20 Best Dark Souls Remastered Mods

Dark Souls is without question one of the most significant video games of the contemporary period. Most gaming developers at the time were oblivious to the fact that there was a market for serious AAA video games that didn’t hold a player’s hand every step of the way and really treated them like sensible adults, but this game demonstrated conclusively that there was. Dark Souls was — and still is — a sensation that spawned its own genre while also becoming a standard benchmark for evaluating the difficulty of video games.

While its PC debut was hampered by controversy and several optimization bugs, updates have improved the overall experience. To get the most out of playing Dark Souls on a PC, you should consider the following modifications.

1)Custom Death Messages

When your character dies, you just get the notification “You died.” It’s a straightforward message that’s easy to overlook. However, the mod community spotted an opportunity. This modification allows you to modify the message to something more humorous, such as “Get well,” “Thanks Obama,” or “Oops.” Dying might be stressful, but when one of these humorous messages appears, you can chuckle.

2)Lava Eyesore Fix

Dark Souls may be an outstanding game, but the second part of the game’s experience is quite inconsistent. The lava portions are a major offender in this sense, since they are visually unpleasant, include uninspired encounters, and contain the worst monster in the whole series.

While there isn’t much that can be done about the final two complaints, this mod will at least improve the appearance of the lava. It’s a little adjustment, but anything that makes Dark Souls’ lava parts more tolerable is essential.

3)Poor Translation

Google Translate is not regarded as the most effective tool for language learning. This modification verifies the assertion. It was developed by running the game through Google Translate in 15 different languages to the point of incomprehensibility.

This mod’s description states, “Can’t grasp all of the secret information in Dark Souls’ item descriptions? This mod removes all traces of lore from the text, so you don’t have to feel awful.”

4)Thanks Obama

The first mod that deserves praise is a running joke inside the Dark Souls fan community that has grown rather famous in its own way.

Regardless of the terrible method in which a player may perish in the game, this mod guarantees that the player will laugh when the words “THANKS OBAMA” appear on the screen.

5)Jojo Stands

If you’re a fan of the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you should really like this modification. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, this mod adds an intriguing adjustment to the fighting system of the game. Similar to Stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you may essentially summon monsters from the game to fight for you. This may get absurd, though, since some summons are quite flawed.

6)Mouse Fix

The majority of gamers advocate using a controller while playing Dark Souls. Nonetheless, if players want to play the game using the keyboard and mouse, this modification is essential to prevent unnecessary hassles.

The default keyboard and mouse controls for Dark Souls are pretty inadequate. With this little modification, players will have additional control customization choices in Dark Souls.

7)Size Modifier

This mod enables players to change the size of themselves and any NPC, animal, or adversary. It depicts the game from an entirely new angle. With this ability, players may execute a variety of antics. For instance, just producing a random bird so big that its head towers above buildings. Or you can make your superiors the size of ants!

8)High-Res UI And Subtitle Fonts

Dark Souls is a wonderful game, but it has aged somewhat over time. This is shown by the user interface; it may serve its purpose, but there’s no denying that this design may sometimes be unsightly.

This modification provides a modest patch that improves the resolution of the user interface’s components. It also boosts the resolution of the subtitle fonts, a slight but nice improvement.

9)IGP11 Texture Mod

Some gamers believe that they have too much flexibility with texture modifications. You have the ability to transform your shield into your face and your face into a dinosaur. It is the pinnacle of playing God, and playing the game may be really entertaining.

With this mod, every building’s tile may have the visage of Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog. We’d say the sky’s the limit, but it’s also possible to tamper with the sky.

10)Highly Visible Health Bars

While the health bars are often visible in Gloomy Souls, the game’s dark locations might make it difficult to monitor an opponent’s health.

With this mod enabled, players can clearly see the damage they’ve inflicted, even in poorly light environments. This mod also offers support for colorblind individuals, which is a nice addition in an era where accessibility features in video games are almost expected.

11)Modern Firearms

It is humorous to include a pistol in a legendary realm filled with swords, shields, and monsters. This modification enables the use of modern guns against adversaries.

This not only makes battle simpler, but it’s also hilarious to have a gun in this environment. For best targeting, certain weapon modifications give the option to play in first-person.

12)Dark Souls Item Randomizer

The Dark Souls Item Randomizer hack will be very useful for those who want their Dark Souls playthroughs to be more unique.

This mod shuffles valuables across the environment, making it a risk to open each chest. This mod is very configurable, enabling players to adjust a vast array of variables to either make the game more difficult or… perhaps even more repressive.

13)Item Randomizer

This mod shuffles the locations of all obtainable items in the game. This is absurd since you may defeat a monster and get nothing but a pile of manure, or you can tread on a rat and receive a massive shining lightning sword. This mod goes nicely with the bad translation mod, since that formidable sword might be referred to as the “book book blade.”

14)Dark Souls Flora Overhaul

Dark Souls may be a wonderful game, but one must agree that its visuals have aged somewhat. This is evident in the game’s vegetation, which lacks the quality one could expect from a contemporary game.

Thankfully, with the Dark Souls Flora Overhaul patch, the general quality of these expanses of vegetation may be increased, enabling players to experience a game with more visual fidelity.

15)Fortnite Dance

Nothing in Dark Souls is more tonally inappropriate than Fortnite dancing. Or, depending on your point of view, it is ideal for a game portraying the gradual decline of human civilisation. Dancing would be a fantastic way to spice up a game when the primary actions are run, kill, die, and sit around a campfire.

16)Andres Cranial Ember

One must agree that the faces in Dark Souls are not very attractive. The plastic appearance is not always offensive to the eye, although it may be unsettling at times.

The Andres Cranial Ember mod gives a straightforward solution to this problem by modifying the game’s heads. Even the hollows’ texture has been improved, which is a welcome improvement.


Of course, there was only one mod that could have risen to prominence as the finest mod for Dark Souls, and it is something that gamers must install if they do not want to get disappointed with their PC purchase of this game.

Featuring a plethora of additions and enhancements that wind up addressing a tonne of flaws with the game while simultaneously boosting its overall visual quality as well, DSfix is the finest Dark Souls mod for anybody who desires the definitive Dark Souls experience.

18)Dark Souls HD Texture Pack

Dark Souls Remastered was a welcome announcement, but there are many people who were disappointed by the lacklustre effort put into this remaster. Their major gripe stemmed from the fact that many mods for the original Dark Souls were superior in that regard… with this texture pack taking centre stage.

With the application of one of the best mods for Dark Souls, the game will turn into a pristine and sharp-looking title that will definitely be eye-pleasing for most players… while they’re getting hacked to bits by enemies, that is.

19)Custom Bonfire Messages

This mod is very similar to the custom death message one. However, instead of the death text, it edits the bonfire text. Originally, the message is just “bonfire lit.” With this mod though, it can be whatever the player wants. Whatever the player wants.

20)Daughters Of Ash

Of Ash and Dust might be a lore-friendly experience, but the same can’t be said for Daughters of Ash. However, the sheer amount of ambition put into this mod makes it one of Dark Souls’ best mods for the game by a country mile.

Featuring new enemies, locations, items, characters, weapons, and even bosses — Daughters of Ash is an expansion that any fan of the vanilla Dark Souls experience should definitely try out.

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