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Mods produced by the game’s fans can make sandbox games far more entertaining, and WorldBox is no exception. WorldBox is a sandbox game with a God simulator that allows you to design your universe or unleash your powers on it. WorldBox is a game with almost limitless possibilities; you can virtually do anything. Players have the ability to design their own planet and shape its evolution as they see appropriate.

However, when altered, the game’s universe will take on new significance. In addition to always concluding with a boredom-destroying nuclear weapon. Today, we’ll be discussing the finest WorldBox modifications that money can’t buy, tweaks that will improve your gameplay while bringing more mayhem.

The greatest WorldBox modifications that are compatible with both NCMS and BepInEx are listed below. If you need step-by-step instructions, please see our article on installing modifications in WorldBox.


Beginning our list with a very helpful mod for WorldBox, SimpleGui allows you to change characteristics, add buildings, and configure unit weaponry and armor, among other wonderful features, in record speed.

You will have the ability to enable or deactivate any characteristic in the game, even those added by other modifications! Includes a few custom properties as well. Repopulate buildings that have been evacuated. Additionally, you may construct worlds of any size.


2) Family Tree Mod

Family Tree Mod enables users to build a family using a unique user interface and examine a detailed family tree as the family grows. Additionally, it is now possible to go from a civilian to a warrior career. As an extra touch, deceased family members will show as eerie ghosts in the tree interface.

This mod is good for players who like to add a family feels to their world’s mythology or who wish to gather troops for feuds with other families.


3) MoBox

MoBox is a simple NCMS modification that adds several additional buttons to the Creatures Tab. Aliens, Ghosts, Blobs, Fire Skulls, Jumpy Skulls, Mushs, Tumors, Pumpkins, Assimilators, Bioblobs, and Zombie Animals may be spawned by the player.

Our preferred unit in this mod must be either the Blobs or the Jumpy Skulls, but there are no poor options. The little pixel models are adorable. These units have their own behavior and characteristics.


4) World of Boxcraft

No one anticipated a crossover between Worldbox and World of Warcraft, yet here we are. It makes sense. World of Boxcraft adds warcraft-themed qualities and goods to Worldbox; all custom traits sprout and are discovered spontaneously, exactly like the basic traits. A little amount of recognizable fantasy material from a different IP enables the user to revisit pleasant recollections in a brand-new setting. Several attributes resemble traditional Warcraft classes, such as Death Knight, or demon types, such as Pit Lord.




Unquestionably one of the greatest WorldBoxes ever produced! PowerBox by Nikon#7777 is a one-of-a-kind mod that enables you to construct more complicated worlds by giving you access to 20 unique god’s abilities!

The mod’s new abilities include new species with new abilities, 11 new spawn abilities, and new world rules. As long as there are fresh calamities and little fan powers. In all honesty, the best way to experience what this mod has to offer is to include it in your gameplay.


6) Selective Breeding

This BepInEx mod enables users to breed monsters and humans to create new life forms. You can alter the likelihood that humanoids and other creatures receive particular features from their parents.

This is our compilation of the finest WorldBox modifications. Check out our game guides area for more relevant material and great extras for other games!




Last but not least, we have Branny’s Expansion Mod, which was created by the amazing Branny, and Oh boy! The Branny’s Expansion Mod aims to significantly enhance the core gameplay of Worldbox. By introducing a new World Leaderboard that tracks which animals in your world are responsible for the most killings.

The monster with the most kills gains the bloodthirsty and Tyrant characteristics. This will increase their size, velocity, and damage, and grant them immortality.


8) Modern Mod for Worldbox

This mod expands the god abilities available to players when transporting their planets into the future. Now, you may manage units in addition to their homes and offices. Modern Mod increases the maximum upgrading level of structures from 5 to 10.

This fits well with the new god’s abilities of upgrading and degrading structures. Accelerate or delay an appropriate settlement. The deity of a planet should have authority over its buildings as well as its inhabitants. Expanded construction tiers apply to both human and fantastical races.


9) Incarnate

If ever there was a mod that allowed you to interact with your critters on a personal level, it must be this one. The Incarnate mod enables you to assume entire control over the life of a creature of your choosing by possessing them and playing as them, or by reincarnating them as a strong new being. With numerous talents and abilities, and see their success in your environment.

Some gods, including those in Worldbox, want to manage their planets manually. This mod is for gamers that are not happy to just observe the battle.

Incarnate enables the player to directly possess and control a unit. The custom-made movement and combat controls in this mod allow you to push your will directly on the environment via the unit. Worldbox may be played as a single-player RPG if combined with the Environment of Boxcraft mod. Players might assume the role of Arthas in a wacky 2D world.



The Better Zombies mod is just what its name implies: a means to make zombies better. If you have ever desired zombies received more attention, this mod is for you!

This small mod gives the zombies different bonuses that make them more deadly. They have all acquired the characteristics of being agile, tough, powerful, swift, and lucky. Also includes other perks including (health, damage, etc.)


11) Squad RPG

Squad RPG virtually introduces a new game style to Worldbox; issues orders to numerous groups of eager or reluctant followers.

Squad RPG grants the player authority over any creature, similar to Incarnate, but also allows the construction of squads of soldiers; the player may construct an army. We can not comprehend why this function was not included in the original game. It seems to be a logical progression of Worldbox gaming. Assign a creature AI to lead the team and modify its commanders with extra qualities granted every five ranks. Several metrics, such as per kill or per year, may be used to determine how EXP is gained by team members, including per kill and per year.


12) Power Alchemy for Worldbox

Power Alchemy grants command over abilities and item drops, such as water, coffee, and shields. Included among the modifiable parameters are falling velocity, probability, height, movement, drop behavior values and rates, and GUI settings such as text and color. This mod adds a substantial degree of flexibility and customization to Worldbox, an existing open-ended sandbox.

Gods should be able to control the nature of their own abilities, right?



This patch enhances the mechanism for global development and recovery. After your destruction, the earth will revive! In order to ruin it again. You may also alter the pace at which destroyed worlds regrow.

This is fantastic if you are seeking a greater challenge or if you are bored of waiting for the world to return to life on its own. The NCMS prerequisites and dependencies are required for this mod to function correctly.


14) TraitUnlockedCheatMod

If players assume the position of a god in Worldbox, why should they have to trudge through the tedious process of locating the attributes required for the ideal world?

All of the game’s qualities may be easily unlocked with the help of TraitUnlocked. Because of this, the player is able to immediately begin the game with soldiers and buildings that have the necessary statistics and behavior. This mod is useful for players that wish to quickly start many Worldbox saves at once, and such players will benefit from using it. The game is more of a sandbox than a workbox for its players.


15) TraitBox

The NCMS mod known as TraitBox is compatible with WorldBox and adds a significant number of new Traits, making for a far more exciting gameplay experience. Demon Lord, Blob King, Vampire King, WereDragon, and a number of other Traits are among the new additions to the game.

This concludes our list of the top WorldBox modifications; we cannot recommend trying these mods enough! They will significantly enhance your gaming and give it a more appropriate atmosphere.

Feel free to leave a remark and share your opinions, including what you like and what you believe may be improved. And what do you believe would be a nice mod to add to the WorldBox. We will be on the lookout for new WorldBox modifications that may be of interest to you. Be sure to save our website as a bookmark.

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