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Tack Cloth

Tack cloth is a specialized type of wiping cloth or cleaning cloth that is treated with a tacky material. It is designed to remove loose particles of dust, dirt, and lint from the surface and gives you a perfect finishing.

The professionals first choice for pre-paint cleaning of small particles on wood, metal, plastic, drywall, any surface. Used on automobiles, furniture, boats, airplanes, appliances, and electronics.  Very effective on any flat or contour surfaces that require the removal of small dust particles.

Why Professional Use Tack Cloth?

We know very well that whenever we do a paint job so our work surface is exposed to dust and other particles at every stage of the painting process. If you don’t remove these contaminants, they will become trapped in your paint and you will not get a better finishing. So, to achieve a mirror-like professional finish, you need to remove small particles of dust. 

How To use Tack Cloth

For over 75 years, a wide variety of industry professionals have relied upon Bond Tack Cloth to ensure that their products have the highest quality finish possible… a smooth, unblemished, Crystal clear finish that exceeds your expectations!

Bond Corp. is the world’s only major tack cloth manufacturer that specializes solely in the design and production of professional uses.

Why Choose Us:

Bond Corp. is dedicated to being the highest quality manufacturer and supplier of tack cloth and related products for the surface preparation industry worldwide. Quality means meeting customer’s present and future needs, recognizing that customers exist both within the company and outside the company.

We know that the true value of our product is in its ability to perform properly in your particular application the first time, every time. That’s why our Application Engineers work closely with your finishing department. We ensure that the right product elements, Tack Formula, Tack Weight, Material, and Packaging are properly combined and can easily remove the dust and dirt particles from the surface that other brands leave behind.

The Bond Tack cloth and Crystal brand have a reputation for product reliability and are sure to please your most demanding customers.

Benefits Of Tack Cloth

For the Painting and staining industries, tack cloths have many benefits and are ideal for getting smooth paint finishing or varnish process to ensure a flawless finish!

Blemish-free results: Tack Cloths are ideal for removing small dust and dirt particles before painting or staining. when using just a standard towel or cotton rag small pieces of dust and dirt are left behind. These particles become extremely obvious and leave an uneven texture and you don’t get smooth paint finishing.

Easy to use: A tack rag is the best cleaning tool. To use, first open up the cloth, bunch the gauze together and gently begin wiping your surfaces! It easily removes small dust particles from the surface.

Economical: The tack cloths carry a low price and provide smooth finishing. These cloths are a simple solution for quickly wiping down a surface prior to finishing. This economical cloth prevents your project from an uneven finish, reducing the time and money of having to add additional paint coats. So save your time and money.

Bond Corp. Tack cloth proudly serves the following industries
  •  Automotive
  •  Electronics
  •  Woodworking
  •  Auto Body Repair
  •  Furniture
  •  Musical Instruments
  •  Plastics
  •  Appliances
  •  Motorcycles/Bicycles
  •  Powder Coating
  •  Aerospace
  •  Marine
 What Is Tack Cloth – How to Get a Professional Finish With It 

Many professionals say, “use a tack cloth,” but what is it, and what does it do? In a simple way, it acts as a magnet for dust. Tack cloth is more effective than any other cleaning tool. Get a smooth and blemish-free finish always with Bond Corp Tack Cloth. While working on virtually any surface, our cloth is excellent for cleaning and removing dust and dirt between coats of paint or stain. Also, our tack cloth is popular in the automotive industry.

Tack cloth is the professional’s choice for pre-paint cleaning of small particles on wood, metal, plastic, drywall, any surface. You can use it on automobiles, furniture, boats, airplanes, appliances, and electronics. 

Before using tack cloth, it is important to remove heavy soil and larger particles from the surface.

At every stage of the painting process, whenever we do a paint job so our work surface is exposed to dust and other particles. So, to achieve a mirror-like professional finish, you need to remove small particles of dust. With the help of tack cloth remove small particles of dust and dirt and get the professional finishing.

A wide variety of industry professionals trust Bond Corp Tack Cloth.

Bond Corp.’s product superiority is a direct result of the combination of high-quality materials, application-specific formulas, and our tight specification manufacturing process. Our exclusive ‘thermoset’ process sets a quality standard and we only manufacture Bond Tack Cloth under and adhere to. Using a high temperature and pressure tack ‘thermoset’ impregnation process guarantees a shelf and working life that other brands simply can’t match. 

Our process

Thermosetting also significantly reduces invisible residue buildup that may react with other finishing materials to cause coating defects such as marring, streaking, and fisheyes. The Bond Tack cloth is sure to please your most demanding customers. Crystal brand gained a reputation for product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Materials are available to suit every need. We only use the highest grades of bleached woven cotton and knit polyester. This ensures that each piece of Bond® Tack Cloth will resist fraying, drying, hardening, snagging, and linting longer than any other brand. A full range of cotton meshes (threads per square inch) is available including 28/24, 24/20, 20/16, and 20/12 to best suit your specific application.

Choosing the correct and right amount of ‘tack’ for your specific application is an important quality consideration. Our wide variety of unique, application-specific formulas are all designed and manufactured in our factory by highly skilled technicians who appreciate the special finishing challenges you may face.

Too much “tack” can cause invisible residue buildup which can react with paints and varnishes. Your finishing will be too little and contaminated with unwanted particulates. Getting it just right is why Bond technicians have developed a full range of cloth treatments. From Lite & Dry to Extra Tacky, we have the right treatment and formula for the most demanding applications. 

About Us:

We are one of the best suppliers of tack rag cloth in the USA. Here you will get the best quality of our product for professional uses. Our product is ideal for paint finishing, body shop repair, refinishing, and many more. For more information, visit our website. Do you know how to use tack cloth to get better paint finishing? If you don’t so we are here to help you, we are the world’s major tack cloth manufacturer and supplier. 

Awesome tack cloth can make your life easier. .

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