The 15 Best Fallout 4 Power Armor Mods You Didn’t Know About

Obtaining a suit of Power Armor is the most significant turning point in each Fallout game. It is the point at when a player transforms from a fragile wasteland survival into a lethal trampling machine. In Fallout 4, these intimidating suits are far more sophisticated than in previous instalments, operating more like vehicles than heavy-duty armour. In Fallout 4, one does not merely wear Power Armor; rather, they enter it.

Despite its enhanced durability and technological sophistication, it is not indestructible. It needs ongoing maintenance, care, and improvement, like with any other vehicle. Power Armor can and should be improved wherever feasible. By modifying Power Armor, one may drastically increase its usability and effectiveness to their taste. Thus, generating a mix that complements their own stomping technique.

Christopher Anaya’s 12 November 2021 update of: Fallout 4, like many other Bethesda games, remains relevant years after its release. Being a prominent role-playing game for this length of time implies that there will be numerous modifications. The most important is how players interact with the game’s enormous universe. As a result, attitudes and perspectives about individual game features will shift substantially. As an example, the meta around Power Armor has altered drastically. This alteration causes changes in the most effective Power Armor upgrades. While some entrants have maintained their places, others have plummeted dramatically. In addition, new additions will surface to give a more varied and inclusive selection of Power Armor choices.

1) Enclave X-02 Black Devil Power Armor

The Enclave is one of Fallout’s most renowned groups. Although they may be little more than relics of a bygone era, this faction’s effect on the globe is certainly worthy of praise.

With this mod, users may add one of the faction’s most recognisable kinds of Power Armor to the game. The Black Devil Power Armor is visually stunning and a fun to use.

2) War Machine

In hindsight, it seems obvious that power armour should resemble the Iron Man costume. Even while you won’t be as nimble as the actual Iron Man, the War Machine mod will make you a formidable opponent. Even in the workshop, you may tamper with it and add new skins that will make you appear like Mark 2, Mark 3, or even the Iron Patriot. We believe the suit is a wonderful match for the Fallout universe based on its appearance.

3) Power Armor Animation Changes

The sluggish and cumbersome power armour adds realism and depth to the Fallout 4 universe. However, the very sluggish animation of entering and departing the power armour becomes quite tedious after the fifth time. There is a quicker animation in the game files, but Bethesda opted to restrict its use to battle situations.

This problem is resolved by somberX’s Power Armor Animation Change, which makes the quicker enter and exit animation the default in all situations, including outside of battle. The contrast is as stark as night and day. The vanilla animation for putting on and removing power armour takes around 15 seconds. This modification reduces that time by half, allowing entry and exit in just 7 seconds.

And if that’s not quick enough for you, this mod also offers speedy enter and leave animations. This one sort of warps you through the rear of the armour, thus immersion is sacrificed. I continue to feel that the “Fast” animation is the best option for everyone. It achieves the ideal balance between immersion and quality of life, and is a necessary need for players that wear power armour.

4) FO4 War Tags

While the FO4 War Tags mod does not provide a brand-new power armour, it does add fresh paint jobs that make the existing ones seem brand-new. There are a total of 16 versions, some of them are quite badass, and they are all of the highest quality. The mod also includes 2k and 4k texture options. The increased customization makes utilising power armour a delight, and Bethesda should have included it with the game. Once again, thanks to the modders for correcting their game.

5) P.A.M.S – Power Armor Movement Sounds

If you, like me, are an audiophile, you would find the vanilla movement to sound very deficient. The sound of each stride in your power armour was unimpressive, and you do not feel like the intimidating mobile tank that you are. Fortunately, we have the ideal mod to address this issue. P.A.M.S – Power Armor Movement Sounds by ONIXer is a fantastic small audio mod that transforms the boring sound of your power armour into a more heavier, metallic sound. With each stride, you can clearly feel the force pouring through your ears.

Modifications are available to suit your preferences. PAMS Heavy makes the sound much heavier and more substantial. Light falls midway between vanilla and heavy. I personally like the lighter variant. Occasionally, the hefty version might be a little disturbing to the gameplay. If you like, there are variants that include hydraulics or robotics noises.

6) Excavator Power Armor

At first sight, this seems to be a little less combat-focused and a little more industrial. Despite this, the excavator power armour is still a monstrous badass with the same capabilities as standard power armour. It fits well within the Fallout universe and looks excellent to boot. Applying multiple colour schemes to it may make it seem so military and frightening that you forget it’s an excavator power armour.

7) Power Armor Material AND Paint (PAMAP)

I have no idea what Bethesda was thinking when they chose to place the material and paint adjustments on the same slot. After filling the power armour with the proper material, it should be possible to paint it, logically speaking. Bethesda, we all want to upgrade our power armour without lowering its numbers. What exactly is wrong with that?

Thank goodness, a mod creator named Mcgan shared my frustration. His Power Armor Material AND Paint (PAMAP) modification simply separates the material and paint, assigning each its own slot. You may now wear power armour with a Hot Rod motif without compromising your resistance against explosives. This simple but amazing modification is a must-have for any fan of power armour.

8) NX-6 Avalon

Another Gundam suit of armour, and this one seems even more “Gundamy.” In addition, it is armed with all the armaments one would expect from such a suit of armour, including shoulder missiles, head vulcans, a satellite gun, and an arm beam cannon. It does need the Visible weaponry mod in order to operate correctly, but once you have it, you’re good to go. The armour is unquestionably powerful and best suited for individuals who value “looking badass” the most.

9) Power Armor HoloHUD

The Fallout 4 power armour HUD is peculiar. The HUD is clear (for whatever reason) during the day, but opaque at night. This strange discrepancy is not only irritating and immersion-breaking, but that awful HUD also blocks a substantial portion of the screen. Obviously, some individuals like the look that I appreciate. However, while I’m wearing my power armour, I greatly prefer a HUD that is more compact and organised.

Maximluppov’s Power Armor HoloHUD intends to achieve precisely that. The modification removes the metallic appearance of the HUD and rearranges the numerous dials to make it as compact as possible, allowing for a clearer view of the environment. If you, like me, utilise an immersive HUD in your gaming, then this mod is an excellent addition. I, for one, can no longer play Fallout 4 with the HUD on. You begin to recognise how distracting the HUD may be anytime you want to take in the landscape.

10) Sensor Array

Sensor Array is an upgrade that may be implemented on any Power Armor helmet. It significantly increases one’s Perception stat. Thus improving a plethora of sight-based talents, V.A.T.S. being the most noteworthy. With this enhancement, it is possible to land a higher number of hits with V.A.T.S, increasing total damage.

To get a Sensor Array modification, players must exert considerable effort. It can only be crafted with a Power Armor Station. The components are laborious to acquire while pursuing Science! Rank 3 is problematic. It needs a Level 28 character with a minimum Intelligence of six.

11) Take Your Cores

Remember when your younger brother would grab your 3DS and play it without permission, so you hid all of the game cartridges to prevent him from playing anything on it? Yes, neither do I

Nevertheless, someone has modified this circumstance. Take Your Cores, a mod created by darkconsole, enables you to automatically collect the fusion core used after removing your power armour. This mod is not only handy, but it also prohibits NPCs and settlers from donning your power armour without permission, which is a frustrating design decision in and of itself. Consider installing this mod if you don’t want random settlers grabbing your pricey toys and playing with them without your consent.

12) Core Assembly

The Core Assembly upgrade may be applied to any Power Armor Torso. It increases the rate at which the player’s Action Points are refreshed, enabling them to recover more quickly. This adjustment is quite beneficial for character builds that are particularly tough. Nonetheless, practically every player may profit from the large Action Point refresh speed increase.

There are three potential ways to gain a Core Assembly modification, each of which is difficult in its own way. It was readily available for purchase from the Atom Cats, particularly Rowdy. Aside from that, players must create it utilising components and Science! Rank 3. Therefore, players must obtain a minimum Intelligence of six and Level 28. While these tactics are viable, Lancer Captain Kells nearly always rewards gamers with a T-60 version.

13) No Aggro Impact Landing (Power Armor)

The wearer of power armour is essentially a walking tank. Your every stride means doom for your opponents. No one in their right mind would ever attack you, unless you fall from a two-foot cliff while wearing power armour.

The mm137 mod is a blessing. Certainly, realism is essential, but it becomes quite frustrating when the whole population of Diamond City opens fire on you because you accidentally triggered a magnitude 6 earthquake in the midst of the city. This mod eliminates aggro from non-hostile NPCs upon falling from a little too high ledge. This mod enables you to parkour across the city like a tank on red bull.

14) Emergency Protocols

Emergency Protocols is a modification that may be applied to any Torso-style Power Armor. It provides players a variety of effects designed to lengthen their lives and improve their chances of survival. This alteration may look unimpressive in comparison, yet it may drastically alter the result of otherwise hopeless conflicts. Thus demonstrating that it is a useful enhancement for practically every set of Power Armor.

The Emergency Protocols modification is very tough to get. It can only be crafted with a Power Armor Station. In addition to acquiring rare materials, one needs obtain the Science! Rank 4 bonus as well. First, players must achieve Level 41, which requires much time and effort. Then they must ensure that their Intelligence is at least six.

15) The Brotherhood Power Armor Drop Team

What could be more awesome than power armour? How about your fellow brothers airdropping you your power armour so you may begin unleashing havoc on the freakshows of the Commonwealth? Victory to the Romans! If you’re playing a power armour AND Brother of Steel game, this mod by EdmondNoir is one of the finest available. Imagine you are engaged in a gunfight with a bunch of supermutants who are about to overpower you. Simply summon a power armour and the tides will flip in an instant!

In all seriousness, this mod is ideal since moving about in your power armour is sluggish, laborious, and depletes fusion cores. I mostly play in Survival mode, therefore this is a major issue for me. Thankfully, this mod resolves all of these difficulties and increases my affection for the Brotherhood. (Also, you do not need to support the Brotherhood in order to use this mod. More information is available on the Nexus website.

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