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While BioWare may not have the best reputation right now, there was a time when the company was acclaimed across the board for making some fantastic western RPGs that have lasted the test of time to stay relevant to this day. One such RPG that many still look back on fondly to this day is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The game is considered by enthusiasts as one of the best Star Wars games ever developed, with a beautiful setting and a fascinating tale that drives it to near-stratospheric heights of brilliance.

Of course, the game has aged quite a bit, and new fans who wish to get into this title could find themselves challenging to appreciate it at times. Thankfully, the following gameplay changes should be diverse and intriguing enough to keep folks interested in this title until the very end.

Star Wars has seen its fair share of success in the video gaming area as well, with most people considering Knights of the Old Republic to be one of the very best in the franchise. The game has unique characters, a wonderful narrative, and one of the biggest plot twists in video game history. Playing this game in current times could be a hassle, but the following excellent modifications for KOTOR will guarantee that the gameplay side of things is smoothed down greatly.

1) Remastered High Resolution Armors

A character’s armour quality is what regulates their odds of going through a combat with minimum damage. It’s necessary to outfit out the main party with the greatest equipment available, even if staring at these hazy armour textures may be quite a drag.

This irritation may be eliminated totally with the Remastered High Resolution Armors patch. It accomplishes exactly what is said in the title and makes the armour designs in Knights of the Old Republic quite fantastic.

2) Lightsaber and Force Forms

If the choices for lightsabers and force forms are getting low, gamers may download this mod instead. The Lightsaber and Force Forms mod by Darth InSidious adds 10 lightsaber forms and four force forms to the game for players to locate and study. The mod adds complete voices for the holocrons and NPC when these new goods and abilities are discovered. Darth InSidious just updated this mod in 2020, making it a solid pick for those desiring a bit additional material in their game.

3) Extended Duration Force Powers

Using the Force in Knights of the Old Republic is certainly one of the most entertaining components of the game. Any fan of Star Wars who wants to live out their dream of becoming a Jedi will go wild as they access the enormous variety of abilities that this game has to offer.

However, some individuals believe that the Force abilities don’t truly last that long, making their utility in combat rather modest. This is particularly true when it comes to the buffs and debuffs in this game, which are mainly ineffectual excluding certain instances. With this mod, players may now employ all the Force abilities at their disposal without worrying too much about their application in combat.

4) The Comprehensive KotOR Bug Fix Collection

Much like every big RPG from the period, KOTOR is no exception when it comes to bugs. While the game isn’t as unstable as other recent releases, it still has its fair share of difficulties. The Comprehensive KotOR Bug Cure Collection is a necessary mod to install to fix most of these flaws. The mod addresses some of the most recognised bugs that dramatically enhance the overall experience and gets rid of small glitches that have been present in the game since 2003.

5) Old Republic Skin Overhaul

Old republic cosmetic revamp originated with the developer’s displeasure with the Taris horizon. He chose to increase the texture of the place while preserving the original sense.

Now, this mod features additional areas that are enhanced in texture. It will keep you involved in the game due of the images it contributes to the mix. Of all the KotOR modifications out there, this one is an on-going endeavour and will keep the gamers in anticipation as to what follows next!

6) Revan Items

As players travel through the events of Knights of the Old Republic, they’ll quickly understand that their identity is something lot more than a run-of-the-mill Jedi. It turns out that the player-character is really Darth Revan himself, who was imprisoned and mind-wiped by the Jedi in an attempt to make this individual realise the mistake of their ways and join the Dark Side.

Regardless of the course that gamers could pursue, there’s nothing disputing that Darth Revan looks quite frightening. Most people would like to utilise the equipment of this character at some time, and this is made feasible with the Revan Items mod. Now, gamers may adopt the costume and lightsabers of this renowned villain!

7) Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework

Everyone wants guns that appear, feel, and perform like better and state-of-the-art versions. Weapon model makeover texture rework utilised a prior enhancement in weapons to give them an original texture and quality.

Previously, Toasty Fresh made significant advancements in weaponry but modified their original texture and feel. This one is an effort to keep Toasty’s advancements while bringing back the touch of the original game to weaponry. If you want the main game weaponry but in greater quality, this is your mod.

8) Consular Sentinel Class Skill Swap

After a certain point in the game, players will be able to unlock Jedi courses for their character to specialise in. The three classes are the Jedi Guardian, Consular, and Sentinel, and all of them look equally viable in battle. However, the fact is that the Jedi Sentinel is the least-effective class here owing to a lack of powers and the like.

This nearly appears like a problem, and a mod has come out to solve the same. With this upgrade, The Jedi Sentinel obtains the Computer Use, Demolitions, and Repair Class talents that were featured in the Jedi Consular skill instead. It’s a simple but neat technique to make all three classes a tonne of fun to use.

9) KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2

When people speak about content restoration packs in the context of Star Wars gams, the first thing that springs to mind is the magnificent The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification for Knights of the Old Republic 2. However, credit should be given to this mod as well, which restores missing stuff in the original game.

There are various ways this mod influences the game, including a “Impossible” difficulty option for fans of the game who desire more of a struggle with the gameplay. Along with this, there are various more components of the title that are built upon to make the game more fleshed-out and fun.

10) Dantooine Training Lightsabers

Star Wars movies are fantastic for so many aspects, one of them being the Lightsabers. However, the training sessions in the game did not feature the identical Lightsabers. Instead, the game employed long swords.

Dantooine training lightsabers delivers the sense of the Star Wars movie to training sessions by substituting long swords with Lightsabers. Also, there are no scripts involved and no intrusive sound effects, you simply receive Lightsabers with this mod.

11) Fens Character Re-texture Mods

As noted previously, the characters in Knights of the Old Republic are some of the most memorable party members in video gaming. There are rarely any duds in this great lineup… but their plastic-y appearance certainly takes a bit getting accustomed to.

Instead of dealing with this, gamers may merely download Fenharel’s different modifications for all important party members in the game. There’s some terrific work on show here, with these characters seeming all the more alive and compelling as a consequence of this elevation.

12) Jedi from the Start

Jedi from the Start has a particular position in the lost since it enables the players start the game differently. You start as a Jedi level 2; the discussion sections are different and considerably more intriguing.

That means no more tedious tutorials at the start and a whole bunch of powers straight from the start. Another feature this mod adds is that it has shortener the conversation passages so that you enjoy the moments without becoming bored.

13) Easy Pazaak

Pazaak is a unique minigame added in Knights of the Old Republic that serves as a rather nice diversion from the events of the main game. It’s also a terrific method to gain credits and certain precious things, however this minigame might disappoint some players owing to how hard it looks at first appearance.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case, as players may actually activate a simpler version of this minigame using modifications instead of simply ignoring it outright. It’s not the most required mod in the universe but works wonders for players who want to immerse themselves in all the systems of Knights of the Old Republic without any big constraints.

14) Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge

One gamer got creative with their modding and built a fan-made expansion pack for the game. Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge is a totally fan-made expansion pack by Silveredge9 that takes players on a new journey inside Knights of the Old Republic. The mod offers a new 8-hour storyline with professional voice acting and new objects and places. For the achievement of building a bespoke expansion pack, it belongs on our list, but it is also one of the highest-rated modifications available for the game.

15) Fire And Ice HD

Particle effects may not important to some players, while others appreciate the pandemonium generated by them on the battlefield. Knights of the Old Republic does a fair job of introducing numerous visual effects to the game, but most of them just haven’t stood up.

This changes with the debut of the Fire and Ice HD mod. As indicated in the name, this mod adds high-quality fire and ice effects to the game to make set pieces appear even more spectacular.

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