What’s New in the 2022 Ford Bronco Model Series? 

The 2022 Bronco is an SUV model released from the house of Ford to meet the demands of a highly capable vehicle specializing in off-roading skills. The base form of the 2022 Ford Bronco can be ordered both in the guises of 2-door and 4-door. Remaining mostly unchanged for the year 2022, the Ford Branco is now ready to compete with its much-reputed rivals like Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler.

Those who want this automobile engineering marvel from Ford, can paint their models in either of the two new exterior colors, named Hot Pepper Red and Eruption Green, commented the promotional team of the Payson Ford dealer.

Power Sources

The 2022 Ford Bronco lines up two turbocharged engine options to power its different trim models. The options include a V6 with a Four-wheel drive configuration set as standard, where the engine gets a seven-speed manual transmission to pair with. For those, who are purely looking for the off-road expert, the automaker suggests them to go for the higher Sasquatch trim.

The other trim version of the 2022 Ford Branco is the Raptor which offers its drivers a higher drive fun and ease, with the upgraded set of suspension clipped on with a more powerful engine of a 2.7L V6 capacity.

The 2022 Ford Bronco thus serves at the base trim a turbocharged 2.3L Inline-4 engine that can punch out 275-hp and 315 lb. Ft of torque is fed in with the regular fuel. However, the figure climbs up to 300 hp and 325 lb. fit. Of torque, if you will the tank with premium fuel.

In the lineup of the 2022 Ford Branco, the higher power source is the 2.7L twin-turbo V6 engine which is good for pumping up 315 hp and 410 lb. Ft. of torque when driven with regular fuel and throws out 330 hp and 415 lb. ft. when run on premium fuel. For transmission, Ford chooses a seven-speed manual transmission for the base turbo-four power plant and selects a 10-speed automatic to keep it available at an extra price. However, the V6 engine can be paired with an automatic gearbox, if paid extra.

Newly Added Package of Advanced Features                                

The 2022 model year edition of the Ford Bronco also offers its buyers several packages of the latest features in a systematic way. They are called the Standard Package, Sasquatch Package, MID Package, Lux Package, and High Package.

The list of standard features offered with the 2022 Ford Branco models will include a cabin split at 60/40 by a One-Touch Flip-Up Rear Seat, pairs of 16″ Silver Steel Wheels, a manually convertible top, a Color LCD Multi-Information Display, Dual Charging USB Ports, an Infinity sound system, a Steering wheel with a Manual Tilting and Telescoping Column, subscription of SiriusXM radio with 360L AM/FM/HD/Satellite, a Seek-Scan Radio, and a Spoiler-mounted solar panel. Features are also added at the safety front, like a standard automatic emergency braking, while the driving dynamic package updates to a firmer suspension tuning, to soak up more unruly road surfaces, confirmed the list of features tagged by the Payson Ford dealership.

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