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BattleTech is the long-lived turn-based tabletop wargame that has been around since 1984. However, development firm Harebrained Schemes launched a Kickstarter effort for a turn-based strategy game based on the BattleTech property for $1 million, and it succeeded. BattleTech was published for PC in 2018, and a trio of downloadable expansions was released throughout the course of 2018 and 2019.

Harebrained Schemes provided support for modifications with the third DLC, Heavy Metal, showcasing the company’s openness to third-party mods. That’s always a good attitude for players, since there is opportunity for growth with every game. There are some killer modifications for BattleTech out there that may take the game to new and interesting areas, many of which can be found on Nexus Mods.

1) The BattleTech Mod Manager

Many games, particularly ones with a dynamic modding community like BattleTech, benefit from a robust mod manager that enables players to browse and install the exact Battletech modules they wish to utilise during a play session. Thankfully, there is the BattleTech Mods Manager from users Wpnx330 and nofear001. This mod enables gamers to organise and utilise the modules they have downloaded. In addition, it seems to be important to run many modifications at once when playing BattleTech, since doing so looks difficult and inconsistent without it.

2) ADV. Difficulty Settings

This does exactly what it says on the tin: it provides up to 25 different settings for adjusting the game’s complexity. Excellent if you want to modify some features of the game to enhance its overall enjoyment. This modification requires the most recent version of ModTek to operate.

3) BattleTech’s Save Editor

Players will almost always enjoy extra choices in their game, particularly in a game like BattleTech that sometimes needs trial and error.

The BattleTech Save Editor, created by modder JWolf1672, allows users the ability to modify a single save file’s cash, equipment, star system location, pilot abilities, and faction reputation. The mod author recommends that users create a backup of their save data before using the Save Editor, since there have been difficulties with the mod. There are still some hitches to iron out.

4) Random Campaign Start

After a few vanilla playthroughs, you will likely begin seeking methods to keep the game engaging. Despite the fact that there are modifications that entirely redesign the main game (which we’ll discuss later), there are methods to liven things up without making significant changes.

Random Campaign Start is an excellent method for this. With each new game, your starting mechs and warriors are entirely randomised. As if a brand-new Pokémon game had a completely random starting.

5) Battletech Extended 3025

This is one of the three largest Battletech modifications, and is more of a setting or chronology mod than anything else. While it begins in the same year as the base game (3025), it has lore-appropriate mechs, gear, and other material to take a player until 3057, as well as a more detailed map of the Inner Sphere and significant events from the universe’s current story.

This mod seeks to preserve the balance and playability of the original game by presenting itself as a content addition. This one needs the CAB, which must be installed independently. It also needs ModTek, although the necessary files are supplied. Accessible here.

6) BattleTech Enhanced

BattleTech Enhanced by user Mharius adds additional equipment to the player’s arsenal, a feature that is both easy and highly appreciated. Modifications such as Experimental Ferro-Fibrous Armor, Experimental Jump Jets, and Scaled Heat Sinks may drastically alter gameplay. Additionally, it enhances the likelihood of discovering uncommon equipment on the black market, allowing the player to find cooler items more often throughout the game.

7) Advanced BattleTech 3062

The FedCom Civil War, which occurs in 3062 and is essential to the storyline of the game, is the centre of this mod. This is a more noticeable revamp of the environment, as it totally replaces all current material with 3060s-appropriate items. There are some small updates to the strategy layer, with the majority of changes aimed at improving tactical combat.

BTA positions itself as a compromise between BattleTech Extended and RogueTech. This one needs the CAB, however it will be installed for you and installation instructions are rather detailed.

8) Hangar Of MWO Stompyness

BattleTech is a video game about mech battle, and the golden rule of mech fighting is that the more the variety of mechs, the better. The Hangar Of MWO Stompyness mod by PGI, Crackfox, and mattyx is thankfully available for this as well. There are exceptions to this rule. This mod requires the BattleTech Performance Fix by modder m22spencer, ModTek/the BattleTech Mod Manager, and the three main BattleTech DLCs. In addition, the new mechs will only emerge on the battlefield and not in the stores.

9) CrystalClear

The visuals of BattleTech have a distinct gritty quality. This is because of certain post-processing effects introduced by the game.

BattleTech lacks adjustable settings for each of these effects, including anti-aliasing, ambient occlusions, motion blur, and grain, unlike the majority of recent games. However, not all hope is gone. Since CrystalClear mod author gnivler has made them accessible.

If you like, you may now adjust each of the settings to make things look lot clearer. Some users have experienced enhanced performance after removing the effects.

10) JK Variants Mod

This mod is very significant in the BattleTech modding community, as many other mods utilise it as a starting point or point of departure for their own improvements. In addition, this patch includes special versions utilised by other modifications that bring fresh narrative to the game. The JK Variants Mod was developed by Justin Kase. It adds over 100 variations of mechs and vehicles to Campaign/Career and Skirmish modes. It is a large expansion that gives BattleTech additional flavour and personality.

11) Configurable Camera Settings

In tactics games, sight of movement across the battlefield might be the difference between life and death. Similar to a game of chess, where your adversaries move frequently determines your best counterattack possibilities, and this easy tweak may assist a great deal with that.

Conforming to its name, Configurable Camera Settings gives you total control over the in-game camera, making it much simpler to keep on top of the action. You will no longer be subject to forced camera motions and will have access to expanded zoom in and zoom out choices, title perspectives, and much more.

12) RogueTech

RogueTech mod by RogueTech Crew and LadyAlekto is a very ambitious BattleTech modification. Every game has a mod that significantly increases the difficulty for a new challenge, and this is the finest nightmare-mode mod for BattleTech.

The objective of RogueTech is to make BattleTech more roguelike. Enemies have greater equipment and usually do more damage, and it’s almost a guarantee that anybody running this mod will have to start over at least once.

13) MercDeployments

MerDeployments also alters the manner in which tasks are undertaken over the game’s progression. This patch replaces the normal travel contracts that require frequent planet-hopping with a more realistic approach to how deployments function in the game.

You will now discover that deployments hold you in one location for months at a time, with each day bringing the possibility of a new mission. In addition, pay has shifted from a per-job basis to a monthly one, substantially altering the method of earning those dollar bills.

14) BTA3062

This is yet another ambitious BattleTech mod that expands the tale and includes new mechs, vehicles, and other content. It aims to be more futuristic than traditional BattleTech, and it may succeed. BTA3062 has its own Wiki created by bloodydoves, arguskos, the RogueTech Crew, Justin Kase, and several more whose names can be found on the Nexus Mod page’s credits. Unlike the other Battletech modifications on this page, however, this version cannot be downloaded through Nexus Mods. It may be obtained only from the BTA3062 Wiki.

15) AdjustedMechSalvage

The following couple of titles are two modifications by the same modder; they are both wonderful on their own, or when used together, as they bring realism to the fundamental gameplay of the game.

First is the AdjustedMechSalvage mod by Morphyum, which modifies how salvaging works in vanilla. Installing the mod enables the destruction of your own mechs, leaving behind recoverable pieces. Salvage is also affected by the amount of damage a mech sustains, thus if more components are destroyed, you get less.

16) Injuries Hurt

As its name suggests, the Injuries Hurt mod seeks to address this little deviation from reality. Pilots with one or two hitpoints can no longer control a massive ‘Mech with the same ease and efficiency as when they were in peak condition.

As pilots take damage, your units’ statistics suffer as well, mimicking a damaged pilot’s inability to control a ‘Mech. It is one of those modifications that adds a realistic element that makes you wonder, “How did I not notice this before?! ”

17) Basic Panic System

Let’s face it: if you were piloting a giant mechanical war machine and you believed it was on the edge of exploding, you may experience some terror and be less likely to behave heroically than we prefer to believe.

The programmer of the Basic Panic System mod was obviously thinking along these lines. This mod adds a basic system in which a pilot must roll for Panic with every assault, based mostly on their Strength attribute.

If they fail their Panic roll, they will begin rolling for ejection chances from their ‘Mech. It’s a lovely touch of reality and a reminder that even from the cockpit of a massive ‘Mech, the possibility of death is as scary as ever.

18) Ammo Cookoff

As with any kind of equipment, controlling heat levels may be the difference between functionality and failure. BattleTech mechs are no different. If it becomes too hot, components may begin to malfunction or shut down entirely.

This is made considerably more problematic by Ammo Cookoff, since you must now consider the potential that an overheated ammo supply may explode.

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