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With so many Minecraft modifications available, it might be tough to locate a modpack that has all of your favourites. There are, fortunately, massive modpacks that feature a range of modifications for every kind of player. All the Mods 6 is one of the most popular of these kitchen sink bundles. ATM6 combines all of the most popular modifications for Minecraft 1.16.5, designed to accommodate players of all skill levels and play styles. Explorers will find a vast variety of new biomes to explore, Redstone Engineers will like the versatility of Mekanism, and everyone will appreciate the pack’s improvements to the quality of life. This article will demonstrate how to effortlessly install All the Mods 6 on your Apex Hosting server for the enjoyment of all your gamers.

Server-Side Configuration

1. Launch the Apex server control panel and go to the Game File area.

Click the drop-down menu and look for All Modifications. You may search for the item in the dropdown menu by entering its name.

3. Select All Mods 6 and then click the Change Version button.

Create a new world and, when requested, restart the server. Your previous world is stored on the server for future use.

Client-Side Installation

We suggest using the CurseForge programme to install this pack on your PC. This launcher enables you to have numerous modpacks loaded concurrently and handles the installation of all modules.

1. From their website, download and install the CurseForge launcher.

2. Launch the application, choose the Browse Modpacks option, and then look for All the Mods 6.

To begin installation, click the orange Install button next to the pack.

4.Once the modpack has been installed, click the orange Play icon to launch the game with the modpack.

Getting Started

The Akashic Records

When you join the game for the first time, you will get an Akashic Tome. When you right-click on the book, you will be offered the choice to transform it into one of the other accessible guides. There are several available guidelines, however we highly advise converting it into a Quest Book. The most essential modpack mechanics may be discovered and tracked by completing quests.

If you have lost your inventory due to a spelunking mishap, or if you just desire one of the other manuals, it is simple to manufacture a new Tome. Place a stick on a crafting table, as illustrated in the preceding recipe. You will be able to construct a new tome to collect any necessary guidelines.

Quest Book

ATM6 uses the FTB Quests mod to assist new players in learning how to play with this modpack. There is a questline available for each of the pack’s primary modifications. This is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with popular modifications like as Astral Sorcery, which can be found in several modpacks.

The Quest Book is used to monitor quest progress. This item is easily obtained from either an Akashic Tome or by merging a book with any kind of stone block, as detailed above. Once you have a quest book, you may access the quest menu by right-clicking it. You may then click on any of the quest boxes to learn more about the associated activities and game elements. You may also choose from a number of questlines by using the menu on the screen’s left side.


There are many things to do and discover at ATM6. You may undertake missions, but the pack was supposed to be open-ended. In terms of gameplay, there are no limitations. We propose beginning in the same manner as a typical Survival game. Construct a tiny foundation, get some basic materials, and then consider the further steps based on the characteristics listed below.


Botania is an extremely unusual mod that includes several new game concepts. Similar to Immersive Engineering, the mod is promoted as a natural magic mod, but its concentration is on creating complicated machinery and massive resource farms. The mod introduces a variety of new flowers, enchantments, and energy sources that may be used in your most intricate machines.

The mod comes with its own instruction manual and questline for learning how to utilise it. The guidebook may be created using a book and any flower, as shown in the following instructions. Additionally, additional information and tutorials may be obtained on the FTB wiki.


Create is now one of the most popular and comprehensive engineering modifications for the game. It provides a vast array of tools and blocks for Construction, Decoration, and Aesthetic Automation. It is often updated with new machines and tools due to the efforts of a big, devoted development staff. Create has more capabilities than can be described in a single overview or manual. Fortunately, the mod’s designers have created a series of video tutorials that demonstrate the mod’s many additions to the game.

The Harvestcraft of Pam

Pam’s Harvestcraft, perhaps the most popular set of agricultural and food mods available, can radically alter your hunger management. The modifications offer over a thousand additional farming and cooking products. You will be able to gather hundreds of distinct plants and new food sources dispersed around the globe. You may enhance your new ingredients to create drinks, sandwiches, pastries, and many more dishes. Here is a comprehensive instruction on how to begin using Pam’s Harvestcraft.


Mekanism is a vast engineering modification that adds hundreds of additional machines and mechanisms to the game. The mod aims to improve the technical elements of the game by introducing more efficient resource management and new playable technologies. You have the ability to manufacture jet packs, dive gear, robotic companions, and small mechanized farms. The mod also contains a well-maintained wiki with a comprehensive list of features and how-to manuals for the various game systems.


Minecolonies is a mod for those who appreciate city construction. It is essential to the Life in the Village modpack series. The objective of the mod is to construct your own thriving city in the large game universe. You can develop a town, recruit inhabitants, give them tasks, and erect a big variety of distinct manufacturing structures. Simply train and equip a large number of guards. You will need them to defend your population and hard-earned treasure against hostile mobs and periodic raids.


Lootr is a basic multiplayer server mod. When you create a new world with this modpack, you will notice it operating practically instantly. Each chest in the world will now be trimmed in gold and contain unique treasure for each player who opens it. You will no longer need to worry about a desert temple being plundered by another player, since each player will get a unique item when opening the chest. Once you have opened a chest, its colour will change from gold to silver, so you will always know whether you have been to a location previously.

Hints & Tips

• The FTB Essentials mod adds a number of important commands to the bundle. Consult the mod’s wiki page to find out how to set your nickname and teleport back home quickly.

• Construct a storage system immediately. Numerous new structures and machinery will need vast quantities of stone, earth, and wood. • It is simple to construct and extend a backpack. It has several applications and is a simple method to increase your inventory early on.

• Create one according to the preceding instructions, then supply it with additional food, torches, and tools.


With the assistance of this manual, you are now prepared to launch and play on your own ATM6 server. The whole Mods It is possible that Minecraft version 6 may not include all available modifications, but it does include the most popular ones. The modpack contains a balanced assortment of technological, agricultural, magical, and exploratory modules. It is an excellent collection for all players and plays styles. There are 300 other modifications to examine and play with; we have just covered a few of the most notable ones.

Common Issues

My server/game is sluggish

ATM6 is a substantial modpack. The creators have optimised it extensively, however adhering to the guidelines in our Modded Optimization Guide will further enhance its speed.

We also suggest increasing the amount of RAM the CurseForge application uses. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Click the Settings button in the app’s lower-left corner.

2. Select Minecraft from the menu’s selections on the left.

3. Scroll to the page’s footer and discover the Allocated Memory option.

4. Increase the Allocated Memory slider to at least 6000 MB or higher.

Error message: “mismatched mod channel list”

This problem occurs most often when the modifications on your server and your PC do not match. Ensure that both devices have the same modpack installed before trying to connect. If you have recently updated the modpack on your own computer, ensure that it has also been updated on the server. You may follow this procedure to upgrade your server.

I get the fatally missing registry entries error message:

Similar to the previous problem, this occurs when the configuration files on your server and PC do not match. Ensure that both the server and your machine are running the most recent version of the modpack, if you haven’t already. If you previously installed a different pack, there may be residual configuration files on the server that are causing the issue. To resolve this problem, go to FTP File Access as if you were updating the pack. If present, delete the config, modifications, jar, and kubejs directories. Restarting the server will install the necessary files automatically.

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