Things to know before Buying Magnitude – Class C Diesel Motorhome

People looking to get a Class C Diesel motorhome should get Magnitude. It is one of the best RVs that one can buy as it is loaded with features and more. It is classy and offers ample space for people to enjoy any journey. Read about best roofing companies in dallas

If you want to get your hands on this model, then you need to visit Ankeny RV dealer as soon as possible.  However, take a look at a few particular specs that one should know before purchasing them.

Built of the automotive

This takes a step higher than a traditional Class C motorhome by building it on a Ford F-600 or F-500 according to its floor plan. A V8 engine is placed in it to power it. Also, it comes with a 4-wheel drive system that ensures people have the ultimate experience when driving it. In addition, a trailer can be easily hooked to its 10,000-12,000 lbs hitch. Also, there is an all-weather floormat available when opting for this diesel-powered motorhome.

Exterior of Magnitude

Magnitude offers ample features to take care of every requirement. It comes with roto-cast huge storage compartments that are ideal for storing camping equipment safely. Even there are some floor plans available that provide people with an exterior kitchen option, which is great when cooking on a sunny day. This exterior kitchen would come with a propane connection, sink, refrigerator, etc.

Also, people can enjoy games and more when under the patio with a power awning and TV with an in-built Bluetooth soundbar.


Interior of a motorhome is one of the most essential aspects of a recreational vehicle. The interior has everything that you can imagine. It includes a refrigerator, kitchen area, shower area, bedroom, cabinets, living area, etc.

Moreover, for the interior people get a choice of design and colors when it comes to cabinets, furniture, flooring, countertop, pillows, and more. Such customization is hardly available in other RVs.

Also, for entertainment, there is a Wi-Fi router, TV antenna, 4G hotspot, etc. to ensure that you are never truly disconnected from the outdoor world unless an individual wants to. Additionally, there is a TV (32-inch) in the bedroom and living area (39-inch). Also, the interior has USB ports for charging, ceiling lights, an air condition system, a leatherette sofa, and more.

Also, to sleep people are provided with a king or queen-size bed depending on the model variant one purchases. If you are looking to gather every detail about this motorhome, then your ideal approach is to visit Ankeny Class C diesel dealership.

Price of Magnitude

The magnitude starts from a little over $284K. However, if you are looking to get the best deals then you need to visit a dealership near you instantly. Only dealers can offer the ultimate deals and tell you the precise amount you need to pay.

These are the things you need to know about Magnitude – one of the best Class C diesel motorhomes. If you buy this, you can stop worrying about anything else and simply enjoy your upcoming trips. So, hurry and book one before your next trip!

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