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Hello there, RPG enthusiasts! It seems you’re looking for the greatest Outward modifications. We have you covered. Outward is a survival game with an emphasis on exploration and discovery that allows you to pick your own play style. It contains an open world with several landscapes, including as deserts, woods, and mountains.

The game also emphasises character customisation, enabling you to alter your character’s look at your discretion. Using modifications, users may enhance the game’s offers by adding new content or altering some in-game elements, if they so want.

Therefore, we have compiled what we consider to be the greatest Outward modifications for you, which we hope will be of great use. Because they might possibly alleviate some players’ frustrations, particularly those of novices and hesitant prospective customers.

We have compiled a list of the greatest modifications that enhance the game’s previously missing functionality. You may enjoy far more with these modifications than with the standard game alone.

1) The Soroborean Travel Company

An open-world game is engaging to explore as you traverse vast geographies and discover uncharted areas that might lead to a wonderful adventure. However, open-world games have one downside, which is the factor of travel. This novelty quickly wears off.

You must detest having to go from one end of the map to the other, don’t you? Get in touch with a soroborean travel agency. Give the caravanner the trip cost and you may quickly go anywhere on the map, regardless of distance. Oh, don’t forget to stock up on food rations for your rapid travels; you don’t want to become hungry on the way there.


2) Player Map Markers

We begin our collection of Outward modifications with the player map markers mod, a simple Outward utility mod with a significant influence on gameplay. It will simply display your location and that of your partner if you are playing in co-op.

If you are one of those gamers that doesn’t want to feel lost when exploring, then this mod is the right hack for you.


3) Removal of Multiplayer Limits

What is a game without your close friends or even complete strangers? With the removal of multiplayer limits, the fun may commence. With this mod, you may now add as many or as few people as you wish to your co-op games.

Controlling who is allowed to participate in your game is entertaining and makes the game more engaging. Everyone believes that the more, the merrier.

4) Bag Map Markers

Another mod by the same creator follows, and it compliments the previous mod extremely well. The bag map marker will indicate the position of your most recently dropped bag on the map. Without this patch, you can only see the position of your dropped bag on the compass.

However, this patch will drastically alter that experience by showing the position of your last dropped bag on the map, so if you are one of those players who panics every time you lose a bag, this mod will be of great assistance to you.

5) Drink While Running

Even in the game, the pleasures of drinking may overpower the hardest of players, but standing while drinking might leave them trembling and eager to return to the road.

This may waste time and disrupt a gamer’s momentum, therefore we suggest drinking while jogging. Now you can simply traverse the globe while sipping your preferred beverage, such as water, mineral tea, and more.

6) Enable Sitting

Enable Sitting is the next mod in our list of Outward mods. According to the mod’s description page, this feature was present in the beta version of the game, but was omitted from the final release for unknown reasons.

To activate this animation, go to settings, then keybinds, and assign the desired key. This mod alone will cause your character to take a seat, but the following one will give it a bigger purpose.

7) More Map Details

Markers on a map are regarded as some of the greatest modifications in a game since they facilitate gameplay. With additional map specifics, accomplish everything. You may now place markings on the map when your bag drops, as well as on all other players and foes.

This mod allows you to quickly monitor players, chase down opponents, and find missing items, in this instance your bag. This was much needed in the game, and we appreciate the community’s efforts to improve the gameplay experience.

8) Meditation

Meditation is a mod that restores burn stats while your character is sitting. Therefore, this mod is incompatible with the mod described above. This will make the game much simpler by removing the requirement to consume special beverages to regain burn stats.

On the bright side, if you use the sleep tent often solely to recover burn, stamina, and health, then this mod may be more practical and simpler to utilise for that reason; you can also alter the regen rate in the config file that comes with the mod.

9) Connected Stash Vaults

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all of your storage chests were connected so that you didn’t have to carry everything in your bag? Now possible with connected storage chests The mod enables players to link all of their stash boxes so that they may store all of their things in one location.

This is wonderful and handy, however please remember that the loading time may vary depending on the size of your stockpile. The more stockpile you have, the longer your load times will be. However, this is a reasonable compromise to make as you may sell all of your things and still enjoy consistent gameplay.

10) Second Quick Slot Modification

As its name implies, the second fast slot mod adds a second quick slot bar; you may switch to the second bar by using the tab key, and it adds eight additional slots automatically. These operate identically to your normal quick slot, with the same keybindings.

To begin adding new spells and items, just go to the spells tab or inventory and choose the option to add to the quick slot bar. This mod will provide you many more choices for quicker gaming and eliminate the restriction on creating more intricate builds.


11) Combat HUD

HUD is the primary display that a player uses to monitor their metrics. Sometimes HUD has much too much information, making it impossible to discover the necessary data at the right moment. With combat HUD, you should alter everything.

The patch adds a variety of combat-related elements to the HUD, including HP, stamina, mana, floating damage labels, enemy target information, and status timers. Improve your gaming by keeping all necessary items in view.

12) Shared Quest Reward Modification

Despite the fact that it’s great to have Quest Rewards segregated from each other for realism and immersion, it’s still rather useful to have a mod that enables your team to earn and get the same rewards for the same quests you completed together.

Unless your partner is a complete piece of junk, you do not need this mod.

13) Shared Mod Defaults

Mods are fantastic and enhance the game experience; but, too many mods might make it tough to keep track of them.

The community has thus built a standard mod configuration. This preserves all modifications in one location, and gamers may access a standard mod menu including all modules with a single button. With shared mod config, it is no longer difficult to keep track of modifications, which makes life a little simpler.


14) Different Quickslot Bars | Raid Mode

This mod adds customizable Quickslot Toolbars, similar to those seen in MMORPGs. In the game’s menu, custom keybindings may be configured. You should be aware, however, that this weapon does not provide you more slots. Instead, there will be alternating bars.

The obsolete version of this mod was merged with the Raid Mode mod.

15) Outward SideLoader

What is the finest external mod on the Internet? Obviously, a mod that creates other modifications! Yes, doorstep delivery is possible with an outward side loader.

Using this tool, you can now make and modify your own modifications; it’s fantastic. Yes, it will take time to understand and adapt, but the investment is well worth it; manifest what you want.

16) Extra Collectible Goods

Plundering is one of the fundamental requirements of every role-playing game. In this situation, however, vanilla does not just have the lowest drop rate imaginable, but also less drops to collect.

With this mod, you may alter the game’s design to significantly reduce your replenishing time and transit time between towns.

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