15 Best Car Mechanic Simulator 2022 Mods

Players get access to more than 4,000 different components in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, which allows them to fix and restore various automobiles. After being fixed or restored, these automobiles may be put up for sale to bring in more money, or the owners might choose to keep them as part of their garage collection. One of the best solution to most problem is Live Streaming Sydney these days because of their quality services.

As they progress through the game, they will notice that several of the game’s features and mechanics are static. For example, the names of the cars in the game are not the same as the cars’ names in real life, and the list of engines that are capable of being swapped out in the vehicles is also static.

Players get access to more than 4,000 different components in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, which allows them to fix and restore various automobiles. After being fixed or restored, these automobiles may be put up for sale to bring in more money, or the owners might choose to keep them as part of their garage collection. As they progress through the game, they will notice that several of the game’s features and mechanics are static. For example, the names of the cars in the game are not the same as the cars’ names in real life, and the list of engines that are capable of being swapped out in the vehicles is also static.

Due to the laborious effort of clicking several tabs in the pie menu, certain others, such as the Engine Stand, need to be altered in order to make them more user-friendly and simple. In some circumstances, gamers have expressed their desire to Car Mechanic Simulator’s creator, Red Dot Games, for more automobiles that are capable of being repaired or restored. The good news is that these issues will, luckily, be resolved with the assistance of Mods. Downloading and applying these changes to the game, which were mostly created and tinkered with by fans of the real-life auto mechanic simulation, may make their experience a simpler and even more entertaining gaming overall. These modifications were primarily produced by enthusiasts of the game.

Since CMS 2021 has been available for quite some time, many of the game’s followers have already reached the pinnacle of their virtual mechanic careers. This well-liked grease monkey simulator may tremendously benefit from having some fresh life breathed into it via the use of mods. So, without further ado, here is our list of CMS 2021 modifications that you really must try out!


1) Pretty Plates

If you don’t give a hoot about reality or authenticity, you’re going to really like Pretty Plates by TrueDeviL. The collection has 35 amazing plates that range from really badass to laughably absurd. There are plates depicting lighthouses, tigers, and, of course, cats, which are the most popular image on the internet.

These are wonderful for highlighting the unique personality of the driver. If you design a vehicle that is worthy of the Tiger King himself, you have no choice but to get a licence plate in the shape of a tiger. When your role model for becoming an auto mechanic is Xzibit from Pimp My Ride, you start to take an interest in things of this kind.


2) Allowed Places Utility

As you are aware, depending on how rare they are and how much money they cost, various automobiles may be located in various locations. To put it another way, you won’t discover an Echos Cobra Venom in the Junkyard very often, but you’ll have a good chance of coming across one in the Salon.

The Allowed Places Utility provided by Curs0r allows you to adjust the settings of any automobile in the game, therefore increasing (or reducing) the list of locations at which they may be discovered. You may locate a Morena Bizzarini Spettacolo in the Junkyard or a Rino Piccolo ECOTEC in the Barn if you search for them in this manner. You are also free to add any vehicle of your choosing to the Salon.



3) The QuickShop 

Players often go out and purchase the automobile components that they will need for usage in the virtual environment. On the other hand, this technique is laborious since the person using it must go from the computer to the Engine Stand or Car Lift and back again.

On the other hand, multiple gamers collaborated to create the QuickShop mod. This modification will, as stated in its description, make it possible for players to purchase the aforementioned components without having to exit the Parts Overview and Parts Unmount/Mount modes and return to the computer. This modification will also make it far quicker to replace rusty, old components with brand-new ones.


4) Emden Jager Harlequin Homage

Any person who is a lover of cars from the 1980s should already be aware that the Emden Jager from CMS 2021 is based on the second generation of the Volkswagen Golf, which was released in 1983 and was a huge commercial success. The Harlequin special edition, which is based on a Volkswagen Beetle advertisement from the 1960s, is my favourite rendition of this legendary automobile.

As was the case with the Beetle, the Golf included a number of components that could be swapped out with relative ease. As a result, officials at Volkswagen came up with a brilliant marketing strategy that involved mixing and combining colours to create an outrageous Golf. They were completely unprepared for how successful The Harlequin would turn out to be in the end. Everyone desired to own one of them, and now, as a result of the efforts of modder Johnny Stecchino, you have the opportunity to do so in CMS 2021.


5) The Authentic Car Names

Authentic Car Names is often a mod that users download for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, and it is one of the modifications that are available. The aforementioned mod, according to its description on Nexusmods.com, will transform the fictitious names of the automobiles that are already loaded in the game into their real-world equivalents.

The reason why people usually download this mod is because players want to have the true experience of mending a real-life automobile while playing a video game, particularly in a simulator. This is especially the case when the game is a simulator.

However, this name altering patch is not compatible with other vehicles in the game, including those that were obtained via the game’s downloadable content (DLC) car packs or through downloadable car modifications.


6) Immersion Brands Pack – Grunge Edition

When you work as a vehicle mechanic, your garage essentially serves as a second home. You’ll eat and sleep there occasionally, and even if you didn’t, you’d still be working on fixing cars for at least eight hours every day, even if you didn’t eat and sleep there. One of the best ways to make your CMS 2021 garage uniquely yours is to personalise the structure by decorating it with the brands and accessories of your choice, both on the outside and the inside.

The Immersion Brands Pack – Grunge Edition is the way to go if you are the kind of person who like to listen to well-known bands and isn’t bothered by the presence of a little bit of rust. You may also buy the non-grunge version if you want a version that is a little bit cleaner.


7) AutoRepairBench

Players of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 have access to various locations within the garage, such as the Repair Table and the Brake Disk Latherer, at which they can perform repairs on multiple vehicle components so that they can continue to be utilised in the repair or restoration project they are working on. This is a more cost-effective option than purchasing brand new ones. However, gamers desire to bypass the procedure of either playing a minigame in order to repair a component or lathing the brake discs. Both of these processes are required in order to fix a part.

The AutoRepairBench patch will make the process of fixing the aforementioned components far more efficient. The description of this modification states that it will add a hotkey to the game that, when pressed, will restore all of the damaged pieces, as well as lathing the brake discs and balancing the wheels. The aforementioned mod will simplify the process of repairing and collecting repaired parts even quicker. Additionally, it will be able to demolish some components that are unable of being fixed and will be able to upgrade several components to 3-Star ones.


8) Japan Garage

If you find yourself working on “Hinata” and “Katagiri” cars on a regular basis, you are going to really love the Japan Garage mod that was created by Tenshi. This expansion pack will completely revamp your garage, transforming it into a haven for gearheads where all of the brand names are Japanese and the colour scheme is reworked to focus mostly on red, black, and white.

Finally, you will be able to work as a licenced service professional for Mitsubishi, Honda, or Toyota, and you will be able to do it while looking absolutely wonderful. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in Japanese products, you should definitely give serious thought to renovating your garage in this tidy and appealing way.


9) The Engine Swap

The fact that every vehicle in the game has the same engine swap option causes players to get fatigued, particularly when it comes to the customization of their repaired vehicles. Nevertheless, the Engine Swap mod is able to resolve this issue. This modification, after it has been downloaded, will provide players the ability to transfer any sort of engine into any automobile they desire, even those from the downloadable content car packs.

The aforementioned modification is not yet complete since there are instances in which it does not function. Additionally, in the event that the modification will work on the majority of vehicles, the engine will need to be rotated in order for it to be able to fit under the hood.


10) Speedy Tofu Delivery

Because of the street racing manga and anime series Initial D, which was drawn by Shuichi Shigeno and became popular in Western nations in the early 2000s, I became interested in automobiles for the first time. It was amazing to see the main character, Takumi Fujiwara, push the boundaries of his tofu delivery vehicle by drifting against other automobiles that were far more costly and extensively tuned.

You will be able to customise Takumi’s 1983 Toyota AE86 with the same panda paint job and tofu store stickers, all thanks to a modder by the name of French Toast. The “Hachi-Roku” is an item that every anime enthusiast should have in their collection.


11) The Engine Stand

To begin, the best method for installing components in the engine is to rotate it while it is supported by the Engine Stand. However, this approach will require tonnes of clicks in the pie menu. The Engine Stand mod may solve this issue. With this mod, players may now rotate the engine with press of a button instead of a click of the mouse.

Aside from the mentioned feature, the said patch will also enable player to purchase various missing components of the engine directly straight to the Engine Stand instead of going to the computer. This feature may be accessible if the engine block or the pre-assembled engine is in the stand itself.


12) Scooby-Doo Van

Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine is another legendary vehicle from animation that can’t be missed from your CMS 2021 collection. This custom livery by Jhonatan Saibel is practically a 1:1 recreation of the original as seen on the iconic Saturday morning programme.

The inside is decorated with characters from the show, including all the “meddling kids”, Scooby, and several well-known villains from the series. Any mechanic who’s still in touch with their inner child will appreciate a chance to work on such a beautiful machine.


13) Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria is well-known by audiences worldwide as the staple police and taxi car in every classic American TV-show and film. This custom add-on by Payne includes everything you need to turn the average Crown Victoria into an old-school NYC taxi or NYPD vehicle. It also contains the liveries to make it a State Trooper vehicle from Pennsylvania.

The large body and prominent front and rear bumpers give it an imposing look. I definitely wouldn’t want to be rammed by one of these during a high-speed chase – but I’d love to fix one after that!


14) Remote Control Lifts

Car Mechanic Simulator chooses realism in some areas and entirely foregoes it in others. This is a world where you can hit a button and rusty car parts will be instantly renewed with some futuristic laser tech – and yet, you still need to walk over to the car elevator and push a button for it to work.

Well, not anymore! This fantastic mod by Tyler Thrailkill takes us into the future with a handy remote control. You can push a button from anywheree in the garage and have the car lifted. Neat!


15) License Plate Frames

We need to face it: licence plates are not the best accessory. They might be necessary, but they take away from a car’s beauty. They can get deformed with time or start rusting away, and it’s not like you can just go to the shop and get a new one.

A good frame is something you can get at a store that can help make your licence plate a little better. This mod by Fitiales adds an extensive collection of frames to give your licence plate a personalised look. You can choose something sober for a refined look or one of the funnier ones to express your individuality.

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