15 Best Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mods in 2022

Jurassic World Evolution 2 has had little effect on the popularity of Jurassic World Evolution. By modifying Jurassic World Evolution, the developers continue to improve and update their original dinosaur theme park.

The developers at Frontier did an excellent job with the sequel, which exceeds the original in playability, but many players found Jurassic World Evolution 2’s steep learning curve to be daunting. So, gamers returned to their already-established Jurassic World Evolution parks and began developing brand-new JWE modifications and add-ons.

Consequently, there are already over 1,300 Jurassic World Evolution add-ons available on Nexus Mods. Some of these are truly effective, used by the great majority. While others are tiny adjustments that are not even worthwhile. How do you determine which ones are necessary and which ones enhance the gaming experience?

There are two alternatives. You may navigate through the pages, read explanations of each JWE add-on, and then download the ones you think required.

The following Jurassic World Evolution modifications have been tried and tested by our own Jurassic World Evolution park managers.

1) Ultra Shadows

This mod was created by Nexus user hexabit. It is a typical kind of Jurassic World: Evolution 2 modifications intended to enhance the game’s aesthetics. Modders often have an eye for graphic design flaws in a game, and they frequently add modifications to bring the game up to scratch.

Hexabit modifies the shadows in JWE2 by expanding their range, resulting in reduced pop-in. This may seem like a simple adjustment, but it may do wonders to make the game’s graphics seem less abrupt and more natural. It’s a mod that will make your Jurassic World: Evolution 2 gameplay experience much more enjoyable.

2) JFD Triceratops Prorsus

Triceratops is one of the most well-known dinosaur species. Everyone knows what a triceratops looks like, and the creature has been featured in innumerable documentaries about dinosaurs.

This mod by JaggedFangDesigns attempts to increase the coolness of Triceratops in JWE by providing them with higher-quality textures and more aesthetically pleasing patterns on their bodies and crests. This noble herbivore has never looked better. And it will offer much-needed diversity to the Ceratopsidae family.

3) Feilong’s Paleo Edits And Overhauls For Therapods

MisterFeilong’s Paleo Edits and Overhauls for Therapods are modifications. This mod aims to give the game’s therapod dinosaurs new appearances. Therapod dinosaurs are bipedal carnivores with hollow bones and three-toed limbs. This patch upgrades the likes of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, and Dilophosaurus, among others, which are included in the therapod classification. Raptors (also known as dromaeosaurs) are excluded from this mod.

The purpose of this modification is to give dinosaurs an older, more simple appearance. It removes several bumps and spines to make them seem more like giant lizards. It does not totally eliminate such characteristics, but it does give the dinosaurs a more “traditional appearance” (think Walking With Dinosaurs or When Dinosaurs Roamed America).

4) Pachyrhinosaurus Species

I’ve always been a bit of a hipster, so instead of producing the most popular species of ceratopsid, I’d rather breed something a little more obscure. The Pachyrhinosaurus, whose name translates as Thick-nosed Lizard, is well-known among palaeontologists for its protruding snout.

These prominent nasal features were likely employed for male competitiveness, among other reasons. It imparts a sophisticated appearance that evokes esteem. Thanks to author Harlequinz Eg0, you may locate this Late Cretaceous dinosaur in the Las Cinco Muertes archipelago. Previously, it inhabited northern American regions like as modern-day Alaska.

5) Atrociraptor Pack 

The Atrociraptor Pack mod by user megagamingrex adds a new skin to the Velociraptors, replacing the The Lost World and Jurassic Park skins with two styles inspired by the Atrociraptor. This is another kind of raptor (or dromaeosaur) seen in the Jurassic World: Dominion segment set in Malta. It resembles the Velociraptor in the film, and the genuine creature seems to have shared many characteristics with the movie’s namesake.

Megagamingrex adds the Atrociraptor to Evolution 2 regardless. There aren’t many Jurassic World: Evolution 2 hacks that introduce a new dinosaur, but when they do appear, it’s important to pay close attention.

6) Psittacosaurus Species

Despite its lengthy (and difficult-to-pronounce) name, the Psittacosaurus was the cutest tiny creature that existed during the Early Cretaceous. This species was distributed from China to Siberia and everywhere else.

This parrot lizard resembles a gecko and a chicken, but it is really a full-fledged member of the Ceratopsidae subfamily. This mod by NanoLancensis adds the Psittacosaurus as a new species to our zoo, complete with a Zoopedia article and fascinating information.

7) ACSE For Jurassic World: Evolution 2 

ACSE, or Awesome Cobra Script Extender, is more of a platform upon which the majority of Jurassic World: Evolution 2 modifications are created. It is a content package for the Cobra, the game engine used by Jurassic World Evolution 2.

The ACSE doesn’t accomplish much by itself, but it’s required for numerous fantastic modifications. Consequently, you should get this item. The Nexus ACSE was created by Open-Naja, ilodev, Daemon1, and DennisNedry1993.

8) Dracodentitan Species

A new hybrid species has escaped the lab and entered your park. Dracodentitan is a hazardous hybrid of the nimble Baryonyx and the strong Polacanthus. The resultant creature had the most terrifying set of front teeth I’ve ever seen. This individual seems to have been developed to wreak terror on its adversaries on the battlefield, so don’t be shocked when DARPA operatives make you an irresistible offer.

Be sure to check out the in-depth database record that creator DrPenny233 included with all the information and fascinating details you’d find on a base game monster.

9) Expanded Scenery 

Expanded Scenery is an additional mod by Kaiodenic, with special gratitude to Inaki, that focuses on decorating and personalising the park more. The mod allows the insertion of certain plants and floral elements as park items.

This is one of those things that makes you question why it wasn’t included in the original game. In addition, Kaiodenic went above and above, enabling the placement of over 500 distinct types of vegetation around the player’s Jurassic World park.

10) Tarbosaurus Species

The Tarbosaurus, sometimes known as the Tyrant King of the East, is an Asian cousin of the T. rex with even shorter arms and comparable devastating capabilities. Creator TigerRed1298 has provided us with this magnificent creature to show in our park.

Its narrow snout distinguishes it from the well-known Tyrannosaurus rex, and your visitors will be able to comprehend how environmental variances may result in significant phenotypic variations.

I doubt it has anything to do with the actual appearance. But I like the brilliant blue hue. It reminds me of a basilisk lizard; it is certainly a badass.

11) Expanded Sandbox Mode

This mod was produced by the amazing Kaiodenic. In the game’s sandbox mode, this one unlocks everything for the player. It enables the player to construct anything available, including unique structures and 999 gene slots. Additionally, you will have no troubles with the staff while using this mod.

Notably, this modification has no effect on the campaign, challenges, or Chaos Theory mode. It is totally confined inside the sandbox mode’s free play.

12) Northfire’s Realistic Textures

If you’re playing a Jurassic Park video game, you’re likely hoping to experience the films’ appeal from a different angle. Realistic Textures from Northfire might get you one step closer to your objective.

This patch alters the majority of the environment’s textures for a more realistic, film-accurate appearance, making it easier to distinguish between ground types and highlighting certain elements such as rocks and trees. Additionally, the grass is made significantly thinner, and new banners are added for the Gyrosphere, Aviary, and Creation Lab.

13) LAStudios Megalodon

This modification by user LAStudios adds a whole new dinosaur species to Jurassic World: Evolution 2. It adds the Megalodon to the available marine life selections in the game. This mod lets the Megalodon, the biggest species of shark that ever existed, to be shown in the aquatic settings of your park.

The Miragaia, a member of the Stegosaur family with a long neck, is another new species mod that LAStudios has developed for the game. LAStudios is determined to add more and more attractions to your Jurassic World park, therefore it is prudent to monitor their Nexus uploads.

14) Expanded Islands

Despite the fact that this is a hazardous mod, it is the second most downloaded after Environment Rework. Before discussing the danger, let’s discuss what this mod accomplishes. Honestly, it’s a rather straightforward modification. It will enlarge the islands and give additional room for you to construct a larger dinosaur theme park. Appears innocuous, yet is not.

The first issue is that you will have to start from scratch. To acquire additional land, you must abandon your current park and start from scratch. However, this may thrill gamers who are seeking a fresh challenge.

Now, the major danger.

If you unintentionally open your previous parks with this mod, a game error will occur. The previous parks will get trapped on the larger islands, and you will no longer be able to construct anything. Uninstallation and reinstallation is the sole remedy for this issue. It is extremely advised that you create a backup of your parks before installing this add-on.

15) Invisible Fences

I’ve always enjoyed zoos since they’ve allowed me to meet magnificent animals I would have never seen otherwise. However, seeing confined animals has always dampened the experience.

This hack by Zarp10 will make your fences invisible, allowing your guests to forget about the ethical issues of containing dinosaurs. They are still there and just as powerful; you simply can’t see them anymore.

Other building utilities, such as light and heavy wires, are rendered invisible by the mod, allowing for new design possibilities.

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