15 Code Vein Mods In 2022

Code Vein by Bandai Namco borrows from the Dark Souls playbook. Both properties include challenging boss battles, a huge arsenal, and the loss of accrued progress upon defeat. Code Vein, like Dark Souls, has a robust modding community. This is particularly relevant to the subject at hand.

Code Vein, a May 2019-released role-playing action video game, has been acclaimed by reviewers for its excellent gameplay and challenging but engaging difficulties. The game follows in the footsteps of prior RPGs by providing a third-person view for players.

Code Vein, a Japanese anime-inspired video game, has more to offer than gorgeous chicks, as some have compared it to the iconic Dark Soul series and God Eater 3. The only concerns received were to the visual experience’s overall optimization. Many believed that the game’s aesthetics might benefit from a bit more flare, colour, and contrast.

In this article, we provide the greatest Code Vein modifications available for immediate download and enjoyment. Let’s get started.

1) Custom Loading Screens

With the introduction of faster computers, gaming has undergone significant modifications. This also covers the more recent method of installing digital games rather than continually downloading data from external discs… and as a result of this transition, loading times are seldom more than a few seconds.

Because of this, developers have abandoned the art of creating captivating loading screens for players to enjoy while the game loads.

SkacikPL, a NexusMods user, provides Custom Loading Screens for those of us with small hardware or too many modifications that extend load times. And this one is very awesome. It replaces the uninspiring screens in the original version with immersive and far more attractive images captured in-game.

2) DualShock 4 Button Prompt Replacement

Modifications exist to make an experience more comfortable and to fulfil desires that the basic game may not fulfil. While Code Vein for PC supports the DualShock 4, the PlayStation controller must be linked to the computer, and in-game prompts are not customised to the PlayStation controller.

This hack allows Code Vein to be played with a wireless DualShock 4 and replaces the Xbox button prompts with PlayStation ones. A wonderful alternative to have accessible.

3) 4K Texture Mod

PumbleChuck’s 4K Texture Mod is a very tiny yet significant enhancement for those of you with top-tier gear. With this add-on, the developer intends to replace certain extremely poor and dubious graphics from the standard game with 4K textures published by EPIC Games. These were released for use with any Unreal Engine 4 application (such as Code Vein).

It is incredibly simple to install and is ideal for those who can’t stand the sight of low-quality mesh. You purchased that monstrous gaming computer for a purpose, right?

4) Quick Mobility Dash Effect Replacers

Everything can be made to appear cooler, even Code Vein. Bandai Namco stuffed the game with legendary weapons, some of which had cool elemental effects. However, the battle system could need a little more visual excitement in general.

This mod transforms the basic act of rushing into a visual feast. The mod has a variety of styles from which to choose. Do you want the protagonist to leave behind a blaze? This mod has your back. Why not blood? Once again, this mod has you covered.

5) Improved visuals

Do you dislike it when your game’s frame rate decreases during graphically heavy sequences and cutscenes? Well, you’re in luck because we have a mod that will enhance visuals and gaming performance. With the enhanced visuals and performance mod, you can now enjoy code vein with the best graphics ever. Your character will come to life.

The modification helps reduce slowness and blurriness while concentrating on enhancing picture quality. Nonetheless, you may witness an increase in game load time; however, we believe this is a worthwhile trade-off to enjoy code vein’s excellent challenges and quests with an improved graphical user interface.

6) Weapon Variety Pack

Through modifications, Code Vein’s arsenal of pointy objects may be substantially increased, with most mods focused on a certain franchise. Choosing to cast a broader net, the Weapon Variety Pack adds weaponry from famous titles such as Devil May Cry and Dark Souls to Code Vein.

As is typical for modifications of this kind, this release replaces the game’s existing weaponry with its own designs. Prepare to slaughter some Lost with Bayonetta’s Holy Glaive.

7) Fluffy tails accessory

With this excellent mod created by the kind Renpyon, it is no longer necessary to settle for the plain vanilla leopard tail. How about substituting fuzzy foxtails?

Even the colour of the tail may be altered to the player’s pleasure. Match the tail to your attire and thoroughly dominate the game. As you rush through the game, the physics of this mod do not disappoint, as you can see the fluffy tail moving about.

8) E3FX Code Vein

This mod, defined by its creator Drogean as “bringing next-generation effects to Code Vein,” aims to modernise the game’s handling of numerous effects, lighting being the most significant. After installation, colours are more vibrant and lighting is more natural. It no longer sparkles as though it had a brilliant halo. Additionally, this patch will enhance textures and the Bloom effect. In addition, Eye-adaptation mechanisms for indoor and outdoor movement will be included. This mod is surprisingly straightforward for being so sophisticated. There are several solutions for the majority of problems.

9) Custom Weapon Trails

As you navigate the globe of Code Vein’s numerous places, you will engage in countless combat with the Lost. While Code Vein is not entirely devoid of a plot, its fighting is unquestionably the focal point; hence, adding additional visual flare to the basic act of swinging a sword would enhance the overall experience.

Custom Weapon Trails is compatible with every weapon type in the game, as well as accessories introduced by other modifications. It is your responsibility to choose one of the available effects.

10) Custom weapons trail

The incredible action gameplay in Code vein draws the player’s interest with quick movements and its unique weapon trail. Imagine enhancing your weapon trail game as in the majority of action-packed anime episodes. With a bespoke weapons trail, you may add excitement to your swinging action game and increase its difficulty.

Now your weapons may leave behind a blast of wind, a raging fire, neon lights, or any other effect you like. Enhance your gaming experience to mirror the action graphics of your favourite anime. No more mundane sword swings thanks to the unique weapons trail addon, which demonstrates to your foes that you’re the genuine thing.

11) Playable Mia Karnstein

A prominent subset of modding focuses on making NPCs playable, and Code Vein boasts a good assortment of companions deserving of this treatment. Due in part to her fiery appearance, Mia Karnstein is one of the most popular NPCs available.

This mod not only makes Mia playable, but it also offers a variety of character appearances; in fact, it includes all variants of the companion. Please be careful to read the creator’s guide before installing the mod, since it has particular installation requirements.

12) Pajama

Renpyon, a NexusMods user, provides the Pajama as an addition to your character’s wardrobe. It’s perfect for those times when killing former humans becomes too taxing and you simply want to relax, read a nice book, and maybe watch The Revenant on Netflix in the comfort of your own home.

Not that you need to restrict yourself, but if you charge into combat wearing this costume, your adversaries will immediately recognise you as a psychopath with no concern for etiquette or self-preservation. It’s also entirely adjustable down to your nail colour. You cannot have a pyjama party without painting your nails, right?

13) Colorable 2B Outfit

This modification has two advantages. Suppose you dislike the Playable 2B mod character, but you still want your character to dress like her. And secondly, if you merely want to alter the clothing colour from black to white in Nier: Automata, this mod will assist you in both circumstances.

You must install both of these mods in conjunction with the Colorable 2B Outfit mod, since they both operate in tandem. In addition, although it replaces the seventh costume for 2B, the skirt’s physics remain same. If it appeals to you, you may try out this modification.

14) Playable 2B

While crossovers do occur on occasion, modifications are often the only way for fans to see two incongruous worlds join together. 2B came to notoriety in Nier: Automata owing to the character’s unique background, marketable design, and charisma.

Aesthetically, 2B and Code Vein are a perfect match, since both have anime elements. While Code Vein’s combat is slower than that of Nier: Automata, 2B doesn’t appear out of place holding a big hammer or a stylish polearm. There are several modifications that bring the weapons from Nier: Automata to Code Vein, like renpyon’s Nier Automata Virtuous Contract and Blood Oath and Nier Automata Virtuous Treaty and Cruel Blood Oath.

15) Invisible Blood Veils

Following Invisible Blood Veils in our list of the top Code Vein modifications is Invisible Blood Veils. Using this mod, you may wear your favourite capes and coats without worrying about them covering your whole outfit. There are two distinct varieties of Invisible Blood Veils, one for Ogre coats and the other for Hound jackets. Furthermore, both male and female characters are supported. If Karen’s Outfit or similar body-altering modifications are your primary priority, this mod should be your first choice.

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