People Playground 21 Best Mods (2022)

People Playground is one of the most challenging games available, despite the fact that it plays like a sandbox. Just for fun, put your mindless artificial ragdolls in potentially dangerous real-world scenarios and see what happens to them.

With the power that modern game design provides, it is just like you are reliving your childhood all over again, except this time you are playing make-believe with dolls and action figures.


The Finest Mods for People Playground

To get the most out of People Playground, you need a large number of characters to experiment with and even more tools, gadgets, and structures for those people to make use of and interact with.

1. Active Humans Mod

At the moment, the focus of this mod is nearly completely on the latest addition to the Entities tab, which is a variation on the default Human. This Active Human is much better at protecting itself from potential dangers and will flee from dangers to the best of its abilities. Make use of the script in order to activate human reskins if you wish to.

2. Chemical Warfare Mod 

Adds chemical weaponry! The context menu of a canister gives you the option to modify the kind of gas it contains.

Animated Weapons Mod is one of the best mods for People Playground.


 Makarov

 Colt M1911(2 textures) (2 textures)

Remington Model 870

Remington Model 870 (Wooden Skin)

HK USP-S Symbol




 Thompson

 HK XM8

 HK416


 TEC-9

 AA-12

 HK MP7

 Beretta 92(Silver Skin) (Silver Skin)

 Beretta 92 (Black Skin)

 Ingram MAC-10

FN Five Score and None


 HK UMP 45

 Galil

 StG 44

3. Taser Mod

Taser Mod aims and fires at a close range. People will be stunned.

4. Powers Mod

Unsubscribe from this mod’s mailing list and then subscribe to it once again if you do not have any new abilities.

This mod adds thirty new abilities to the game.

 Explosion

 Midas Touch

The Speeding Up of Time

A Sting From the Past

The transition from human to android form

Evolution from Robot to Human Form

 “Fire cannon”

 Freeze power

 UnFreeze power

 Super Push

 Rot

 Crush

 Head Explosion

The Bones Mend

 Vampire power

 Heal

 Pressure

 Zombie cure

 Suffocation

 Pain

 Detach

 Acid

5. FNAF Mod

This mod contains every aspect of the FNAF world that you could possibly think of (Added Markiplier do the mod)

How to engage the springlocks in the door!

The human being should be outfitted with the WHOLE suit (or Purple Guy)

Activate the head of the human character that is contained inside the suit (or pick the whole character and right-click > activate).6. 

6. God of War

The fact that we like the God of War series, in addition to how much fun it is to watch People Playground Kratos swing his swords about in boxy 2D, contributed to this character and weapon set earning the number one slot in our rankings.

In Deity of War, you will have the opportunity to play as four unique incarnations of Kratos, as well as the god Zeus, an undead, the youngster Atreus, and your son Baldur.

If players want a crossover plot event to take place within People Playground, they need to equip Kratos with either the Blades of Chaos or the Leviathan Axe. This will allow Kratos to quickly dispatch the vast majority of enemies, including the cast of Arcane.

7. The Last of Us Part II

This patch includes a ridiculously large number of characters and weapons from the second game in the series based on The Last of Us.

It’s time to offer this ensemble a fresh challenge at your playground; they’ve gone through enough in their own games.

Part II of “The Last of Us” for the people Main protagonists in Playground are named Ellie, Joel, and Dina, while the game has fungal creatures with names like clickers and runners.

The Semi-Auto Pistol, Ellie’s Knife, and the Military Pistol from the game are the four weapons that are available to use.

Create an Ellie on your playground, give her the knife, and pit her against other clickers or players from completely other IPs.

 8. Arcane Mod

Arcane is a mod for People Playground that was inspired by the League of Legends television series that is available on Netflix.

Introduce Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Ekko, and any number of other heroes into your game and see how they react to various challenges.

Put them up against arbitrary enemies or even each other in combat. Additionally, various weapons from the show have been included in this patch. One of these weapons is Jayce’s famous hextech hammer.

You will be able to battle as you did on the show if you use this mod. Will the results be different if they are played out in a different setting?

9. Military Truck Mod

This modification includes the addition of a brand new and exclusive vehicle! In your military simulations, combine this vehicle with others like tanks or other types of vehicles.

10. PPG 3D Mod

This mod converts People Playground into a 3D first-person game; however, you should be aware that it is still very much in the testing phase.

The left click is the method for gathering objects.

Objects may be dragged by using the right mouse button.

F represents making use of things.

Pressing Tab will bring up the spawn menu.

C will bring up the selection menu for context.

V is equivalent to noclip

T will transport you to the location where the cursor is now aimed.

G will make slow-motion possible.

X causes the release of all things currently held (guns and stuff)

While you are holding the wire pointer, you may change the kind of wire by pressing the R key.

To sprint, keep holding down the Left Shift key.

11. OP Panzer IV Mod

75mm, 2 MGs, and 3 tank crews make up the OP Panzer IV. Activate

gasoline tank in the center to the tank in front of it

gasoline tank in the back to flip the tank around

12. Oil Rig Mod 

An oil rig in the middle of the ocean that is (maybe) staffed by military personnel. This oil rig, which has both barracks and communications facilities, is likely being guarded by some kind of military force. 

13. Explomod Mod

C4: Detonates after a countdown of five seconds

When triggered, Sticky C4 will explode after five seconds and will adhere to anything it is activated on.

Explodes on hit, various stats, may be fired from tanks, artillery, or mortars.

Wall Breacher is an ability that destroys walls and everything else within a very short radius.

When detonated, the Blackhole Bomb creates a void where nothing can escape.

14. Apex Legends for People Playground

You can bring the complete cast of Apex Legends along with their respective weapon collections into your arena if you download the mod for the game and install it.

Within People Playground, one has the ability to challenge other users to a one-on-one fight to the death to see who will emerge triumphant.

This modification includes scaled-down models of EVERY legend and EVERY one of their weapons, all of which have been given a blocky, pixelated appearance. F

Importing the characters of another game may be a lot of fun. Try sending your main character into space, or seeing how your least favourite legend deals with the Gorsian.

15. The SCP Foundation Mod 

This modification includes much new weaponry, a few new cosmetic items, and a few new characters from the SCPF crew.

The following things are all part of this modification:

The Good Doctor Bob (notice me senpai)

The Personnel of the Mobile Task Force

Members of the Security Staff

 HAZMAT Personnel

 Medical Personnel

 Researcher

 Janitor

Personnel of the D-Class

 G-17B2

 G-17B3 [LL]

 G-17ESG

 G-17L

 M4A1

 Light duty kevlar vest

Heavy-duty transporter of plates

Body Armor for the Pelvis

 LvL3 Helmet

Ballistic Glasses (The colour may be changed at your discretion!)

PPE Garb of the Class A Variety (HAZMAT Suit)

 Utility Belt

 FFP2 Mask

16. A Gorsian Mod

Players of People Playground are aware that the game allows for the creation of a wide variety of situations, ranging from tame to outrageous. This modification leans further toward the wild side.

If players do not use modifications like this one, they will eventually run out of obstacles and dangers to hurl at their people.

The Gorsian Mod includes a terrible creature that may cause severe psychological trauma to your unlucky test victims. The Gorsian monster is an extremely tall humanoid that has towering emerald eyes and a mossy green body that seems to be deteriorating. Its name comes from the Gorsian language.

Please relax and take it all in as this modified foe picks up your ragdolls and hurls them into the air many meters above the ground.

17. Mixture Experiment Center 1.5 Total Remake

The old Mixture Centers have been superseded by this new and better mod. The new and upgraded centre has a more comprehensive setup, the ability to use additional colours and lights, potions, and a whole new automobile on the exterior.

The structure itself seems to be completely overgrown and knotted. Send in your workers to muddle through the structure as they do their best to represent it in two dimensions.

The mod may have a difficult-to-pronounce name, but it is not very difficult to use.

18. Rocket V1.0

The rocket ship that comes with this modification, which is called Rocket V1.0, seems to be pieced together using duct tape, prayers, and a little bit of luck.

This adorable modification, which was created by a normal player, the rocket is certain to keep you entertained for a good many minutes before you get to the next set piece in the game, which is referred to as the People Playground.

Spend some time tossing a rag doll from yesteryear into outer space or letting it fall down on the ground. This playground is completely under the control of the player at all times.

19. Colorful Energy Sword


The Colorful Energy Sword mod is a fun little dose of personalization that you may enjoy in People Playground. It doesn’t matter whether it’s energy sword Sunday or simply another day of the week. Make a Jedi out of any character you’ve created with no effort at all.

This modification adds a new melee weapon to the game. This energy sword can be found in the melee tab and may transform into whatever colour the user desires. It is one of the melee weapons.

To choose your hue, go to the menu that appears when you right-click. It is highly recommended that you have your favourite imported mod characters from this list engage in energy sword battles with one another.

20. Tornado Mod

In the event that you are running out of things to do to your tiny ragdoll people in People Playground, you may want to think about inflicting a severe weather condition on them.

The ‘weather’ category and a new item with the same name are both introduced into the game by the Tornado expansion pack. When you have this mod successfully integrated into your base game, you may activate the spiral winds by pressing the F key.

Who of the simulated people will be able to withstand the winds, and who will be blown away? This game was designed specifically to answer questions of this kind, which is why it even exists.

In the event that you reconsider, pressing F once again will prevent your tornado from causing any additional harm.

21. Train

Train is a brand-new vehicle that was created for the game by another user just like you. To paraphrase the author of this work: “It’s just a train. That is very sweet. Experimenting and trying new things is an important part of this game, so get on this train and see what happens.

There is no such thing as a mod that is little enough not to be worthy of consideration for our listings. We’re going to celebrate some absurd modifications since People Playground itself is a ridiculous game.

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