Which Air Coolers Work Well in Kolkata?

Staying in Kolkata is a challenge in hot summers. When the temperature is very high it’s really important to have air coolers. But have you ever thought about whether they are effective or not in regions like Kolkata or Vellore.

How Do Air Coolers Work!

Air coolers operate by turning warm air via water into the surrounding cold air. A fan blows the excess heat over a water-saturated pad, which cools the air, which adds some moisture before pushing it out there in the atmosphere of your environment.

The hot air turned into the cold, moist air. This method is natural and doesn’t use toxic chemical refrigerants as do compact air conditioners. This device decreases the amount of heat that falls into the building.

Newer models give us new technology that combines the advantages of an air cooler and an air conditioner for one portable unit. A lot of models come with even more than one speed.

Some versions come with a shutdown timer that could be set to your tastes. They also come with a remotely controlled option to switch your cooler from around the room.

Few things to know if one wants to install air coolers:-

Air coolers need ventilation, so better to put it on the windows side.

It needs cold water, so it’s recommended that you can put ice cubes and cold water to make it run faster.

With the onset of hot and humid summer in Kolkata, the air cooler can reduce your irritation to some degree. It depends on the area of your house.

Unless you’re in coastal regions and its corresponding locations in the northern/metropolitan / south parts / suburban areas of the city, a jet-cooler will raise the humidity. Air coolers keep the atmosphere cold and wet. Exposure to daily high moisture can lead to skin and lung disease.

Air-coolers should also be drained, washed, sanitized, and refilled regularly to avoid any kind of Infection and Sinusitis. If the funds are tight, you can switch to a well-used air conditioner that comes with such a shop warranty.

There are ways which you can follow in your sleeping pattern. In more hot weather try to keep the mat wet by pouring water on it every morning and every night.

It could make space comparatively more relaxed by heat insulation and ventilation. Unless your home is in the western region or the suburbs of Kolkata, it’s hot and dry; the air cooler will provide some relief.

What Would Be The Best Air Cooler For Kolkata?

There will always be a phase, often during the year, when temperatures are gradually rising to very unpleasant levels, giving the person a lot of time to think over, mainly an instant fix to the dilemma.

Air cooling is becoming a top priority. The amount of humidity in these weather conditions varies from place to place, and whatever yours is, a decent cooler of air will help create instant relief. Besides dealing with this issue, it recommends using the best power cooler for humid climates and not humid ones.

Good Air Coolers with humid environments should be capable of doing the job irrespective of the humidity level, although it can often be difficult based on the temperature stage.

Air coolers, though, are considered to be better cooled when they are in a humid climate. If you read such, there is a fair possibility that there will be a quest for an air cooler to be better suited to moist environments.

If your newly bought branded air cooler stops working in the middle of the scorching heat, don’t get crazy. Just call a reputed Whirlpool appliance repair in Kolkata, who will send experts to detect and repair the air cooler on the spot.

Do extreme heat evaporative coolers operate?

It would be unreasonable to claim that air coolers may not require high humidity, but another watering down with their effect. However, particularly in the case of high humidity, its impact on cooling systems is somewhat reduced. 

This will be attributable to the reality that they cooled by loss of moisture, which adds water to the atmosphere.

In the air, where moisture is easily accessible, the effect of coolness cannot be noticed precisely. Atmospherics with a concentrated level of humidity levels prefer not to tolerate any extra moisture.

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How Do You Make The Cooler More Productive In A Humid Climate?

The straight-forward solution to this is through adding ice to either the air cooling process because it’s where ice storage items come in very handy. While the ice may apply directly to just the water tank, it does not melt too much after that, leaving that impact that will not last longer than a few hours.

Even so, the use of dry ice that does not quickly melt during room temperature, which is stored in a compartment different from the storage tank, would be a perfect combination. It should at least get more than pour this directly.

We talked with Mr. S Ghosh, a reputed domestic home appliance repair center in Kolkata, regarding the air cooler buying guide. We have summarized all the points he mentioned in that discussion below.

Factors affecting the purchase of air coolers in Kolkata:-

Main factors to consider when selecting the right air cooler and for a humid environment.

Level of capacity/airflow:

How efficient an air cooler would have been in room space depends mostly on its design, precisely in power. Matching low capacity devices in such a large room will be very inefficient, not because the system is low, but because it is not equipped for that reason.

Size your room and buy the right unit.

After the cooler meets the minimum load demand, the next item to think about is how hard it can blow through the air. However, this is mainly related to its power. Thus it is almost assured that a system that satisfies your desired room capacity would be able to circulate air efficiently.

Oscillatory function:

There are essentially two types of air coolers throughout the air distribution mode group: the versions that oscillate and others who do not.

That is pretty easy, as you can see in moving fans. Any origin of an air blowing system that oscillates is often more powerful and satisfies users’ requirements directly than with the stationary ones.

Ice compartment:

Devices that have this compartment provide a way of releasing cooler air into the environment. Whenever the ice is applied to the chamber, its air blown out moves in and carries a few of the chills beside it, making the surroundings colder than ordinary air will have. Essentially, coolers with such a chamber will impact temperatures faster than those without it.

Ample water tank / continuous supply:

Aside from the ice compartment, it’s originally looking to enhance cool to the available instantly by blowing it through the water and inducing evaporation.

It does have the advantage of pressuring the air and cooling to a large degree and depending on how big the water tank becomes, the ease of refueling varies. Purchase a decent capacity unit that doesn’t need to refill now and then.

Level of noise:

While most air coolers’ default mode of operation becomes noisy, some are more acceptable than others in the field of noise.

For a more quiet home and a little discomfort when you’re using it, have the air cooler only with the least disturbance you can handle, and believe us when they say. Throughout the long term, you wouldn’t regret it.

Benefits of Air Coolers in Kolkata

Do you have a small apartment or house, or company that also needs to be cooled down? A lot of us do. It was a room that’s still colder than the entire home or a site office that doesn’t hit your air conditioning system.

Maybe you’re living in a hot little apartment that doesn’t get air conditioning but works in a warm, stuffy room that’s uncomfortable without air.

Many people turn to tabletops or ceiling fans for specific places, but fans won’t help keep the room cool. They’re all pushing around about the same warm air. Have you talked of using an air cooler for some relief?


Portable units are precise, as their name indicates. They’re not permanent units, though they can take anywhere you want and need. Many models include caster wheels, which can be moved from room to room and cool the area you’re in all day round.

Most units are lightweight (roughly 13 pounds) and can be quickly picked up and transported for even more convenience.

Take your unit to either the workroom, work for you, and then go home to help people cool down while you work throughout the kitchen and in all other rooms of the house.

Conduct it in the bedroom or go out on a summer heat porch. Your decision is yours, as well as a portable device, will keep up throughout your lifestyle.

Installation and maintenance

These units are elementary to mount. The job will be done comfortably by an adult. No adapter hose or compressor can be used as portable air conditioners. Since the air cooler operates to turn warm air to cold, the only thing they need now is a window.

Enable an inch more than of the window, depending on the instructions that come with your machine. Don’t worry about letting the hot air in; you also need a unit to regulate the mood and make your room more relaxed.

I am plugging the unit into a standard electrical socket. Put water into the tank. Refer in front of the air conditioning system to how you want the cold water to direct.

Please switch it on and appreciate the fresh, cold air. Hold the water throughout the more relaxed tank to hold the pads moist, and the cooler is going sufficiently. The holder can undertake repairs without the addition of costly professional fees.

All of the coolers come via an instruction manual, which will direct the owner via issues and ask you how and when to fix them yourself. Ensure you obey all the maintenance instructions about your machine. A very well-maintained unit; it will run at optimum efficiency and cold air virtually during the day.

How air coolers affect the health

Portable air coolers are improving our well-being by their cooling system. It’s just water but air, nothing else. These help in minimizing allergies because air is still fresh but never stale or too stuffy.

These units highly recommend for areas of high weather and high humidity. Each portable air cooler will provide a small amount of moisture required in the air to create your breathing room easier and safer.

They are helpful to everyone in these conditions, whether you already operate an air conditioner or even a primary air cooling system in your house. Portable models are great additions and could run anywhere to provide the moisture required in dry, stuffy weather.

For houses for air conditioners, a compact air cooler may provide just enough humidity to mitigate the health risks associated with dry air (like nose bleeds, including sinus infections).

Air coolers arrive to sanitize the water to destroy bacteria; some systems can do this manually to ensure that the air is as safe as possible; more sanitized air than air conditioners even fans can deliver.

Air coolers seem to be the ideal addition to any home. They’re safe, man. Practical and comfortable, and they work to satisfy the needs and expectations of the owners.

And there is nothing better than keeping the air fresh where you need it. If you’ve any questions, please email us, and we will be glad to help you.


Thus if you understand how air coolers operate, you’ll have a clear idea that the air cooler uses the evaporative freezing rate to reduce any room temperature: water but hot air used in this process. There is indeed a cooling pad throughout the unit that continuously keeps humid as it is pumped out of the water tank or external supply.

When hot air forces into the unit, these pads are designed to move through; whenever the pads struck the heat energy throughout the air is used to evaporate water throughout the cooling pad.

The process would allow the air to cool down and add some level of moisture. The air released from the system into the indoor space has more water than the ambient air. Air and duration, the humidity rises in the room.

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