17 updated mods for conan exiles

Conan Exiles is a difficult game to master, and some players may find some of its systems and regulations to be restricting. Mods are an effective method for modifying a game, allowing players to tailor it to their play style. There are several Conan Exiles modifications, but we’ve chosen the most helpful and effective ones for players to try.

The game is a vast, open-world RPG based in the setting of Conan the Barbarian that primarily adheres to old-school RPG conventions that may deter novice players. However, these Conan Exiles modifications let each player to customise the gameplay and mechanics to their own.

There are a multitude of modifications available, however the finest mods may significantly improve your game experience.

Let’s take a look at some of Conan Exiles’ greatest mods:

1) Pickup+

To begin, we have a very basic yet very effective modification. The developers have invested a great deal of effort into making the construction mechanism intuitive without sacrificing depth.

We believe they did a decent job, however there are a few tweaks that would have made the game even more enjoyable. Pickup+ performs just this.

Pickup+ is a tiny quality-of-life mod that enables you to pick up all placed items. The mod is compatible with both single-player and dedicated servers, although there is currently no option for thrall pickups.

2) Infinite Weight

Another change you may make to your character, Infinite Weight gives you the ability to carry an infinite amount of items at once, which significantly enhances your storage capacity. Because there is such a large variety of gear and cosmetics to choose from in Conan Exiles, it might be easy to feel overwhelmed by the game. As a result, because to this mod, you will be able to transport all of your most prized possessions with you everywhere you go. The vast majority of players feel that it is most useful for building, since it allows them to transfer all of the necessary materials without first requiring them to be stored somewhere else.

3) Hosav’s Custom UI Mod

This mod aims to give more customization options to your game. Hosav’s Custom UI Mod is a mod that enables you to customise the User Interface of the game to your specifications. The mod provides more than fifty distinct customizable features. The mod’s user interface is mostly influenced by Black Desert Online.

If you are using this with other UI modifications, it is advised that you set this mod lower in your load order for optimal performance. It is only reasonable that you devote a sufficient amount of time to experimenting with the user interface in order to determine what works best for you.

4) Pythagoras

Next on the agenda is a construction mod, which aims to alter the game’s fundamental building and crafting principles. With Pythagoras, players will be able to modify the proportions of their constructions and create more complex structures without being constrained by specific restrictions. This implies that you may precisely modify the corners and slopes of any structure.

5) RA: Character Customisation

In addition to the survival mechanics and the ability to explore, roleplaying is a major lure for Conan Exiles. We provide RA: Character Customisation to assist you with the visual element of this.

This cosmetic mod overhauls character creation by introducing a plethora of additional customization choices and features. Multiple choices are available in each of these categories for editing hair, eyebrows, and skin tattoos. Create the character you’ve always envisioned!

6) NoStamina2Climb

This mod enables players to climb any surface without wasting stamina. While endurance is still drained while running and combat, it is no longer required for climbing. In Conan Exiles, nothing is more irritating than running out of stamina when climbing a huge object. This removes that concern, allowing gamers to ascend to their hearts’ delight.

7) Exile Architect

Conan Exiles offers a physics-based and gravity-aware construction engine, thus you cannot construct Minecraft-style floating buildings. Exile Architect is a mod that contributes to a more grounded, realistic atmosphere.

This mod adds a variety of constructible scaffolds, bridges, and mason lines to aid you in your building endeavours. Or simply a little cabin if you like a simple existence.

8) ReCustomize

It enables you to modify your character’s look beyond the first creation process. This is a very underestimated mod, since almost everyone may profit from it. Honestly, I believe we’ve all created a foundation character in a video game, only to find midway through that we despise everything about them. In Conan Exiles, you may modify your character’s look at any time with ReCustomize.

9) IMMERSE RP: Buildings & Placeables Deco

Now that we’ve discussed RP cosmetics for your character and building modifications, let’s combine them with the IMMERSE RP: Buildings & Placeables Deco mod. This patch adds over 400 additional placeable items to the game to help you decorate your base and the planet. Moreover, many of the items it adds are genuinely functioning!

Additionally, the mod adds additional crafting materials and food items to explore. To unwind after a hard day, you may decorate your base with artwork and home furnishings or smoke sheesha, tobacco, or hemp.

10) Teleport Stone

Teleport Stone is another incredibly underrated Conan Exiles mod. This mod adds a fast travel system to the game, allowing players to instantly travel to any location on the map. This is a very useful mod for nearly everyone, as it saves a great deal of time by eliminating the need to travel everywhere on foot. Occasionally, you may still wish to wander aimlessly through the abyss, but the Teleport Stone gives you the option to instantly travel wherever you need to go if you so choose.

11) Immersive Armor

This mod is a content mod that adds 400 new wearable things to the game, including armour, weaponry, jewellery, and other accessories.

The mod utilises whiskey’s accessory clothing system, enabling for a whole new degree of character customisation. All the featured armors, weapons, and accessories adhere to the visual standards of the game and Conan mythos. You must investigate this!

12) NPC Traders

Next, we have our first gameplay mod, which is intended to modify the basic gameplay as opposed to the building or character mechanics. With NPC merchants, players will no longer need to go to a bigger hamlet or city to locate a trader. Instead, they will discover dealers dispersed around the landscape. This may save you a tonne of time, since NPC merchants can now appear in the most unexpected places.

13) Emberlight

If you like the stuff supplied by the previous modifications, you will adore this update! Emberlight is a content mod designed to provide world and roleplay depth.

Included in the update are new food, new placeable items, new weapons and armour, custom thralls (which can be obtained with the recipes for the new Emberlight weapons and armour), a painting system for structures, existing colour themes, and a multitude of quality-of-life adjustments. You may also explore cohabitation with bed pillows that can be bound. Yep it’s doable!

14) Predators

Finally, we have the Predators mod, one of the most interesting and surprising in Conan Exiles. With Predators, any wild creatures you encounter will now actively pursue and attack other NPCs or people. That is, they will no longer be focused exclusively on you, but rather on anybody else in the neighbourhood. Creating a far more realistic and bright environment for interaction.

15) Pippi – User & Server Management

One of the wonderful things about Conan Exiles is that you can enjoy all it has to offer alone, but you can also join a server and play online with other players! This mod in our list serves this purpose.

Pippi – User & Server Management is a mod that provides server-side tools and commands to assist administrators ease server management and community moderation. Among the features are the addition of moderators with limited admin panel access, the establishment of rapid transit spots, a new chat system, and many more.

16) Unlimited Durability

This mod effectively makes weapons and armour invincible, never requiring repair or removal. Durability is a pleasant RPG feature for some, but a nuisance for others. The Unlimited Durability mod eliminates the need for players to worry about their equipment deteriorating during battle. It disables this aspect of the game, relieving the players of one concern.

17) Elite Conan

The first Conan Exiles mod you should investigate is a character mod, which effectively modifies your character’s cosmetics and abilities to provide a more engaging experience. With Elite Conan, the level maximum for your character will be doubled, allowing players to now reach level 100. Despite the fact that some believe this mod to be a touch overpowered, since it practically transforms you into a god among mortals. It’s a terrific way to explore the game without constraints.

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