The Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods You Should Download

The Kingdom Hearts 3 PC version was just made accessible, and since then, modders have been hard at work creating additional content. Here are some of the most impressive modifications that were created as a result of this crazy Disney experience. The Kingdom Hearts series has been a mainstay on video game systems for many years now.

Since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has relied on Unreal Engine 4 as the primary game development platform for all of its titles. Epic Games, the company that developed Fortnite, is responsible for creating this engine. The cooperation between these two companies continues to strengthen, since the complete series is now available on Epic’s Storefront.

From the convenience of their own computers, players may take part in all of the enchantment of the series. Players have been able to get their hands on the game’s source code and have made some of the most fascinating changes to date for the series. This is something that happens with practically every game that is ported to the PC platform.

The release of Kingdom Hearts 3, which has been one of the most anticipated video games in the annals of gaming history. The last mainstream numbered book was published in North America in 2006, which means that fans have had to wait a complete 13 years to witness the dramatic climax to this narrative.

There are several games that have been released in the meantime, giving fans with further background, mythology, and characters to fall in love with. Players may now make some of their most significant ideas for alterations to the game’s plot and gameplay a reality by using modifications. The following is a list of some of the finest Kingdom Hearts 3 modifications that have been published.

1) Tres Mod Menu

Luseu is the one who uploaded this modification for Kingdom Hearts III to the Nexus Mods website. It is able to replicate every character in the game, from Heartless of the lowest level to those belonging to Organization XIII. Players even have the option to switch characters throughout the game. Although there are several iterations of this mod available, the one described here seems to be the most well-liked among the boards at the moment.

Players may even practise their skills against a never-ending horde, as seen in the screenshot of the demo. In order for players to get the most out of this mod without slowing the game down to a single frame per second, they may require a powerful personal computer.

2) Copyright Screen Skip

This modification for Kingdom Hearts III was created by Chillaxel, a user on NexusMods. The fact that it bypasses all of the logos that appear before the title screen ought to be obvious from the name of the feature. There are much too many of them that need to be looked at before getting started.

It is easy to see why they are there given the sheer number of assets that are being represented and the fact that each one requires specific legal explanations. However, Kingdom Hearts III is by far the game that violates this policy the most. Install this mod to make the process of hacking and slashing in the game much quicker.

3) Ultima Model Swap To X-Blade

TalesFreak is the creator of this mod for Kingdom Hearts III that can be found on NexusMods. Sora’s Keyblade is compatible with a wide variety of weapon modifications, including those based on other Keyblades from the series, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and many more.

The X-Blade, which is exactly what Master Xehanort has been hoping for throughout the whole of the series, is the one that stands out the most among them all. It has a cumbersome feel when you use it, but it looks badass as all get out.

4) Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

NexusMods would like to give special gratitude to DemurerFire for donating this Kingdom Hearts III modification. This modification swaps out the cards that Luxord uses with Yu-Gi-Oh cards in its place.

This is another another example of a mod that can be customised in a myriad of different ways, such as playing with Pokemon cards, Uno, or gift cards for things like Apple or Fortnite points. Keeping with the Yu-Gi-Oh theme is a smart decision since it allows one to visualise Luxord attempting to summon Exodia, a card that is included in the mod.

5) Smores’ Thomas The Train

This following entry was provided to the gamers by NexusMods user Smores. The modification is straightforward and involves switching out the tram in Twilight Town with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas has been used in a vast variety of modifications, most of which lean toward the sinister side of things, such as when he took the place of Mr. X in the remade version of Resident Evil 2. However, thanks to this mod, he will seem to have a more organic connection to the universe of the game.

6) ReMind Ability Integration  

This mod, which was built by Explode, allows the DLC skills to be unlocked gradually during the course of the main game rather than all at once. This is an excellent method for experiencing the game and progressing organically through it, making Sora stronger as he travels through each realm. Some of the most powerful skills in the game are found in the ReMind category.

7) Drip Sora

Fans may thank NexusMods user Junior for providing them with this Kingdom Hearts III modification. This modification has two separate aspects in total. To begin, Sora seems to be a member of Roxas’ gang due to the fact that he is dressed in a manner consistent with that of a street thug from the 1990s.

The second difference is that his Keyblade now resembles the sword from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is a welcome addition. Even though it’s only a basic clothing mod, it makes for some very hilarious sight gags, particularly in combat.

8) C-Mod Menu

Criticp is the one who created this modification, which enables players to engage in a wide variety of activities. You may play as one of many distinct playable characters, create foes and party members, and do a great deal more. If their own computer is capable of it, players are free to roam the world with one hundred Mike Wawoskis.

9) KH2 Cloud Over Sora

DaniZaya is the one who created this modification for Kingdom Hearts III. It uses the model of Cloud from Kingdom Hearts II, also known as the version from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, as a replacement for Sora.

This mod may be customised in a variety of ways, such as by switching out the boy wonder for a different character like Roxas, Axel, Aqua, or any of a number of others. Cloud, on the other hand, stood out as the kind of character that could be highlighted for their coolness and humour. The thought of him engaging in conversation with other Disney characters is hilarious.

10) Remove Wall Effects

13thVessel is responsible for the creation of this mod, which takes away the glittering appearance that the game provides with its climbable walls. These have the potential to be distracting, and the mod in question simply makes them blend in with the rest of the settings.

11) Basic Noclip

Grep is the one who uploaded this modification for Kingdom Hearts III to NexusMods. To to the person who created the mod, “Please do not keep this on between map loading since it is quite unstable and sluggish.”

This enables players to fly out of boundaries in order to clip through walls and investigate what Square Enix included in this game. The name of this feature emphasises what it does. There is a mod like this available for almost every game out there, and despite the fact that the one you’re using right now has some issues, it is likely that it will become less problematic with time.

12) No More Ingredients

This modification, which was produced by Normie, prevents Donald and Goofy from naming every item that they come across in the game. In the beginning game, they do this a great deal. We are really fortunate.

13) Comically Large Frying Pan

This version of Kingdom Hearts III was created by SputnikMan, a user on NexusMods. It’s another one of those weapon mods that was just too tempting to pass up. Already, the concept of Sora using a frying pan as a weapon is rather amusing to think about. There is a good chance that Rapunzel uses the same one.

The joke is made funnier by the fact that he is pretending to be a giant in it. It is possible that utilising Cloud’s Buster Sword or whatever else is available is cooler than this, but at the very least, this is a fun spectacle for the mod community to enjoy.

14) Thomas The Tank Engine Mod

Smores is the one who created this modification, which gives the Twilight Town tram a Thomas the Tank Engine appearance. This is a genuine item that can be found in the world, and it is amazing.

15) Classic Caribbean BGM

NexusMods user Saro was the one who developed this modification for Kingdom Hearts III. It does so by substituting the music from Kingdom Hearts II’s Pirates of the Caribbean realm with the music that was originally present in that world. To be more specific, it is the updated version that can be found in the HD collections.

This mod is a need for players who have been following the Kingdom Hearts series for a significant amount of time since the original soundtrack is a better portrayal of the film on which it is based. The music in Kingdom Hearts III is excellent, but the original score is much better. The song “He’s a Pirate” holds the record for the most popular song of all time.

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