24 Satisfactory Mods you would love

The game Satisfactory does not natively support modifications, however mods are still accessible if you know how to utilise them. The first step is to install the third-party SatisfactoryModLauncher.

Once this is installed, you can use it to start the game without using Epic or Steam, and it also allows you to switch between various game builds and vanilla/modded modes with ease. With the configuration set to modified, this launcher may be used to search for and install game modifications. Now that you’re prepared, let’s discuss The Most Effective Modifications.

1 – Ficsit Farming

Using the Ficsit Farming mod, players may cultivate a variety of crops, including wheat and berries. This hack transforms the manufacturing simulation game Satisfactory into a full-fledged revenue generator.

By mixing the farm-grown components, players may develop recipes for usage. In addition to the crops, the game now features a greenhouse, a cooker, and a composter, among other equipment and structures.

2 – Micro-Manage

There is a lot of fun to be had in Satisfactory, but due to their default sizes, certain things might be challenging to position. Using the Micro-Manage mod, you no longer need to be concerned about the size or form of an item traveling on your conveyor belts.

With this mod, players may alter the size and location of any item in the factory. In addition, players will be able to rotate these items to ensure that they fit their buildings exactly, enabling them to get down to the nitty-gritty.

3- Efficiency Checker

The true purpose of Satisfactory is to construct a factory that is as productive and efficient as possible. By default, players will not be aware that their factories are inefficient until they manually check for problems or deficiencies.

The Efficiency Checker mod adds structures that assess the productivity of each manufacturing line step. It allows players to determine whether their factories are overflowing or not fulfilling demand. These structures do several checks, and the mod as a whole is of immense assistance to the gamer.

4. Smart!

This excellent quality of life mod makes the layout of massive factories far less tiresome. Smart! enables players to construct several foundations, barriers, and ramps with precision.

It also allows them to construct whole rows of structures, appropriately spaced to accommodate belts or poles. In contrast, the auto-snapping belts are capable of laying down a row of splitters that automatically attach to themselves and the nearest machines!

Smart! is, as the mod creator notes, “the Swiss Army knife of your industrial construction aspirations.”

5. Area Actions

Area Actions is another mod that simplifies many duties in a large-scale factory by obviating the arduous procedures of establishing recipes for particular machines, removing objects in an area one by one, etc. The modification also includes a very useful copy-and-paste capability.

6. Utility PAK

This mod allows players to fly, construct in creative mode, and teleport. Some may consider this to be cheating, but they may utilise it only when necessary to acquire a bird’s-eye perspective of their factory to design superior architecture.

However, if the user lacks self-control, these directives might spoil the exploration and challenge elements of the game.

 7. Refined Power

Appropriately configured power modules utilising the Refined Power modification.

The “Refined Power” mod, which has not been updated in a few months as of this writing, is one of the most popular modifications in the Satisfactory community. From the makers of the Ficsit Farming Mod, this add-on has 26 new structures that may contribute various types of energy to the game.

Those wishing to use wind to power their industries may now erect wind turbines. Those interested in solar energy may now install panels. Other sources of energy include water turbines, heaters, boilers, generators, and nuclear reactors.

8. Efficiency Checker Mod

At the end of the day, what participants want is for their factories to operate optimally and produce as much as possible. The sole drawback is that the fundamental game of Satisfactory does not provide players with a clear method for determining whether or not their business is doing properly, other than an eye test.

The “Efficiency Checker Mod” adds several structures, each of which is capable of measuring a distinct step of the manufacturing process. These structures will provide gamers with a basic sense of the factory’s efficiency and the possibility of the underflow.

9. Logistics 2.0

There is a science to conveyor belts in actual factories, thus the player’s system should have a little more freedom in how production moves. Install “Logistics 2.0” if you want a little more freedom with the belts in the game.

This includes devices known as Itemthrottles that adjust the number of things that should pass through every minute, enabling a manufacturing line that does not overflow. The Overflowtoggle monitors for overflow and streamlines movement. Itemthrottles are governed by the Overview Terminal.

10. MK++

Factories can always be more productive than they already are, and adding new structures that boost production efficiency may assist. This is where the MK++ mod comes into play. The primary objective of the expansion is to add additional tiers to existing game systems.

Numerous building types get three new versions. This comprises Constructor, Refinery, Foundry, Smelter, Manufacturer, and Assembler, as well as several more. Despite the fact that efficiency grows substantially with each tier, players must be cognizant of the power that the more efficient levels drain.

11. Light It Up

This mod adds several lighting components to your game, including streetlights, lampposts, and various other types of illumination. You may control each lamp’s behaviour using a variety of Lampmodes, as well as combine them to modify several at once. In addition, the game’s colour gun has a paint option for altering the hues. You may search or see the launcher here.

12. SlowItDown

SlowItDown offers a few techniques to fine-tune the belt speed to precisely match your requirements, since speed control is a significant component of real-world conveyor systems. Organise by objects per minute, overflow protection, and provides a terminal to make this easier to manage. You may search or see the launcher here.

13. Floor Hole

This patch prevents you from passing Conveyors, Pipes, Power, and Hypertubes through Foundations and Ceilings, allowing you to bury your conveyor system under the floor. It mimics the existence of a hole in your Foundation.” You may search or see the launcher here.

14. Farming Mod

This mod tests your knowledge of gardening. Grow a variety of crops, including wheat and berries, and improve them using recipes. Cooker, composter, and greenhouse are added to the game. You may search or see the launcher here.

15. Rocket Launcher

This one border on being a must, but is still a lot of fun. Adds a rocket launcher as a Tier 6 weapon for launching enemies into the sky. You may search or see the launcher.

 16. MoarFactory

The MoarFactory mod adds several manufacturing structures, staircases, and walls. It’s essentially an expansion pack as a mod, therefore it adds a great deal of content to the game. After being installed in the game, it has been reported several times that some of the assets in this mod cannot be removed. This mod remains popular despite these difficulties since it includes so many assets.

17. Permaday

The day-night cycle is ideal for games, but nighttime construction is seldom pleasurable. This issue is resolved with the Permaday mod, which allows players to choose the game’s time, making construction considerably simpler.

This mod allows you to set the day to a given hour, alter the pace of the day as a whole, and modify the times of day and night around the globe.

18. Teleporter

Transportation is initially not a major issue, but traveling about your business takes time after a while. The Teleporter mod adds a teleporter to the game because, by tier five, players get exhausted from continually running about their factories. The teleporter enables players to quickly travel between places, which is crucial in later game levels.

19. Passive Mode

Satisfactory is a terrific game for building industries, but it also has a fighting system. While this aids in item collection, it might hinder the construction process. The monsters you must defeat prevent the game from functioning as a true sandbox.

This mod, appropriately dubbed Passive Mode, removes all enemies and harmful gas from the game. Many individuals like to concentrate on their factory, which is possible for players.

20. Structural Solutions

While Satisfactory Update 5 added a variety of constructible objects for pioneers to create incredible factories, Structural Solutions amps up the ante considerably. It introduces doors, shutters, concrete blocks, glass and non-glass frames, as well as substantial concrete and steel structural components.

What a spectacular architectural display!

21. Linear Movement

Have readers ever wondered why this game has conveyor lifts but no elevators for pioneers or vehicles? Well, the creator of the Linear Motion mod agreed and made this great mod that adds vehicle elevators, pioneer elevators, and industrial cart elevators.

There are mk.1 through mk.3 variants of each with differing maximum operational heights.

22. 100+ More Milestones

This mod will likely appeal to players who have finished the game, become Employees of the Planet, and are still seeking challenges. It is a substantial mod that adds new resource nodes, a plethora of new machines to process them, and a plethora of additional rewards for which to construct new production chains. The author suggests utilising the existing save file rather than starting a new game.

23. Floor Hole And Ceiling Logistics

From the author of the Decorations mod with which it may work nicely. The “Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics” mod addresses the issues that Satisfactory has with connecting devices via different constructions and makes it much simpler to do so.

A Conveyor Hole that can carry objects up and down and a Pipe Hole that varies in size make it feasible to encircle the structure with machinery in a far more compact manner. Those expansive production lines may soon be a thing of the past.

24. Minimap

The vast environment is enjoyable to roam, but finding your way back home may be challenging. Why not have a map open at all times when traveling? The “Minimap” addon enables players to use the global map while traversing the area.

Once enabled in the game’s UI settings, pressing M toggles the feature on and off. From there, gamers may position the minimap wherever on the display. It also allows players to zoom in on certain regions of the map.

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