Devil May Cry 5 Mods Make The Game Way More Enjoyable

Once upon a time, modifications were utilised only for open-world games. And yet, Devil May Cry 5 has seen its fair share of modifications that drastically alter the gameplay. Due to the linear nature of the game, the majority of modifications include altering character skins or boosting their powers to absurd heights.

Despite this, it does not seem out of place owing to the franchise’s reputation as an insane gaming experience. Since the focus in Devil May Cry is always on making things as stylish as possible, it is worthwhile to look out the game’s coolest modifications.

Ritwik Mitra updated this page on 31 May 2021. Fans may heave a sigh of relief at the release of Devil May Cry 5 since the newest chapter in Dante’s saga lived up to, if not beyond, its predecessors in terms of the fighting system’s abundance of new improvements. Those who believed this game was already sufficiently awesome did not attempt the following modifications, which boosted the coolness level of this title to new heights.

1) DMC5 Performance mod

DMC5 is also the most difficult game in the series. If you have a low-end PC, you will need to invest a significant amount of money on upgrades. The DMC5 Performance Mod will let the game run more smoothly on lower-end computers, making it ideal for individuals who have no immediate plans to replace their hardware.

As predicted, the patch modifies graphical settings to which you would not normally have access. Less detailed visuals are a small price to pay for a far smoother experience.

2) COOP Trainer for Devil May Cry 5

Due to their uncomplicated features, trainers are perhaps the simplest mod tools that may be created. Nevertheless, despite these limits, the COOP Trainer for Devil May Cry 5 is still extremely impressive.

Not only is Divergence Mode available from the get-go, but players also have access to a multitude of cooperative objectives throughout the game, which is a very welcome addition.

3) Devil Bringer

For those unfamiliar with the Devil Bringer, here is a little history to refresh your mind. In DMC4, the Devil Bringer was really Nero’s demonic arm, the source of his demonic abilities.

The arm was ultimately destroyed at the beginning of DMC5, which disappointed many fans (to say the least). He was left with a human arm that was bandaged for the remainder of the game. In contrast, this patch restores the original Devil Bringer as if he had never lost it.

4) SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer

When discussing trainers, it is impossible not to mention a wonderful mod that gives players access to a variety of choices that enhance their experience with this excellent game.

The SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer grants access to Turbo Mode, Redirectable Inertia, Devil Breakers Switching, Must Style mode, Bloody Palace Stage Jump, Boss Rush, Extended Practice Options, and much more.

5) V Book My Little Pony Edition

V is one of the newest additions to the DMC series, and as one of DMC5’s primary protagonists, she brings a great deal of personality to the game. He plays differently than any other character in the series, adding a new depth to battle. As one of the most enigmatic characters in DMC5, he also contributes significantly to the narrative.

The strange connection he has to the book of poetry he always takes about will be the first thing you notice. Being one of his distinguishing characteristics, modders chose to make fun of it. They’ve developed some really bizarre ideas. This specific modification replaces the book with a My Little Pony-themed rendition, and it’s quite amusing.

6) Devil Sword Nero

The Red Queen may be one of Nero’s most famous weapons, but it’s likely that gamers may get tired of it. They may choose something far more fashionable.

By installing this mod, Nero ends up holding an exceedingly stylish variant of the Devil Sword in fight. The combination of this patch and the previously described one may make Nero one of the most pleasant characters to use in the series.


7) V Book Death Note Edition

The My Little Pony Edition may seem a little out of place, but if you’re searching for an updated version of the book that suits the theme a bit better, here it is.

The V Book: Death Note Edition replaces the notepad with one from the anime series Death Note. It may not be as significant as vanilla, but it is a nice Easter egg that should be a pleasure. In particular for anime aficionados.

8) Style Switch Text Effects

The addition of text effects while switching styles in Devil May Cry 5 may seem like a little modification, but it may have a significant impact on the game’s overall coolness.

Seeing enormous lettering illuminate the screen when the player chooses between battle methods is really a sight to see. This makes the Style Switch Text Effects mod a must-have for any gamer who want to boost Devil May Cry 5’s coolness.

9) Scythe replaces DSD and Sparda

Throughout the DMC series, there have been many fantastic weapons, but I’ve always wished I could wield the enormous scythes wielded by the Hell Cainas in DMC5. Yes, the swords are quite awesome. However, there is something about brandishing a scythe that makes me feel much more like a death dealer.

With this new modification, modder Aracton has made it possible to replace the Sparda and Devil Sword Dante with the Hell Caina blade. The modder has not yet gotten the weapon to operate during cutscenes, despite the fact that it is fully functional during combat.

10) Raiden As Nero

To match all of Nero’s witty sayings, one would require a more intimidating visage. The answer may be discovered in this hack, which transforms Nero into Raiden from Metal Gear Rising. The modification ensures that Raiden’s sword is used as intended.

It gives the impression that Raiden has infiltrated the world of Devil May Cry. In many respects, the update enhances both series, since it allows players to mix Raiden’s hack-and-slash prowess with Nero’s extraordinary abilities.

11) DOOM Stuff

When battling swarms of hell’s monsters, it is difficult not to think about games like Doom. Despite the fact that there aren’t many additional connections between DMC and Doom, modder vZv created his own unique bridge between the two games.

DOOM Stuff is the name of his mod, which adds a few awesome Doom-inspired weaponry to your DMC5 armoury. This mod includes six new weapons, including the Crucible Sword, the Marauder Axe, the Night Sentinel Sword, the Hammer of the Betrayer, the Argent Guitar, and the Sentinel Axe. The modder also included the Doom soundtrack to replace the DMC5’s original audio as a bonus.

12) Young Dante Mod

Dante would rank #1 if all the characters in the Devil May Cry series were rated according to their strength. However, many like seeing him in his younger, less experienced days, making this mod ideal for them.

It enables players to choose from a variety of Dante character models, including those from Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2, among others. For some, the previous Devil May Cry 5 Dante seemed unattractive, so check out this update to improve your experience.


13) Legendary Dark Knights

After completing the first playing of DMC5, there is not much more to accomplish. Unless you want to perform a second vanilla game. The Legendary Dark Knights mod allows you to relive the game in a much more difficult mode, even enabling you to customise monster encounters.

This patch gives you access to sliders that allow you to alter opponent spawn rates across the game’s stages, allowing you to make each level as simple or challenging as you choose.

14) Super Vergil Mod

The Super Vergil mod offers for a broader diversity of movement, hence the inclusion of Vergil in Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition does not diminish the use of this mod. It replicates the dexterity Vergil exhibited when he was one of the most difficult bosses in Devil May Cry 3.

In this modification, Vergil’s talents, particularly his speed, are cranked up to the maximum. When Vergil equips the devil trigger, his lethal precision is ramped up to eleven, making him the stuff of nightmares and a fan favourite among those who use the mod.

15) Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 coat

Cyberpunk 2077’s release was one of the most disappointing video game launches in recent memory. Given that the game was so highly anticipated, only to fall short of many players’ expectations, it’s very amusing to see how it found its way into the DMC5 modding community well before its release.

The Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 Coat modification by skyrile replaces Nero’s original clothing with one inspired on Cyberpunk 2077. The version even includes the game’s original Samurai logo, which is rather amazing given that it had not yet been launched when this mod was made public.

16) Return Of The Devil Bringer

The loss of Nero’s devil-bringer was too incredible for most players to accept. After all, the replacements paled in comparison, causing many players to favour Dante or V in Devil May Cry 5. This problem may be resolved with this mod, which enables the employment of the devil bringer.

Those who sought the Devil May Cry 4 experience will like the sequel since the controls will seem familiar yet being utterly fresh. Here, the power levels of Nero may also be modified suitably.

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