All The New Morrowind Mod You Need To Download For Skyrim: Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the most recent installment in a first-person shooter series that started in the 1990s. This game, renowned for its blood, guts, and gore, allows players to navigate mazes while disemboweling demons with high-powered weaponry. What is there not to love? Especially when it all occurs with cutting-edge visuals!

However, the sheer abundance of complex visual effects overflows into certain places where it is not necessary. As a consequence, many aspects distract players. Fortunately, gamers may apply modifications to resolve this issue. Some modifications alter the aesthetics of the game, resulting in an altered look. Other tweaks make the gameplay more difficult for experienced players. Here is a list of the top ten modifications for Doom Eternal that can be downloaded from

1) Restored Graphics Effects

While Carmack had nothing to do with the prior mod or the game itself, this modder discovered that ID left off some graphics possibilities. The Restored Graphics Effects patch restores them altogether, bringing the experience closer to what the makers intended at a specific stage in development. Included among the reintroduced effects are a running HUD, a shadow for the Doomslayer, less fuzzy anti-aliasing, the option to activate ray tracing, and lens flares. There is also a little improvement in colour and picture quality. This mod may not appear very good in screenshots, but it improves the whole experience of the game.

2) GrittyDoom

The default appearance of the power-ups dropped by defeated foes is sparkling and glowing. Probably so that the power-up shines out from the surrounding environment. This mod has the opposite effect. In other words, it makes the power-ups seem less shiny and more simple. Why would gamers want this? Perhaps they have sensitive eyes and already feel overwhelmed by the screen’s content.

This modification might provide relief. Or, they may want to add another difficulty level to the games. This mod does this by making power-ups less visible, hence decreasing the likelihood that players will get them.

3) Helmetless Slayer

The final modification has a title that tells it all. Even if the Doomslayer is not the Master Chief — we’ve seen flashes of his face previously, and we only get a few sequences when the camera zooms out of the first-person viewpoint — it’s still interesting to put a face to the guy responsible for all that ripping and tearing. This mod just removes the helmet (not that he needed it for protection anyway), regardless of the armour or skin you are wearing. Depending on the armour, this does alter the facial model, such as the half-rotted head of the Zombie Slayer skin. This one is very enjoyable to experiment with in picture mode.

4) Carmack’s Eternal Reshade

The title of this modification references John Carmack, co-creator of the original Doom game. Carmack allegedly authored this mod, which enhances the overall graphic quality of the game. It modifies the appearance and feels of the game to reflect Carmack’s objectives had he been in control.

This modification caters to fans of the original Doom by enhancing its authenticity. Those who just like to play the game with all of its visuals altered may also enjoy this modification.

5) Keep the Dead — Eternal Edition

In terms of realism, if you’re unable to immerse yourself in a game where the corpses decompose over time, it’s an interesting issue, but one that can be overcome. Keep the Dead performs just as advertised. No corpse, gib, or gory bone will mysteriously vanish from the battlefield… at least for a far longer duration than usual. One of the many characteristics that set the original Doom unique from other games was that vanquished foes’ bodies remained forever. In addition to a few tweaks, such as removing the burn-away effect from enemies, making Pain Elementals and Cacodemons explode rather than ragdoll when killed, and keeping broken barrels and the environment around for a longer period of time, the features list for this mod is primarily a list of all the gory bits that will remain for a longer period of time. Even while it is unknown how long the mod keeps the dead around, there is more than enough time to receive a gratifying look at the destruction you created after difficult combat.

6) No Extra Lives

Unlike the other two modifications, this one does not alter the appearance or feel of the game. Instead, it makes it more difficult. How does it achieve this? The clue is in the title! It eliminates all Extra Life enhancements from the game.

This significantly increases the level of difficulty, since it compels the player to complete the game with just the default amount of lives. There are no second chances. Those that take pleasure in their ability to complete the game with minimal fatalities will like this challenge. They should install this mod and see the results.

7) Particles 9000

You may be able to assume that the Particles 9000 mod and the Keep the Dead mod were created by the same individual since they perform comparable functions. This mod seems to push your system to its limits by raising the quantity and length of all weapon particle effects and explosions by a factor of four, yet claims to incur a penalty of between five and ten frames per second. It was upgraded so that, if desired, you may make the particles last even longer. Outside of weapons that fill the screen with particles, such as the BFG 9,000, the additional particles provide the impression that your guns have a bigger effect on things and adversaries. And who doesn’t appreciate setting off a little fireworks display while destroying demons?

8) No Enemy Health Drop When At Max Health

This modification does not significantly alter the game’s aesthetics or difficulty. Instead, it increases the efficiency and economy of gameplay and graphics. It makes it such that when the player’s health is at its maximum, opponents she kills will no longer drop health potions.

Therefore, gamers should not feel that any power-ups have been squandered. This also means less items are cluttering the screen. The consequence is fewer unused power-ups and a cleaner screen for the gamer.

9) Horde Mode

Okay, you have all the lighting and graphics modifications you want, but what about the gameplay? Even with the DLC, you can only go through the regular campaign so many times before it becomes repetitive. Enter Horde Mode mod mode. Considering that there was a training arena in the main game, we’re honestly a bit shocked that this wasn’t formally published. We have creative modders to thank for the addition of this addicting mode. Everything you would expect from an official horde mode is included, including rounds of escalating difficulty, multiple locations (some of which are new), weapon and equipment upgrades between rounds, and even a cutscene at the conclusion. This is the ideal exam for those craving a new battle challenge.

10) Customizable Glory Kill Highlights

When a player kills an enemy in Doom Eternal, regular visual effects occur. When committing a “glorious kill,” however, extraordinary consequences occur. In other words, the kill is emphasised so that it stands out from the rest of the action. This modification allows players to personalise the special effects. Perhaps they dislike the default hue of glory kill highlights. It might be painful to their eyes, difficult to see, or just unsightly. Regardless, this modification grants players control over these graphics.

11) Eternal Gameplay Overhaul

Changing the gameplay in a game as carefully constructed as Doom Eternal is a difficult affair, but these mods and adjustments walk that line flawlessly. This is yet another modification designed for players who have mastered all of the game’s features or who believe the original game was unbalanced. The revamp is described by the modder as “an effort to bring some fun, diversity, and experimentation to the game.” This entails an increase in opponent response times, an increase in ammunition and armour capacity, an increase in jump height, and a multitude of weapon buffs. These modifications alter the game’s flow just enough to warrant another playing.

12) White Weapon Reticles 

This mod modifies the aesthetics and difficulty of the game. “Reticle” refers to a weapon’s crosshairs, the little indicators that advise players where to aim. Reticles appear on-screen in Doom Eternal when the player equips certain weapons.

By default, they appear in a hue that blends in with the surrounding environment. This modification gives the reticles a brilliant white hue. This allows them to stand out against the backdrop and other surroundings. As a consequence, players are always able to see precisely where they are aiming, which increases their hit rates.

13) Melee Damage Restored

There’s not much else to say about this other than thank you. The only time you did not feel like an unstoppable killing machine in Doom Eternal was when you went near to even the tiniest demons and used melee attacks. The innocuous touch that the Doomslayer administers with the same arms he uses to tear heads from necks and torsos from legs seems to be nothing more than a tickle to the demons. This patch restores the strength behind those attacks to be more in line with Doom’s 2016 version. It’s not overpowering — it won’t kill in a single hit or anything — but it’s a realistic choice in battle, as opposed to what it is now: a mistake.

14) DoEt Cel-Shader

Similar to the previously described Carmack’s Eternal Reshade patch, this one alters the appearance and feel of the game’s visuals. The images are rendered using a method known as Cel Shading. This approach makes 3D visuals seem flat as if they were from a cartoon or comic book.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and XIII for Sony PlayStation 2 are two games that employ cel-shading. As dark and gloomy as the Doom series is, it’s funny to see how it appears as a cartoon.

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