Top 13 Best Tales of Arise Modifications of 2022

Even the best games can be made better, which is why modding communities exist. Here are some of the greatest Tales Of Arise modifications created by fans.

Tales of Arise is the most recent action JRPG in Bandai Namco’s Tales series. This section concentrates on the amnesic Alphen (also known as the Iron Mask), Shionne, Rinwell, Law, Kisara, and Dohalim, in addition to Hootle. The narrative follows this group as they strive to liberate the inhabitants of Dahna from their oppressor planet, Rena.

There is always opportunity for improvement in Tales of Arise, and this is where the modding community comes in. Tales of Arise, like the vast majority of other video games, has a mod community. The following modifications are all available on Nexus Mods.

1. Arte canceler mod

Arte Canceller Mod is one of the most popular Tales of Arise combat modifications; it will drastically improve and optimise your combat gameplay. This mod basically enables you to cancel Artes onto other Artes. You will be able to leap or dodge at any time without having to wait for the animation to complete.

This may be a potentially overpowering feature, but it makes battles seem extremely responsive and intrinsically more fun by allowing players to create new combinations that are not normally achievable.

2. 6K4D stories of arise mod

This mod enables Rinwell to wear Edna’s classic outfit from Tales of Zestiria.

A Tales of Arise Modding server where you may learn how to mod, release a mod, or simply discuss about the game! | members. Best Tales of Arise Mods – Tweaks of Arise Mod Enhanced Camera and Movement – FOV and camera distance are enhanced.

Moreover, player Reminder that Costume and Gameplay Mods for Tales of Arise are available on the Mod Nexus website. To modify a game, launch Steam and Tales. Install the following: If the original Tales of Arise Guide has been installed, you must first remove it.

3. Berserk armor for alphen

Alphen, the protagonist of Tales of Arise, may be insensitive to pain, but he could always use some armour and some style points. This modification replaces Alphen’s Ocean Blue Battle Garb with Berserk Armor.

The Berserker Armor is a suit of body armour with cape physics and a variant without the cape. These individuals are aptly referred to as Berserkers. Say hi to Berserker Alphen!

Mona Costume from Rinwell – Traveler from Another World

It was difficult to choose the best Tales of Arise mod between this one, a 2B outfit, and the multiplayer mod. We chose this Genshin Impact outfit for Rinwell in the end.

This modification is a Mona Megistus outfit for Rinwell. Mona’s water-themed star witch outfit fits Rinwell; the renowned astrologer visits Arise.

This costume alters the attire, hat, hair, and eyes of the character.

Already, Rinwell’s artes resemble spells that Mona might perform.

4. Full Texture Replacement Tool Allows Gamers To Play With Aesthetics

This is another mod that may serve as a basic modding tool that players can use to personalise the game themselves. Tenshiken’s Full Texture Replacement Tool enables players to alter facial and body textures.

This enables players to make cosmetic alterations to their characters, which may enliven the game or at least appeal more to the player’s aesthetic preferences. This mod is also used by other Nexus modders to make their costumes, hence it is necessary to download the Full Texture Replacement Tool in order to activate these other modifications.

5. Increase Overall Quality

This hack drastically improves the graphical aspects of the game, made possible by Unreal Engine 4.

Increase Overall Quality improves the visual appearance of your game.

This patch maximises the performance of the graphics hardware when playing Arise. Shadows, lighting, postprocessing, chromatic aberration, ambient occlusion, LOD quality, as well as several other graphic terms, are modified.

Obtain the highest quality Tales of Arise has to offer with the help of this mod. (Arise-SDK, the next modification on the list, is necessary.)



6. Tweaks Of Arise Improves Cutscene & Difficulty Quality

Tweaks of Arise by gladias9 makes some very modest adjustments to enhance the overall aesthetic and mechanical quality of Tales of Arise. As no game is inherently flawless, this is a mod notion used in a variety of video games. There is always room for advancement.

Tweaks of Arise improves the field of view (FOV) in cutscenes and gameplay by repositioning the player’s camera a few steps back. It also modifies the difficulty level and boosts the movement speed of the player character. They may appear little, but their effects may be significant.

They may appear little, but their effects may be significant.


7. Tweaks of Arise

This mod’s name may be adorable, but it carries a punch. They are substantial alterations. Tweaks of Arise is a strong enhancement in quality of life.

This mod enhances the overall Tales experience by altering the game’s mechanics; notable improvements include increased general difficulty and character movement speed. It also offers for more camera movement flexibility.

This mod’s harder foes provide skilled Tales game players with a much-needed difficulty boost. They do greater damage, cast faster, and attack more often, but they have less health.

Three Alternative Shionne Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Colors

Numerous Tales of Arise modifications concentrate on the appearance and attire of the game’s characters. Among these modifications are outfits of characters from franchises other than Tales. The Shionne Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Alternative Colors mod by snipe12 equips Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore with the classic Zero Suit suit of Samus Aran from the Metroid genre.

In addition to the renowned suit itself, the mod offers 10 colour variations for the Zero Suit. This is accomplished in a manner similar to character palette swapping in Super Smash Bros. In this manner, the mod gives even more customization choices for Shionne and enables the user to choose the colour palette for their whole group.

8. Shionne Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Alternative Colors

Even though it placed second-to-last, this mod is an astoundingly amazing piece of effort.

Multiplayer Mod provides Tales of Arise with a custom-made multiplayer mode. Local OR online multiplayer is available for co-op gaming with pals.

We used this modification to connect four controllers to our PC; playing Symphonia and Vesperia feels like old times.

Even if the original game does not support Steam Remote Play, you can still play online with friends by using third-party controller programmes.

It’s ridiculous that you can’t play these games together by default, since they were designed to be played together.

9. Izuku Midoriya’s Outfit For Law Adds MHA Into The Mix

This is an additional outfit modification developed exclusively for the character Law. It adds Izuku Midorya’s (the protagonist of the anime My Hero Academia) hero costume to Law’s wardrobe. Specifically, it substitutes Deku’s hero attire with the Law’s Bureau Uniform. In addition, it intends to mimic the enhanced gloves and boots he acquires later in the series to compensate for his One-for-All abilities.

The Izuku Midoriya’s Outfit for Law modification was created by MrHeathcliff5 and snipe12. In the pictures for this mod, MrHeathcliff5 utilises the Invisible Gauntlets mod by Notrustk and Alfyn to better display Midoriya’s outfit in the game.

10. Multiple Mods Inject Breath Of The Wild Into Tales Of Arise

This is another another outstanding Tales of Arise outfit. The Link & Urbosa Costumes For Alphen And Kisara mod is inspired by Breath of the Wild and provides alternative outfits for Alphen and Kisara. Alphen receives the disguise Link used to infiltrate the Gerudo Village, while Kisara receives Urbosa’s default outfit in Breath of the Wild. Alphen’s Shoreman’s Straw Hat, Ocean Blue Battle Clothes, and Crude Sword have been replaced. Kisara’s Bygone Ponytail (from downloadable content), Decoy Guardsman Armor, and Feathered Shield have been replaced.

Also ideal for Zelda lovers is an extra mod that replaces Alphen’s crude sword with the Master Sword from Breath of the Wild. These two modifications were created by Nexus Mod user Jujub.

11. Standalone Hair Color and Eyes Pack

With Tales of Arise’s new, higher-quality visuals, it seems logical that gamers would want to personalise their party members more than ever before.

This Hair Color and Eyes Pack provides different haircuts and eye colours for each party member.

Mix and combine the hues and patterns until your Arise ensemble is perfect. We cannot adequately convey how beautiful the characters appear with these customised traits.

If we had to choose a favourite, it would be Rinwell’s pink-peach-blonde braids. Fans of Rinwell should keep a look out for our top choice in the mod genre.

12. Arise SDK Is The Foundational Mod For Many Other Additional Mods

The Arise SDK mod created by users emoose and stoker25 is a fundamental mod, similar to those seen in several other video games. It grants players access to the developer console and internals of the engine. This enables other modders to utilise the SDK to independently modify the game.

Additionally, the Arise SDK mod enhances the game in its own right. These include extending the draw distance for non-player characters and raising the render and refresh rates for cut sequences.

13. Simply FOV Options

Simply FOV Options increases the on-screen field of vision by zooming the camera farther back.

This does not make the game simpler per per, but it does seem much more open; this enhances our overall experience by lessening the occasional claustrophobic feeling.

With these new possibilities, traversing cities and tiny passages is more comfortable.

The amount of FOV expansion may be modified.

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