I Phone7 – Replace The Old Battery with a new battery

Disappointed with iPhone 7’s battery life? Is your battery not charging anymore?

Don’t worry! This in-depth photo guide will teach you how to repair your iPhone’s faulty battery and bring power to yourself.

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So, let’s see how to replace iPhone 7 battery

Starting the repair process for your iPhone 7

1. First switch off your iphone 7

  • You should completely turn off your device in advance to prevent short circuits while it is being repaired.
  • Simple Press the sleep button to turn the device off until the complete off slider appears on the screen.
  • The slider needs to be shifted from the left to the right.
  • In about ten seconds, So, your iPhone will shut down completely.

2. Simply remove the case’s back screws

  • To remove the screw of the lightning connector, use a Pentalobe screwdriver.
  • Put the screws that have come loose in screw storage.

3.  Heating the display

The display of the iPhone 7 opens. This needs to be warmed up before opening because it is firmly glued to the rest of the case.

  • To prevent scratches on the back cover, first place your iPhone 7 on a spotless, supple surface.
  • To heat the adhesive, run a hot air tool over the edge of the screen from the outside, such as a heat gun or a regular hairdryer.

4. Moving the display up

  • Once the display edge is sufficiently heated, a suction cup can be placed on the screen at the home button’s height.
  • Use the tool to push the aluminum frame downward to narrow the gap.

5. Removing the screen/display

  • To remove the noses from the aluminum frame, move the pick once around the display and then slightly lift it.
  • After carefully flipping the display open, turn it so that the sleep button is facing you.

6. Taking out the battery

Two adhesive strips hold the iPhone 7’s battery on the back cover. Under black tabs that are glued to the battery’s bottom edge are where the white adhesive areas of the tapes are located.

  • Use tweezers to start removing the black tabs from the battery’s edge.
  • Slowly remove the tapes from the battery’s base.
  • You can take out the battery once all of the adhesive strips have been released.

7. Putting the New battery in.

  • Replace the battery in the iPhone 7’s back case. To swap out the battery, use the connector.

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8. Adding the battery connector

  • And now connect the battery connector as well.
  • After that, reattach the bracket plate to the battery connector using the four Y-type screws.

So, we hope your battery replacement gets better! And the iphone 7 battery replacement auckland is always ready for your service. If you find our correction suggestions helpful, we appreciate a positive review.

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