15 Best Fallout 4 Mods 2022

The Fallout series is regarded as one of the best western RPG series of all time, beginning as a CRPG series with amazing tales and stories until Bethesda converted it into a first-person exploration-shooter hybrid with the same spirit as their games in The Elder Scrolls series.

Fans of the franchise were ecstatic at the prospect of returning to the expansive realm of The Commonwealth in Fallout 4, and the game’s arrival was a subject of intense anticipation. This would have been especially true for PC users, who would have finally been able to enjoy a new Bethesda game with an abundance of modifications to enhance the whole experience. In light of this, the following are the 10 finest Fallout 4 modifications to enhance the Fallout 4 experience.

1) LooksMenu

The finest modifications for Skyrim, such as RaceMenu, contribute to the construction of a far more comprehensive and unique in-game character. Fallout 4 offers its own tools for creating the ideal avatar, and LooksMenu is the greatest of them. Its only purpose is to improve character creation by providing additional customization possibilities.

It is now possible to design a character down to the cheekbones, eyelids, and jowls since players have access to a considerably wider variety of features and sliders. It is an outstanding revamp mod that provides players with all the tools they need to represent themselves in the Commonwealth.

2) Load Accelerator

It is a typical problem with modified Fallout 4 games that the loading screen takes an excessive amount of time. As I exited a building and entered the Commonwealth, there have been times when I waited a full two to three minutes on the loading screen. Yes, I am use a solid-state drive.

This patch by chairo hippo reduced my load time from three minutes to only fifteen seconds. Fallout 4’s loading screen is related to your FPS, thus if you set your FPS to 60, the game will only load at that rate.

Load Accelerator modifies the game files so that the FPS is not restricted on the loading screen, allowing your frames to reach 300+ FPS during loading screens and dramatically accelerating the loading time. If you want to play Fallout 4 using mods, then you need this mod.


DEF UI, an immensely popular add-on that modifies the way players interact with the game’s menus, is one of the most flexible user interface overhauls available to modders. It revamps the HUD and Pip-Boy components to make navigation and selection simpler.

DEF UI may also be modified to let players to position and fixate individual HUD items wherever on-screen. This offers players who want to customise every aspect of their Fallout 4 experience, even down to the message system, more options.

4) Immersive HUD – iHUD

Now this is a mod that I cannot live without. Since I first installed this mod, it has been the only constant in my list of mods.

Its intuitive user interface is very vital to the Fallout experience. It is truly a stunning experience to be able to see the ruins of Boston, the desolate wasteland of the Commonwealth, and the decrepit condition of the shimmering sea without a bright green HUD in the way.

Immersive HUD by Gopher may be customised to your specifications. If you choose to conceal everything but the creeping indication, you may do so. This mod’s modular structure is why I feel it is one of the greatest Fallout 4 modifications to install and play with.

5) Extended Dialogue Interface

By default, Fallout 4’s dialogue interface boxes are obnoxious, but there are a variety of patches that improve their usability for navigation and choosing. Nonetheless, this specific patch revises the conversation system itself by adding extra explication to each potential answer choice, which is excellent for providing narrative context.

It reduces the game’s hardcoded conversation restriction of four options and provides additional viable responses for NPCs. This helps to break up Fallout 4’s simplistic Yes, No, Neutral, and Question system with something a little more realistic, complete with shades of grey. Undoubtedly, this is an amazing UI redesign.

6) Enhanced Blood Textures

The majority of players like the violent aspect of Fallout games. If people want their games to have more meat and guts in general, installing modifications is a smart place to begin.

The Enhanced Blood Textures mod will appear to these individuals to be the greatest Fallout 4 mod. True to its name, it enhances the game’s blood graphics to an exceptionally high grade, which will appeal to every crazy Fallout 4 enthusiast.

7) Better Item Sorting

The majority of gamers believe that Fallout 4’s default inventory system is a shambles, to put it mildly. It is tough to determine which item belongs to which category, which is why “Better Item Sorting” is a lifesaver. It revises the game’s inventory categorization mechanism to categorise each item more precisely.

The contrasts are readily apparent. The mod gives a category to each inventory item, such as Food, Chemical, Ammunition, Alcohol, etc. By beginning with this pre-classified assumption, it is much simpler to determine what may be discarded, what can be saved, and what can be eaten.

8) Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Construction of settlements is without a doubt one of Fallout 4’s most innovative features. However, some players may find this system restrictive.

The renowned Homemaker mod provides players with a mechanism for constructing towns that is more sophisticated and diverse. The mod enables the creation of over a thousand additional items, which is already remarkable. In addition, its other features, such as new construction sets and functional planters, among others, need separate notice.

9) Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

The mod’s title tells it all. It is an unauthorised game patch, since Bethesda did not bother to provide an official one. This mod effectively fixes all (or at least the vast majority) of the game’s bugs and little inconsistencies.

The mod creator, Arthmoor, and his team of modders have worked tirelessly to fix the many problems and issues present in every part of the game, including gameplay, missions, NPCs, and in-game text.

Despite the comprehensive repairs, the patch does not alter any of the game’s essential components, so if you’re concerned that this mod may alter the plot, you can rest easy. Simply install and enjoy; there is no need for excessive thought.

10) TruBy9 Ultrawide – Fallout 4

The TruBy9 mod series has been a mainstay for Skyrim players with ultra-widescreen displays, and the same concept applies here. By including this patch into a load order, widescreen players may avoid a malfunctioning user interface. This modification is required for players who want to play in a 21:9 or 32:9 setting.

Both should function correctly, providing widescreen players with an interface that is free of resolution and positioning issues. Additionally, it adjusts the size of the user interface modules to better match the screen, making them smaller and less intrusive. When combined with a couple of the greatest Fallout 4 environment modifications, it transforms the game into a whole new experience.

11) Lowered Weapons

Immersion is crucial to any open-world role-playing game. Therefore, it may be rather irritating to play Fallout 4 and watch the Sole Survivor brandishing a weapon even when there is no active battle.

The Lowered Weapons mod addresses this problem by requiring the player to lower their weapons anytime they are not actively engaged in battle. This little modification is one of the greatest Fallout 4 modifications available for those that prioritise immersion above all else.

12) Commonwealth Cuts

Customization of characters is a crucial aspect of all Bethesda games. Therefore, it might be very disheartening to begin the process of creating a bespoke character… However, the selection was dismally unsatisfactory.

Commonwealth Cuts is one of the greatest Fallout 4 modifications on the market for those that like character customization systems with amazing complexity. It provides a variety of hairstyles to further customise the appearance of the player character.

13) Fallout 4 Wheel Menu

Due to the absence of a keyboard, wheel menu interfaces are more frequent on console video game versions, although some PC gamers swear by them as well. This option adds a wheel menu system to the game, which is useful for players who like to pause the action while selecting a new weapon or item.

This removes one of the worst parts of the game — the need to use the Pip-Boy interface to switch weapons and supplies. Yes, the hotkey system is an option, but the wheel menu interface introduces a whole new dimension of user interface interaction. It also works nicely with a few of the top immersion modifications for Fallout 4, allowing you to concentrate on the game environment rather than the menus.

14) BodySlide And Outfit Studio

As they traverse the wasteland in Fallout 4, players may become weary of seeing the same models and costumes over and over again. The BodySlide And Outfit Studio mod is available to ease this problem.

This modification enables non-modders to use the same tools as modders, without the unneeded complexity. Fallout 4 can be transformed into a personal playground that is fairly enjoyable to go through several times with a little of work.

15) Companion Status HUD

This patch adds a new user interface aspect that many players may not have recognised was advantageous. It adds a widget to the HUD that shows the health and statistics of up to ten party members’ followers. This makes it much simpler to keep track of their status during combat, when they will want assistance, etc.

It adds a substantial number of new components to the HUD, which may not appeal to players that desire more immersion in the game environment. However, the option to monitor follower HP and AP points, as well as available stimpaks, is a distinct benefit for those who like adventuring in groups.

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