Tips to Get Rid of Blood on Your Bed Sheets

It is significant to know how to remove stains from anything at home, as you never know when a household disaster may strike. Once talking about household disasters, there is little worse than that of getting blood on your bed. After all, your bedroom should be a retreat, not be a medium of stress.

And it is very stressful when you think that you have unintentionally ruined your bedding, sheets, your comforter, and possibly your quite expensive mattress. But relax, if you are thinking about how to get blood out of sheets, you can know it in the post. After all, many people think that once blood comes to their beddings, it cannot be removed, which is untrue. If you know the right ways and techniques; anything is possible.

What should you do?

  • Strip your bed right away. This will avert the blood from moving onto your comforter or blanket and from seeping into all to your mattress in case it hasn’t already. As with all types of blood stains, you would have the finest possible chance of getting blood out of your sheets in case you take swift action. As blood starts to dry, it will begin to cling onto the overall fibres.
  • Rinse the affected patch in the sink to flush out as much of the stain as you can or possible. Always use cold water; warm or that of hot water is going to cause the tint to set into your sheets, making it much harder to eradicate. Don’t rub or that of scrub the stain yet. This might possibly grind the blood into the overall fabric. The stain is going to be easier to eradicate if you flush away as much as you can.
  • In case the stain stays after you have rinsed the area with cold water, drench it with a stain remover (or simply some liquid laundry detergent) and allow it dwell on the fabric for up to fifteen minutes. At this moment, it is absolutely safe to rub the sheets together to scrub as the need be.
  • Then, simply put your bed sheets in the washing machine. Simply wash with your general detergent and a little bit or pinch of colour-safe bleach.
  • In case the blood stain is still visible once you remove the sheets from the washing machine, repeat the whole process again, beginning from the scratch. It is important that you follow every step you did the last time.
  • When the stain is out, allow the sheets air-dry. Skip the dryer till you are confident the stain is completely gone. Why? In case any leftovers of the blood remain, the hot air of the dryer is going to cause the stain to set.

Remember, this way you can be sure that the blood takes a leave from your bedding or sheets. However, in general too, make sure that you wash your sheets regularly to ensure that your bedding is hygienic and fresh.


To sum up, since you know now how to remove blood from sheet, make sure that you give it a try. You would definitely get good results.

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