, the weather, and even the LUTs in-game. Ultimate Eyecandy essentially enables you to capture the appearance of your city in whatever way you like.

4) SaveMyEars

Cities: Skylines is an attractive game, however it is not silent. Particularly if you’ve been playing the game for a number of years, some of the game’s sound effects might get monotonous and irritating.

SaveMyEars is a lightweight hack that seeks to lower the urban noise level. It presently does this by blocking parts of the ambient sound effects that play in densely populated locations. However, the mod’s creator has said that the modification may be expanded to address additional troublesome sound effects. The sound of cows mooing quickly comes to mind.

5) Traffic Manager: President Edition

Traffic management gets more challenging as a city expands. With interweaving roads, eight-way crossroads, people affecting traffic flow, and the game’s poor AI, it may become one of the most pressing issues you must address. However, most players find it to be bothersome. We would rather spend that time enhancing our city than resolving traffic congestion!

Traffic Manager facilitates this by providing you total control over the city’s road traffic. It is possible to adjust road limitations for certain cars, establish speed limits, and pick lane prioritizations, among other choices. Many players believe that the basic game is useless without this, but you should check it out for yourself.


6) Extra Landscaping Tools

Extra Landscaping Tools is the mod of choice for terraforming, if Move It is the mod of choice for items. With this mod, any map may be altered using the robust landscaping tools of the game. In addition to allowing you to install boulders and other natural elements, the mod offers highly adjustable brushes that enable you to create tree clusters or modify the water level as desired.

This is another another fantastic mod for those that like to feel omnipotent while developing their cities. It will allow them to create a populable land that is more beautiful than any of the stock maps.

7) Move It!

Move It is an additional mod for your customisation requirements. This provides you more control over moving and aligning game elements. Using a few basic keybindings, you can move buildings and trees with ease. You also have the ability to pick several things simultaneously and move them all at once.

Some extra settings include the ability to move objects in low-resolution mode, since we are all aware of how visually taxing the game can become when a city is densely populated. Even placement and angle rotation may be fine-tuned so that everything is just where and how you want it.

8) Realistic Population Revisited

If realism is important to you, as it frequently is for Cities: Skylines gamers, then Realistic Population Revisited is a must-have mod. The mod seeks to fix a specific issue with the original game, particularly its peculiar method of populating structures. Small dwellings can somehow accommodate dozens of people, yet enormous buildings seem nearly empty.

This mod makes it such that each of those little homes will have one family, while the higher structures will include a more reasonable amount of families. It also modifies commercial and industrial structures, allowing you to employ more people. This mod may alter the game’s balance, but it improves the game’s authenticity as a city simulator.

9) Building Anarchy

Building Anarchy must be installed if you like to have more control over the placement of buildings. It is not uncommon for city-builders to have a set of specified standards for building placement.

Some structures must be located near roadways, while others must be situated near bodies of water. Building Anarchy grants total control over placement modes by permitting the modification of any building’s specifications. Want to build a football stadium on a lake? Yes, why not?

10) Building Themes

If you want distinct-looking neighbourhoods without any work, the Building Themes mod is your best bet. This utility adds a Themes option to the districts and policies panel, enabling you to assign a theme to each district individually. This will restrict the district to a certain aesthetic and create a unified region.

This mod makes it easy to customise your city. This might be to imitate certain historical eras or to fulfil a need for a particular aesthetic. Downloadable additional themes are available on the Workshop, but be careful to follow the instructions on how to install them on the main page.

11) Find It!

Watch alert for the difficulty of actually locating stuff in the city. In a city filled with people, buildings, automobiles, and even decorations, it might be challenging to locate certain items quickly. Fortunately, there is Find It!

A small modification that expands the capability of the game’s search functions. The mod begins by scanning all of your city’s assets and giving them tags based on their title, description, and other pertinent information. The system then develops a database of all existing assets to facilitate tracking. Is not that so?

12) Clouds & Fog Toggler

Sometimes the most effective modifications are the ones that perform one thing really well. This is an example: Clouds and Mist Toggle disables the clouds and distance fog that occur when zooming out too far. This may be frustratingly obtrusive for players who only want to see their towns from afar, therefore this mod is ideal for them.

In addition, the mod includes a customizable option to eliminate industrial smog, which was included with the After Dark update. This is the mod of choice for anybody who desires a transparent game environment.

13) Achieve It!

The achievement system is disabled while playing Cities: Skylines with modifications, which is one of the game’s most significant drawbacks. Many gamers do not care, yet a large number of players are eager to see as many as feasible obtained. With more than 100 milestones, users do not want to be fully shut out.

This modification only re-enables accomplishments, allowing players with hacked games to continue get them. Although there are several cheat modifications available, the vast majority of the most popular are simple quality-of-life enhancements or bespoke structures. Achievement re-enablers are necessary since players should not be penalised for modifications that do not provide a significant benefit.

14) All 25 Areas Purchasable

Cities: Skylines maps are comprised of 25 squares. Typically, you would begin in one square and, when your settlement reaches new milestones, you would be able to acquire more squares in order to develop a bigger metropolis. This would normally max out at 9 squares after 13 milestones.

All 25 Regions This results in a significant waste of area for the remainder of the map, therefore Purchasable modifies the last milestone. Instead, it will make available for purchase the full map. Note that this does not affect the remaining milestones, therefore the game must be played regularly until the last one.

15) Tree And Vehicle Props 2

In Cities: Skylines, there are many buildings, goods, road kinds, and other things that players may install, but modders are always working to add more. The Tree And Vehicle Props 2 package is a compilation of addons that allow gamers to make their city seem more “alive” by adding a variety of automobiles and trees. These static objects may give an additional level of customisation and aesthetic richness by making particular spaces seem more “lived in.”

In order to create a more natural appearance, players may fill parking spots and plant trees in parks and other locations. It’s a little addition to the game’s already rich assortment of things.

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