Why is the 2022 Genesis GV80 a Highly Rated Luxury Car?

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Genesis is putting its rivals to shame with different styles of luxury cars that are highly luxurious but still affordable. The 2022 Genesis GV80 is no different and comes with several luxurious aspects that make it so highly rated. Cars and travelling can cause injuries, thats why you must know about best overall Personal injury solicitors Dublin option,

This is the flagship model from Genesis for its luxury SUV lineup. It comes with a quiet cabin, smooth ride, and tailored interior to offer people the royal vibe. Visiting New Jersey Genesis dealer will enable you to check out this car and even take a test ride if required.

What makes this vehicle a highly rated luxury car?

From its design to its performance; every aspect has been created keeping in mind a person’s comfort and more. However, if you want to know in detail what makes this a highly rated car, then go through its specs. These specifications showcase its luxurious aspect as well as its performance.

Looks and design

Since it is a luxury car, it is better to start with details about its design and style. Apart from sedans, this model from Genesis has made people go crazy about luxury SUVs. The front portion of this vehicle looks similar to its sedan counterparts. It has a huge front grille that distinguishes it from other royal vehicles. Also, its twin-headlight design is a patent work of Genesis.  

This four-door SUV is a great car with a stylish design for its back-end too. It comes with a lift-gate that operates smoothly due to its electric assistance feature. Taillights’ design is similar to headlights and that gives an authentic look to the vehicle. Also, its two exhaust pipes give it a complete luxury look that an individual prefers.

  • Interior

The customized interior is what provides people with the ultimate luxurious feel. The materials’ quality, look, and finish are something that isn’t available in much higher-priced luxury SUVs.

Wood trimmings, ambient lighting, metal accents, and more give it a royal vibe to people sitting inside. Even with such luxurious features, the interior cabin has a minimalistic vibe that makes it truly elegant.

Supportive and comfortable seats are what you get when in New Jersey Genesis dealership to buy this vehicle. This is a luxury vehicle and hence, you’ll always have comfort and relaxing features taking a front seat. However, the GV80 also offers remarkable performance.

Performance of GV80

Most people opt for the V6 engine instead of the 2.5L turbo option. The V6 offers 375 horsepower and takes only 5.3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. It is quite a ride that you’ll enjoy. Take a test drive and you will understand what you can experience when inside this car.

Price set for it

Genesis offers the best luxury vehicles at reasonable prices. Hence, the price of this luxury SUV starts from $51,299 for the 2.5T models and goes up to $60,199. The V6 powertrain starts from $61,199 and goes up to $78,299.

It depends on you, which is preferable for your needs and comfort. Hence, the best thing to do is visit your nearest Genesis dealership and choose one accordingly.

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