15 updated Horizon zero dawn mods

Horizon: Zero Dawn followed the tradition of previous PlayStation exclusives being transferred to the PC following its breakthrough success on the PS4. Even though many console purists dislike ports, the PC is likely the greatest venue for them.

Doom’s community accessibility popularised mods in the early days of gaming, and they continue to have a major effect on how we play. With titles like Minecraft and Skyrim pushing modding to its extreme boundaries, and other games benefiting from community performance boosts and graphical adjustments, the mod world is unquestionably one of the largest sub-sectors inside the gaming business. While the PC edition of Horizon lacks the wild content additions that GMod popularised years ago, there are still a few of enjoyable modifications available for users who like to push the game to its limits.

1) Aloy – Hair Colors by AlexPo

Zero Dawn’s cosmetic customization choices are somewhat restricted. You may discover new armor that provides stat bonuses to aid you in your quest – some of them look excellent, but the overall variety is limited. Aside from that, there was nothing that could be done to alter Aloy’s look.

This mod adds additional hair colour choices for customising Aloy’s look. It maintains her hairdo, although it may be coloured to your taste. Some of them seem natural, such as black, blonde, and white, but you may be inventive with them. Add blue and pink to the protagonist’s colouring to make it more lively. There are 10 possibilities in all.

2) Hair Customization

Despite Ashly Burch’s outstanding depiction of Aloy, Horizon’s customization choices left a large number of gamers slightly dissatisfied, despite the fact that they had anticipated the potential of personalization.

Solutions in the modding community centre mostly on obscene choices and misogynistic “reworks” of Aloy’s face, which make her more feminine or childlike. The extra hair colour mod by AlexPo21 is one of the most tastefully accessible, providing players with more ways to express themselves without offending Aloy or her great actor counterpart. While this is a modest adjustment, it’s nonetheless good since it allows players a little more control over Aloy’s appearance outside of face paints and clothing.

3) Casual Outfit

The apocalypse sent mankind into the Stone Age. A portion of world-building emphasises how people have forgotten the past and find it difficult to grasp what came before. Therefore, the attire in Horizon provides a unique glimpse into how people live, their culture, and what distinguishes the various factions.

Perhaps Aloy discovered some clean clothes from the past and opted to wear them. The casual outfit modifier provides her with a tank top, shorts, and footwear. It is the ideal suit for traversing the harsh, wide terrain. It also works when she wants to socialize with friends.

4) Model Swap Library

xRaq’s model swap mod includes 16 alternative characters with facial movements to replace Aloy’s model, making it yet another good aesthetic shift mod for anyone desiring a bit of a change in the player’s appearance. The models appear and feel identical to Aloy, with a surprising absence of texture popping and clipping, as one would anticipate from GMod or Skyrim’s model swaps.

The mod contains Talanah, Sylens, Helis, and many more. The designer was also kind enough to provide a skip button for the opening logos, a feature that seems to be offered as a favor in most other modifications, which speaks to the repetition of these logos and their creators’ consequent contempt.

5) Photorealistic Reshade 

Even when compared to its significantly improved successor, Horizon Zero Dawn’s visual quality stands out. One of the most visually impressive PS4 games, it looks much better on PC. The photorealistic reshade mod follows the trend of modifications made for the majority of games. As is usually the case, the visuals have been enhanced in this case. The modification improves the colours, shadows, and tone mapping, and eliminates blur. If you are uncertain, peruse the mod’s website to see the stunning screenshots.

6) Reshades

As stated above, graphical enhancements and recolors are commonplace in the modding community, with a large number of Horizon’s Nexus pages devoted to different recolors and realistic shading packs. There are a few pleasant ones that aim to remove the desaturation of the breathtaking overworld and provide a more natural, dynamic visual style. While the majority of these do little more than adjust the contrast to make the game look more “cinematic” or darker and shinier to reflect Zach Snyder’s increasing visual deficiency, there are a few that remove the desaturation and provide a more natural, dynamic visual style.

BlueBloodBunny’s Natural Clover ReShade enhances the game’s ambiance by eliminating part of the murky ambient occlusion and replacing it with brighter, more vibrant colors and a sharpening filter. This becomes more noticeable at night, when the blues and lights truly stand out, giving the environment a moodier atmosphere without making it too gloomy.

7) Better Quality Drops

In our huge single-player games, we like drop-boosting mods. It makes no sense for side missions and farming to be as difficult as an MMO. Better Quality Drops increase the rarity, quality, and amount of objects dropped by machines, animals, and other sources. This mod applies to all DLC content. The rate at which uncommon and unusual items are dropped increases by around 60%.

8) Remove Fall Damage

Horizon Zero Dawn offers a multitude of methods to get from one location to another. You may run, ride various equipment, engage in rapid transit, and at some points climb. It may be difficult to locate a place to climb when it is your only choice, yet the game will not allow you rapidly down.

If you can survive the fall, falling is nearly always a desirable alternative. Reduce the difficulty of descending from inaccessible areas by reducing fall damage, allowing you to descend without injury.

9) Additional Inventory Space

As is the case in a great many open-world games, inventory systems irritate players, with some giving little room and others providing too much and becoming overwhelming. Regardless, there will always be someone who mods it back to perfection, whether that involves overriding encumbrance in games like Fallout or just adding extra spaces.

When the inventory continues to overflow and players are compelled to stow, sell, or dump stuff in order to continue their exploration of ever-growing game environments, inventory management may be difficult to balance with other responsibilities. This is a significant issue in games when these mechanisms undermine immersion since inventory becomes less mechanical and more bothersome. In this version, user julianovento7 overcomes the problem by tenfold doubling the inventory space.

10) Cheat Table 

For seasoned gamers familiar with old Gameshark units, Marcus101RR’s cheat table is a fun PC version that goes into the game’s files to allow God Mode, endless ammunition, and other fun cheat extras.

Even though this is a pretty basic mod meant for use outside of the main game, it may be a useful tool for designers. With the addition of photo mode and the game’s naturally cinematic appearance, cheats such as God Mode become an in-game photographer’s best friend, as well as a useful buff for video essayists and aesthetic seekers who want a safer way to traverse the world without being brutally murdered by its more dangerous inhabitants.

11) NG++ Unlocks

A large number of games seem to have difficulties with providing players with fair challenges and can become utterly redundant when needing several NG+ playthroughs to obtain rare weapons that become useless after players have spent hundreds of hours unlocking them.

Horizon, although not the biggest offender, offers quite a few things and perks for repeated playthroughs and harsher difficulties. Lupercalll on Nexus tries to overcome this problem for players who do not want to devote as much time to the game but still want to experience all it has to offer. This hack gives an NG++ ultra-difficulty save the file with all cosmetics and uncommon goods unlocked.

12) Better Animal Spawns

In HZD, hunting is a crucial mechanic for acquiring specific equipment upgrades. You must hunt specified animals, however key components may not always drop the first time. It might need a great deal of effort and time to locate certain species for harvesting.

This patch increases the spawn rate, so you don’t need to endlessly search for a boar or other animal to finish an upgrade. It is not excessive, but sufficient for you to see an improvement and get what you want more quickly.

13) True HDR

In an effort to obtain a more authentic graphical update than previous shades give, user Vanguard1776 enhances the game’s already stunning visuals into something of the next generation. The goal of HDR, for those unaware, is to combine a variety of effects to enhance the aesthetics; Unreal Engine’s tech demonstrations include this technique (calling back to all those old internet videos of Nintendo characters in a hyperrealistic Unreal field with high-def attack FX).

Vanguard has done comparable reshading for other games, such as Doom Eternal, Metro, Control, Sekiro, and Resident Evil, all of which are intrinsically gorgeous titles that HDR further enhances.

14) Increased Duration of Days

When you play an open-world video game, a few features come to mind that should be present. One of them is a cycle of day and night. There is a mod to lengthen the duration of daylight if you ever want to do so.

You have three options for increasing the length of the day: two times, four times, or eight times. It takes one hour and twenty minutes to double the duration, two hours and forty minutes to quadruple it, and five hours and twenty minutes to eightfold it. If you have a day-specific task, you have the choice to do everything with less concern about the evening approaches.

15) Natural Rain

One of the first things that players will notice in Horizon Zero Dawn is how nicely the environments are built. Developers methodically sculpted every piece of vegetation and ground contour, and it shows in the finished result. Even the terrain and weather may change, offering players a greater task while pursuing adversaries and making the whole experience much more lifelike. Sadly, the game’s default rain effects sometimes make sight somewhat difficult, and some players are forced to wait until the storm passes before continuing.

Dziggy, a modder, devised a solution to this aesthetic problem by providing gamers with a mod that makes the rain more transparent, giving it a more natural look than is featured in the standard game. The effects speak for themselves, and the mod unquestionably enhances the exploration experience in the rain. This is without a doubt one of the most helpful Horizon Zero Dawn PC modifications on the Nexus hub.

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