13 Best Skyrim VR Mods [2022]

Skyrim is an exceptional game. It has been played for hundreds, if not thousands, of hours by gamers (including myself). We felt a genuine connection to these characters. I’ve stood on the brink of a mountain, gazed outside, and pondered what it would be like to be completely immersed in that universe. Then Skyrim VR was released. And I went insane.

Skyrim was the reason I purchased a PSVR, to be completely transparent. I just could not wait the whole year for it to be released on PC, and I spent an embarrassing number of hours playing it. It was almost what I desired. Modding support was one of the few things missing, in my view. Now that Skyrim VR is available on PC, there are an abundance of modifications that, in my opinion, enhance the experience. Consequently, here are some must-have modifications for Skyrim VR!

Michael Connor Smith updated the following on August 15, 2020: Skyrim is a game that will be converted to everything from the newest home gaming consoles to smart refrigerators and the GameBoy Color, as has become a running joke. However, despite our hopes, Skyrim can never be translated into the real world. Skyrim VR is the closest thing to making it socially acceptable to yell ancient dragon languages at onlookers. Skyrim VR is an intriguing game, since virtually every player will tell you that altering the game is a must, as it significantly improves the whole experience. We’ve chosen to add a few additional modifications to this list in order to assist gamers in determining which of Skyrim VR’s many mods would best fit their Elder Scrolls preferences.

Skyrim’s continued dominance in the modding community is a fact that comes as no surprise to anybody. In the years since its debut, Skryim VR has transformed from a total joke into one of the most immersive experiences the technology has to offer. Skyrim VR is remarkable with a little polishing, and it has only grown better in 2022. There is always something new to add, since there are almost 52,000 modifications already available. Due to all of these changes, we had to reread this list and add even more modifications. Even with this many entries and updates, the Skyrim modding community is merely touching the surface of what Skyrim VR has to offer.

1) USSEP 4.2.2 and SSE 1.5.97

Skyrim is a fantastic game, but let’s not forget about all the issues players must undergo. The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, or USSEP, is a community-made patch that solves a large number of issues and broken features that Bethesda overlooked.

Sadly, it is incompatible with Skyrim VR. However, with USSEP 4.2.2 and SSE 1.5.97, the VR version is now supported. This modification adds compatibility with Skyrim VR to the most recent versions of USSEP. We know you want a large number of bugs to be eradicated and a seamless gaming experience to be created.


PLANCK is essentially on the same level of importance as HIGGS. This is due to their commitment to making it seem as though your activities are influencing the situation. Whereas HIGGS was primarily concerned with world-building, PLANCK is more beneficial in fighting. Base Skyrim VR is a jittery experience. Your weapons do not clash with foes, and the faster you swing, the quicker they are killed. It is the worst approach to conduct VR fighting and really detracts from the experience.

Enter PLANCK. This mod makes it so that adversaries clash with your weapons realistically, giving battle weight. How it accomplishes what it does is completely beyond our comprehension, but we do know that we will never again play Skyrim VR without this mod. A mod that is definitely required.

3) Realistic Lighting Overhaul SSE

Upon entering Skyrim for the first time, you will discover that the new environment gives an immersive experience. Experiencing it in virtual reality adds a whole new dimension to the experience. Unfortunately, it is a fairly outdated game at this point, as the aesthetics make clear. To assist with this, we offer Realistic Lighting Redesign SSE.

This mod is a lighting makeover that improves interior and outdoor lighting without any post-processing, making it very performance-friendly. It’s incredible how much better lighting effects can make a game seem. You will surely notice the difference if you give it a try.


Immersion is the most crucial aspect of any VR experience, and VRIK is an indispensable mod in this sense. This mod enables the player’s arms to be completely moveable along with their armour, resulting in a far more realistic gaming experience.

Additionally, you may sheath numerous weapons on various portions of your body while keeping them completely visible, enabling you to swap weapons swiftly and dynamically without frequent menu travel.


VR enhances your interactions with NPCs, bringing you to a more intimate level with them. In 2021, however, they seem less attractive. WICO is a mod that modifies the textures and faces of all Skyrim characters.

This revamp does not only make the characters more appealing; it also aims to preserve the original appearance and feel while making them seem more realistic and high-quality. Additionally, the mod adds high-quality hairs and warpaint to the game. WICO contributes to bringing the visuals up to today’s acceptable standards, hence facilitating a superb gaming experience.

6) Conduit

This is one of our favourite improvements to Skyrim VR’s gameplay, since it finally enables Spellblades to exist in the game (and, well, Elder Scrolls in general). This mod’s functionality is really basic, yet endlessly enjoyable. You choose any spell from the game, then any one-handed weapon from the game, and finally the blade. This then imbues that weapon with the spell of your choosing, enabling you to wield a lightning-powered longsword or a fiery battleaxe.

Does it significantly alter the way the game is played? Not exactly, but it looks beautiful, it feels wonderful, and now more players may enjoy magic without having to bother with spell-casting.

7) JK’s Skyrim

The previous modifications improved the appearance of the player, NPCs, and environment items; this update will add some life to Skyrim’s villages. JK’s Skyrim is a collection of the renowned JK’s city and town modifications, which aimed to enhance each community in this northern region.

The patch improves Skyrim’s five main cities and nine smaller towns and villages. The modifications are intended to primarily alter external areas without interfering with missions or NPC schedules. The once dull historic communities now have impressive architecture and a great deal of character. It is a strongly recommended mod!

8) Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

Dragonborn Speaks Naturally, perhaps the greatest mod on our list, enables you to speak the conversation choices to pick them. This may not seem like a big problem, and some people may really enjoy picking them the old-fashioned way. But for me, being able to physically interact with the characters in-game is a phenomenal experience that adds an absurd degree of immersion. Just make sure everyone else in the home is aware of the modification, or they may believe you’ve finally lost your mind.

9) HIGGS – Hand Interaction and Gravity Gloves for Skyrim VR

The following mod is designed exclusively for Skyrim VR. HIGGS, also known as Hand Interaction and Gravity Gloves for Skyrim VR, is a mod that adds some excellent VR elements to Skyrim VR.

This patch includes VR hand dynamics such as weapon and hand collisions, finger motions (enabling you to use either hand to pick up things), and much more. The modifications enhance the realism and craziness of the VR experience as you begin to explore the many options.

10) Audiobooks Of Skyrim

Elder Scrolls games are notoriously dialogue-heavy adventures with a plethora of lore-expanding side material, the majority of which consists of numerous books. There are approximately 300 books to read in Skyrim, some of which are rather substantial.

This is why Audiobooks of Skyrim allows you to listen to every book while playing. The books give a far more practical approach to absorb as much of Skyrim’s information as possible, since they can be interrupted and resumed at anytime.

11) Immersive Patrols

This mod is just a matter of personal choice, however I often find myself travelling throughout Skyrim alone for extended periods of time. Like, a considerable amount of time. And I begin to question if I’ve gone nuts. Immersive Patrols significantly reduces my anxiety by introducing a substantial number of additional patrols to the globe, including Stormcloaks, Thalmor, and city-to-city commerce caravans. Similar to Sound Of Skyrim, it helps the environment seem less empty.

12) Enhanced Blood Textures

I am by no means a fan of blood and guts, but let’s be honest: the blood graphics in Skyrim may be a little… meh. It’s a strange sensation to glance around after a particularly nasty battle and see half a dozen victims on the ground but just a few little blood splatters. It lessens the significance of what just transpired, in my perspective.

With Enhanced Blood Textures loaded, I feel a little horrible after a battle when I glance around. Perhaps the outcome might have been different? Perhaps the sword through the face was a tad excessive. This patch offers an abundance of new blood graphics, bleeding animations, and sound effects. Even blood appears differently on diverse surfaces, such as snow vs stone.

13) Amazing Follower Tweaks

We’ve all had moments when we believed our following to be an idiot, let’s face it. Occasionally, you wish they would do or not do something, and this tends to disrupt immersion. Amazing Follower Tweaks gives a plethora of additional choices for your follower, such as the ability to build a camp, recharge their own weapons, teach them spells, level them up, transform them into a vampire or werewolf, and customise their battle style. In addition, the maximum number of followers is increased to five.

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