18 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Mods That Make The Game More Fun

There are currently no open-world games that do not had modifications built for them. The Assassin’s Creed series has endured the same phenomenon since hacks have always been a popular technique for gamers to play games more efficiently. Odyssey has received an abundance of modifications in particular.

While it’s true that activating modifications is a method to circumvent the game’s hurdles, it’s also a chance to improve your playing, since there are so many options available. You should thus investigate the sorts of modifications available and the reasons why they improve the game.

by Meg Pelliccio on December 24, 2020:Assassin’s Creed Recently published, Valhalla invites gamers into the realm of Vikings and continues the heritage of the Assassins. Valhalla has also brought a large number of new players to the series, with many of them rushing to play the previous games to catch up. Odyssey is an excellent game for new fans to attempt, since it is regarded as one of the greatest entries in the series. This is particularly true considering that the most recent games in the series have more RPG aspects, such as romance and the chance to pick the gender of your character. There are a variety of modifications that may make the game more interesting or perhaps a bit easier.

1) Myrrine Customizer

Myrrine, the mother of Kassandra and Alexios, is a character the player must locate throughout the narrative. However, after installing additional modifications, some gamers may still desire her to resemble any playable character. Thus, the Myrrine Customizer mod comes into play! With this customization mod, the user is able to alter Myrrine’s haircut, eye and hair colour, skin tone, and wardrobe.

This modification requires Forger, and the file must be placed in the ForgerPatches directory. And if you ever want to undo the modifications you’ve made, you can just deselect the mod boxes in Forger.


2) AC Odyssey Tweak Pack

The AC Odyssey Tweak Pack mod is a terrific all-arounder that includes a number of adjustments that make the game simpler for those who find it too challenging, as well as allowing for a more fluid experience.

Improvements include eliminating the limit on mount speed, adjusting the resource loot multiplier, letting players to select custom XP and enemy health and damage multipliers, adjusting healing, and reducing reward cooldowns.

3) Kassandra Enhanced Muscle Definition

One issue in modern video game creation is the absence of female character muscles. Kassandra is a strong woman who would have toned muscles, therefore this Kassandra Enhanced Muscle Definition mod is intended to rectify this.

This modification is basic, since it redefines the muscular lines over Kassandra’s whole body. Her belly has changed the most, as she now has a distinct six-pack, but her shoulders, arms, and legs are now severely toned. For this mod to function, you will need at least version 2.8 of Forger Patch Manager.

4) Valhalla Inspired Warpaints

If you wish to add a touch of Valhalla to the older Odyssey game, the Valhalla Inspired Warpaints mod by ilikedetectives and skylightglare lets you to apply Viking-inspired warpaints to both Kassandra and Alexios.

This mod offers a wide selection of warpaints, ensuring that there is something for everyone. This mod requires the Forger 2.8 mod to function, so be sure to get that one first.

5) All Legendary Items Unlocked

In every video game featuring a hidden Ultimate weapon or easter egg, gamers are aware of how difficult it may be to get them. Which is part of the reason why there are cheat codes. With the All Legendary Items Unlocked mod, you may now gain all legendary items in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This is something that most gamers would want to see corrected in future instalments.

Conveniently, this mod also includes a YouTube video that demonstrates how to install it. With so many legendary goods in the game, the time saved by using this mod/cheat is well worth it.

6) Invisible Bow and Spear (Forger)

One of the most requested improvements that fans want Ubisoft to include is the ability to remove bows and quivers, allowing characters to have a more minimalistic-looking armour set. This is possible using the Invisible Bow and Spear (Forger) mod for both Alexios and Kassandra.

Again, the Forger mod is necessary for this mod to function, so be sure to also download that. You may still use your bow and arrows while this mod is active, but they are invisible, making it seem as if the player is miming the action.

7) Level 1 Kassandra With 500.000

You need resources to improve your armour and weapons, as well as to purchase items from merchants. Although beginning a game with infinite resources helps speed things up, many believe that it damages the first-time experience.

However, to each his own? With level 1 Kassandra with 500,000 of each resource, you may sail through any issue, similar to the anime “Balance: Unlimited.” With so many resources at your disposal, you have the world in your hands. Make the most of the situation.

8) Different Skin Tones for Kassandra

Players like being able to alter the look of the main character to more closely resemble their own. While it’s logical that Alexios and Kassandra have a skin tone appropriate for Greeks, it’s always pleasant to have an alternative choice available.

The Different Skin Tones for Kassandra mod enables users to choose from five different skin tone variants in addition to the regular one. This mod does not impact the skin tones of NPCs, but it requires Resorep to function.

9) AC Odyssey Tweak Pack

Despite being excellent, the game is not flawless, and some may even believe that some elements of the game create unneeded problems. The AC Odyssey tweak pack smooths out the game’s small ups and downs, providing for a more consistent gaming experience.

You may now mount without the speed limitation, increase the loot multiplier, and modify the XP, HP, and damage multipliers of yourself and your adversaries. There is also a shortened bounty cooldown, which is helpful for those who dislike waiting too long.

10) Myrrine Customizer

Myrinne is the mother of Alexios and Kassandra whom the player must locate throughout the game’s plot. The Myrrine Customizer mod enables users to choose her haircut, skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, and wardrobe if they want to alter her look.

If you alter your misthios to seem differently from their default appearance, you may now guarantee that their in-game mother resembles Alexios or Kassandra. Like many other Odyssey modifications, Myrrine Customizer needs the Forger mod to function.

11) Player Armor Extra Customization

Apparently, clothes accessories and fashion are popular among both gamers and video game enthusiasts. Many of us cannot support the concept of Alexios and Kassandra’s awful trousers. Obtaining further customisation for the player’s armour allows them to modify their clothing to suit their requirements.

The mod extends the amount of customisation by providing players with 23 choices to choose from. Players may now add or remove capes, alter their attire, introduce new designs, and more. Bring some flair to the traditional assassin’s creed adventure.

12) New Outfit Mod

Certain who have played the game are aware of the value of those armour sets. Nonetheless, some players like Kassandra in more attractive attire, and this mod is for them. There are other colour variations available, but the white dress is the most desirable.

The mod enables players to choose Kassandra’s attire, eliminating the necessity to hunt for materials or drachmae in order to acquire these garments. This is essentially what would have occurred if sundresses were popular over 2,000 years ago.

13) Valhalla Inspired Warpaints

As war cries are known to instil dread on the battlefield, so too can warpaints. Valhalla featured characters with warpaints, therefore if you’re seeking for something in Odyssey, the previous version of Assassin’s Creed, get warpaints inspired by Valhalla.

Face paints that increase aggressiveness and anxiety as the player runs past opponents and obstacles. The warpaints will give you a new persona, allowing you to seem ferocious and poised.

14) Young Alexios

The great majority of gamers favour Kassandra as the playable character over Alexios. Because Alexios’s look is so basic, he is not very enjoyable to play as. This patch rectifies the issue by making Alexios much younger.

This modified version of Alexios has his hair chopped and beard shaven, enhancing the clarity of his emotional reactions. It also provides a distinct gaming experience, as if you were using an entirely new protagonist.

15) Effects and Interface Customization

HUDs are useful for seeing rapid statistics and other pertinent data; nevertheless, a crowded HUD may be a major distraction. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, HUDs feature extra effects that certain players may not support; for this, you must acquire interface customisation and effects.

The game now allows players to eliminate elements such as opponent proximity, warning circle effects, warning flash effects, and heavy assault warning sparks. This may eliminate potential inconvenience and improve your game experience.

16) Unlimited Arrows And Resources

Crafting arrows or attempting to gain drachmae is perhaps the most laborious aspect of gaming. Like arrows are not very potent weapons, it is generally believed that providing them infinite ammunition, as Devil May Cry does, is preferable.

With this mod, the player may fire as many arrows as he or she pleases, since there are no limits on the number of arrows available. In addition to boundless resources and drachma, the situation improves. It’s insane to see the maximum numbers on-screen, but if you have the mod, this will be the case.

17) God Mode

The Assassin’s Creed series’ clich├ęs have created memes that only genuine fans would comprehend. The propensity of adversaries to cluster around the player and remain so defensive makes battle quite irritating.

The God mode mod is the one you want in this case, since it gives the player godlike power. You can take as many clean blows as you desire without taking any damage. You may also kill adversaries with a single blow and become invisible to them.

18) Infinite Skills

Players are expected to exert themselves for hours in order to earn one or two ability points. Odyssey may be placed highly in the series, yet this is one of its most despised elements. The endless ability points mod should alleviate these issues.

While it’s not technically endless since there is still a number, the fact that there are a limited amount of skills to level up means that the mod is effectively giving you an infinite supply. This eliminates the tiresome accumulation of these points.

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