Teal Swan on the Completion Process for Healing Past Wounds

Past wounds are hard to heal, and almost everyone in this world has suffered from some kind of trauma where the wounds are still fresh. Sometimes, men and women are not even aware of how to get past these wounds, and they remain stuck. There are negative emotions, feelings, and patterns that lead to depression and, in some extreme cases, suicide. They just do not know how to deal with these past wounds and move on with their lives.

Teal Swan helps people to let go of their past wounds

Teal Swan is an iconic spiritual leader, a best-selling author, and a well-loved public speaker in the USA. She helps people to live a life of authenticity and practices emotional healing with her followers. She travels across the world and conducts workshops where she interacts with her followers.

She is a social media star and has her own channel on YouTube called Ask Teal. In this channel, she reaches out to her followers and gives them life lessons on being authentic and leading a joyful life. Her channel has more than 20 million views and over a quarter-million subscribers on it.

Healing with the Completion Process

One of her best-selling books is The Completion Process, which she uses to heal people from past wounds, traumas, and other mental health illnesses. According to her, many people have lived through the same sort of suffering that she survived for 13 years. She was the victim of ritual abuse by a cult that she came out from to heal others. Some kind of trauma has fractured everyone in some way or another. The wounds of a person often show up as scars in the body, primarily in the form of depression, anxiety, or PSTD, or a person might be struggling in life for some reason they simply do not understand.

There is good news for such people as The Completion Process helps them heal their wounds. They can embark on a deep journey of self-restoration and self-exploration for reclaiming the lost pieces of you to go back to a life filled with joy. One no longer has to be scared about the past or terrified as to what lies ahead in the future.

Drawing on the diverse range of inherent extrasensory abilities, with clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, Teal Swan, in this book, offers people a unique revolutionary process that involves 18 steps to heal any present problem or hurt that took place in the past.

In her book, one can learn how to –

  • Build a haven in the mind where it feels completely safe to re-enter a difficult memory.
  • Validate any painful emotion.
  • Allow the feelings to shift organically towards relief.
  • Shut down the memory of trauma and start a new life.

The Completion Process does not only contain healing work. It also deals with the work and the process of enlightenment. It gives you a strong sense of hope and value in this world, assuring that your life will be good again with joy!

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