Top 12 Starsector Mods of 2022

Starsector is an easily modifiable game, much like the bulk of open-world games developed by tiny companies.

The main game provides a tonne of activities, as any multi-genre game with an open world should, but because of the thriving community, there is also a tonne of ways to add additional personality to the game.

Below are some of our favorite user-created Starsector modifications.

Best Starsector Modifications

1. Lazy Lib

Every regularly changed game has at least one mod similar to LazyLib. It is the fundamental mod required for the operation of many other modifications.

And this is usually regarded as the easiest mod with which to generate your own modifications. Before attempting anything further, you must first install this.

2. Autosave

How would you feel if I informed you that the Starsector computer game does not even have an auto-save function, after the product’s lengthy promotion?

That would be incredible, right?

When I first played Starsector, I did not notice whether or not there is a vehicle save feature.

I never expected anything like this, to be honest. Autosave is a rather fundamental feature.

Additionally, as you proceed through the game, this issue becomes increasingly irritating.

Each time you stopped working on a goal, you had to start from scratch.

There is no checkpoint WHATSOEVER.

However, since an autosave option was added to this game, things have improved significantly.

This star sector modification allows you to store your progress in two ways:



The automatic save feature indicates that the mod will automatically save your progress whenever it deems it essential.

In contrast, the manual save function will provide you with more control over when you choose to save your work. Additionally, if you neglect to save your progress, this option reminds you to do so immediately.

3. Variation Mosaic

The creators of the indie role-playing game Starsector often release patches to address bugs and other concerns.

When the game receives frequent updates, it becomes more difficult to keep track of all of the changes.

In addition, it would be difficult to determine which update caused which mistake.

Consequently making your sad existence hellish.

Here is when the version checker mod comes to your aid. The Variation Mosaic extension notifies you whenever a new update is offered for download.

Not only can you use the same version checker hack to roll back to the previous version of Starsector Computer Game, but you can also use it to roll forward.

4. Common Radar

Space combat is, to put it kindly, a difficult endeavor. The Common Radar patch adds radar to your battle interface to simplify things.

It is a very primitive radar that performs basic duties such as identifying the location of ships, missiles, and asteroids.

In addition, it highlights goals and indicates the map’s perimeter. It is a very subtle feature of a game, but it may make a significant impact in a intense combat.5.

 5. Lightshow

Weaponry is a crucial aspect of Starsector, although while being functionally different, it all seems aesthetically identical in the game’s present form.

The Lightshow mod corrects this by coloring weapon beams differently.

In addition to providing each combat a little more visual flare, this mod is also a nice visual shorthand.

The hue of each beam indicates its specific form of harm. It is all quite rational and simple to remember, as well: high explosive beams are red, energy beams are blue, EMP beams are turquoise, etc.

It’s a basic adjustment that may be useful in a fierce battle.

6. Terminal Commands

The Console Command mod, which supposedly adds a developer’s console to Starsector, is useful for users who want to make their modifications.

It is accessible through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+backspace. In addition, the package includes instructions for implementing unique commands, which will help you get started with game customization.

7. Uncharted Skies

Because no two maps are identical, randomly generated games like Starsector have a high replay value. Nonetheless, after playing a randomly generated game enough times, it begins to seem somewhat familiar. Despite their varied appearances, all maps use the same data sources.

Modifications such as Unknown Skies are so quite useful. This patch enhances the number of backdrops and planet types by 30, adding a fresh feeling of diversity to the maps. After you’ve completed the base game enough times to get comfortable with it, it’s a terrific way to add extra replayability.

8. Diable Avionics Company

These Starsector Mods are designed specifically for in-game intrigues.

If you would want to know the important difference between this mod and other Starsector Mods not yet included in this listing, please click here. Here is the whole information:

When you begin playing Starsector on your mobile device, you may pick from a variety of accessible intrigues. Each of them has its history and characteristics.

Using the double avionics Company patch now adds a new dimension to the faction and makes the game more engaging.

However, the largest alteration that is readily apparent is the default setting for avionics Companies.

As the name suggests, this group is composed of a ruthless, money-hungry corporation that employs low-tech spacecraft to manipulate everything possible.

Even though there is just one selfish Corporation in this game, it flawlessly fulfills the role of human national politics throughout the game’s Spacefaring era.

9. Collection Development

Starting in this game, you have a variety of ships and weapon systems from which to choose.

However, while dwelling in the Unknown Skies, it becomes quite difficult to predict your future.

This is where the Toolbox growth mode comes to your aid, as it unlocks new ships and weaponry designed to complement the game’s expanding aesthetic.

It’s not that simple. This mod is also useful for keeping the game alive for gamers like yourself. Otherwise, you would inevitably get bored of playing it over time.

10. Combat Chatter

Battle Talk is a mod that causes your ships to emit pertinent chatter during combat, according to their state, and so on.

This is a pretty frequent feature in RPGs and strategic games, however, it is currently absent from Starsector. In addition to being tactically valuable, it is also fantastic for enhancing immersion.

11. Expansion of Arsenal

As Starsector is a simulation of space, players have access to a range of ships and equipment. Similar to Unknown Skies, the Arsenal Expansion mod is great for when the game’s (vast) vanilla material has become a bit too familiar.

This patch includes a vast array of additional ships and weapons that are consistent with the original game’s aesthetic and philosophical issues. This additional material is a terrific way to keep the game interesting while you wait for official updates.

12. Diable Avionics Corporation

These modifications are to the factions of Starsector what Unknown Skies are to its planets and Arsenal Expansion is to its ships. As you’re likely aware, Starsector provides a vast selection of factions, each with its history and traits.

The Diable Avionics Corporation adds a new layer to this list.

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