5 Frequently Asked Questions In A Job Interview

In this world that we live in, finding a job is one of the most complex experiences that a person can have. After getting accepted from the 1st level of the job application, you eventually need to move to the 2nd test, which is the job interview. You must prepare well and research the common questions they will ask you. Your performance in this interview will depend on whether they should accept you in the company or see that the job is unsuitable for you. The interviewers need to ask you many things before they title you as an employee in the company; for that to happen, you need to be prepared and a wise thinker when the interview starts. If you haven’t worked in a while, this will also serve as a review for you to have a good talk in explaining gaps in resume that you have submitted. Here are the five frequently asked questions in a job interview to help you ace and win the interviewer’s interest.

1. Tell me about yourself.

The most common and the first question they asked you every time. The interviewer needs to know your personality, your contact information such as your name and address, what year you were born and where etc. They need to know this simple information about you to get to know you. Also, other companies tend to have an age limit for a person applying to their company, so it’s better to tell them the truth than a lie. This will serve as the first impression to your interviewer, so tell them the essential details about yourself.

2. Why did you quit your last job?

This is one of the essential questions the interviewer will ask you, primarily if you haven’t worked for years. You have to inform the interviewer of the reason behind the gaps in your resume for them to be notified if you have attitude problems, company problems, family problems, and other reasons that you have done for them to not question your capabilities. Don’t be afraid to apply for a job because of this reason because there will be times that the company will still accept you because they see potential inside of you, so don’t let this be discouraging. Instead, work on your explanation and make sure that it is reasonable for them to accept you.

3. What are your essential skills?

Nowadays, companies are looking for someone who has skills in the job you have applied for. Tell them your skills, whether it is writing an article, good leadership, or even good at calculating fast. These skills might be a minor skill for you, but for the company, it will be an advantage for them because they need someone quick, intelligent, and resourceful enough to make the company more successful. If you have the appropriate skills for the job, tell them that, and if you don’t, you can say something that is connected to the job that you’re applying for but make sure that it is accurate and enough for them to think that you are worth the risk in accepting.

4. What motivates you to work hard?

Questions like this are a bit personal, but honestly, this will be a benefit for the company to know who or what is your inspiration in working because they will see if you’re a hard-working person or not. There are a lot of shocking answers to this. Still, most importantly, the interviewers are looking for someone that is goal-oriented and will do their best even in the most challenging times because the company doesn’t want someone who is easily giving up and loses focus amid stress. That’s why having a goal in working is essential to keep you motivated and drives you to do your best in any challenges ahead of you.

5. Why did you choose this company?

The interviewer will be curious about why you chose their company because it will affect them in the future. Answering this very carefully and honestly will be good, especially for your future, because once you get accepted, you have to deal with the words you have told them you have for the rest of your life. If a specific company is your goal, tell them the reason behind it, what inspires you, or give them something that will open their minds and consider you their employee.

It is challenging when you have an interview, but it could also be fun, especially if you’re prepared and confident around the interviewers. Remember that we are bound to pass any challenges ahead of us. Being optimistic with every word your mouth will splat out in the interview will help you gain the interviewers’ interest. Remember, this is an opportunity for you to have a job and pay for your necessities. Do your best and trust yourself because all of the questions they will ask you are about you, and the only person who truly knows yourself is you. Be confident, smile, and ace the job interview.



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