14 New Battlefront 2 Mods

Battlefront 2022 is a new modification that aims to give the game a fresh lease of life two years after its support ended.

Battlefront 2’s support was discontinued in 2020 so that developer DICE could devote more resources on Battlefield 2042, but fans were not finished. Players anticipated a future hinted at by leaked voice lines, tantalising promises, and developer statements that never materialised, but with the release of Battlefront 2022, modders are bringing it to life themselves.

This new mod began as two independent projects, but they ultimately merged to create something much, much bigger. It is directed by PianoBoy1764 and this guy446, and adds 25 new characters with new models, weapons, and skills, along with improved AI pathfinding, a revised UI, and additional reinforcements. Not yet complete. Two years after Battlefront 2’s conclusion, the two want to continue updating the mod, giving it a fresh lease of life.

Battlefront 2022 allows you to play as the Jedi Temple Guard, the Magnaguard, the Alderaan Honour Guard, or the Riot Troopers. They are a new class of reinforcement similar to Aerial, Enforcer, and Infiltrator, specialising in melee combat and brandishing double-sided yellow lightsabers like the Jedi Temple Guard. As for heroes and villains, you can now assume the roles of Mace Windu, Captain Rex, Cad Bane, Bo-Katan Kryze, Asajj Ventress, Commander Cody, Crosshair, Hunter, Jango Fett, Wrecker, Second Sister, Sabine Wren, IG-88, Din Djarin, Darth Sidious (with a red lightsaber), Moff Gideon, Nien Nunb, Greedo, Jyn Ers

How to get and use these modifications

Nexusmods is the simplest and most complete source for the Battlefront 2 modifications mentioned here, as well as the majority of PC games in general. If you have never modified a game before, this site makes the procedure very easy. Downloading the Frosty Mod Manager will allow you to load all downloaded modifications into the game itself. Create a folder within the Battlefront 2 game directory and name it Frosty or FrostyMods so that you can locate it after the Frosty mod has been downloaded. Extract the contents of the zip file you just downloaded into the game’s folder.

Next, you will choose the mod you like to download manually and then choose the mod you wish to install. Once the download is complete, save it to your desktop for easy access and launch Frosty Mod Manager. Utilize the Import Mod button in the toolbar and choose the mod to import. The mod’s checkbox will now display in the Applied Mods list. Here, you may enable or disable all of the modules you’ve downloaded. That concludes the matter!

And for those of you who may be worried, EA has indicated on its forums that modifications in Battlefront 2 that are purely decorative or do not affect the game’s functionality should not result in bans. You still agree to the game’s terms of service when you start the game, which gives them the power to ban you for any alterations. Few individuals, if any, have reported getting banned for using any of these modifications, which is a blessing.

1. BetterSabers X

A Star Wars film without lightsabers is not a Star Wars film. BetterSabers X reworks the whole lightsaber sequence in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and is considered the best mod for the game.

When the mod is activated, all lightsabers will have the same tip, the colours will be more uniform, and the motion trails will be a little shorter.

In addition, the lights are vibrant and bright, delivering an impactful experience during battle. Check it out, as it is rather wonderful.

2. Grogu Mod

Did you anticipate that we would exclude this? Grogu mod is everyone’s favourite character, particularly after having been featured in countless of memes.

This modification replaces BB-8 with a newborn Yoda. For lovers of baby Yoda, the Grogu mod’s sound effects and customised user interface provide the ideal experience.

It’s no longer just a meme; it’s a new playable character, and it’s our favourite.

3. AI Arcade Overhaul

This is a substantial enhancement to the game’s AI characters that allows for more gameplay flexibility and more intelligent opponents. Among the enhancements are running for AI foes, improved crash avoidance in dogfights, and the option for AI to equip any of the available starcard upgrades.

In addition, it offers a 25 vs. 25 option for arcade mode and enables players to fully modify the loadouts of both human and AI characters. The Nexus user krazivan777 has provided us with this fantastic and detailed arcade modification.

4. Splitscreen

This hack is as easy as its name indicates; it restores split-screen functionality to the PC version of Battlefront II. Despite being a feature in console adaptations of the game, it is not available in the PC version. Nonetheless, Nexus mod users Otherbenji and CadeVsGaming have corrected this oversight.

Playing split-screen with your friends was a much-loved feature of the original Battlefront games, and many players understandably want it back in the newer games. Thanks to these two modders, splitscreen is available once more.

5. Instant Action Improvements

The Instant Action Improvements mod is a vast and comprehensive upgrade to the Instant Action system in Star Wars: Battlefront II by Mophead, Cade, and a multitude of other modders.

This is a large modification project that addresses everything from aesthetics to skins to gameplay mechanics to menu rearrangement to new playable classes. This mod is a behemoth that significantly enhances your Battlefront II experience and demonstrates an astounding amount of dedication and hard work on the part of the development team.

6. Pink Darth Vader, Battle Damaged Vader

Once EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen was quoted as saying, “You probably don’t want Darth Vader in pink. The fact that he stated, “No offence to pink, but I don’t think that’s in keeping with the canon,” ensured the creation of this modification. The Pink Vader mod is more of a statement than anything else, demonstrating that Star Wars does not always need to be taken seriously. On the other hand, despite the fact that we are viewing Vader in new ways, the Battle Damaged Vader skin makes him more menacing than ever. You can see portions of his scarred, burned, and robotic skin through rips in his suit, as well as his disfigured and discoloured face and head, depending on the variant you select. It’s essentially the polar opposite of Pink Vader, although none of these skins would ever be considered for an official release.

7. Baby Yoda

New content for Battlefront 2 may be complete, but new Star Wars content that fans want to play with is still being added. As an illustration, we already have a mod that replaces BB-8 with a model of Baby Yoda or Grogu. Nonetheless, this is not merely a model swap. BB-9 has the same moveset and abilities as BB-8 to comply with the cosmetic-only “rule” and remain safe, but that didn’t stop the creator from creating new sound effects and a custom portrait. Move over, BB-8; a new adorable mascot has arrived.

8. Darth Malgus

This mod by Deggial Nox replaces Darth Vader’s skin with that of Darth Malgus, bringing the Sith Lord Darth Malgus to the battlefield in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The cybernetic components, cloth textures, and animations of this mod have also been tailored to Darth Malgus as opposed to Darth Vader.

9. The Mandalorian

This mod is a cooperative effort by Dulana57, AlexPo21, and a few other Nexus Mod users to add the renowned Mandalorian Din Djarin to Star Wars: Battlefront II. This character is entirely unique and possesses abilities that distinguish him from other heroes in the game. This mod changes the position occupied by Han Solo in the game.

Djarin’s special abilities include the use of his Beskar spear, flamethrower, Whistling Birds, and pulse rifle. In addition, assault-class characters in the game may equip the pulse rifle with its associated ability.

10. Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jinn

Why not go back to the prequels if we’re talking about characters that never made it into the game? Yes, there are many reasons to forget the prequels, but Mace Windu and Qui Gon Jinn are not among them. Who wouldn’t want to play as the only Jedi to receive a purple lightsaber? Finally, you can slash through stormtroopers as Samuel L. Jackson himself, replacing your Obi-Wan character. Alternatively, you may prefer Liam Neeson. If you believe that Qui Gon Jinn did not receive the representation he deserved after Episode I, bring him back in Battlefront 2 to replace your Luke character model. Now you have the ability to rewrite history and rematch Qui-Gon and Darth Maul.

11. Jedi Leia

Leia is technically present in Battlefront 2, but not in the Jedi form we saw a hint of in the last film. Rey is essentially the only female force-user on the Jedi roster, so the addition of more women would be very welcome. In addition, shouldn’t Leia have her moment in the spotlight? Sure, she’s deadly with her blaster, but she’s just as powerful in the force as Luke, and with this mod, she can wield a lightsaber with the best of them.

12. Poet’s Captain Rex

Star Wars is renowned for the plethora of skins and mods that allow the game’s appearance to change. This is fantastic for those who enjoy a new environment each time they play the game.

Captain Rex, introduced by Poet, replaces the arc trooper on the battlefield.

The 4K resolution of the textures and the realism of the captain’s facial features create an immersive experience during combat.

13. Crimson Dawn Darth Maul

Many players believe that there are a dearth of exceptional maul skins. However, we beg to disagree.

The bloodred sunrise With legs and a lightsaber, Darth Maul resembles Solo’s Maul.

Multiplayer mode and the absence of custom meshes are the best features of this modification.

The mod will make you feel ecstatic as you hover over your enemies, or in this case, your victims.

The tall blood-red dawn Darth Maul is one of the best skin upgrades in the game, and wearing it will give you a sense of superiority.

14. Deggial’s Jango Fett 2020

Jango Fett 2020 by deggial is the best Jango Fett skin available.

Not only does the mod replace Boba Fett with Jango Fett, it also changes the text name and font to Jango Fett.

This skin mod creates an immersive experience by providing the player with a new look and personality. It is the best Jango Fett skin in the game, so take our word for it.

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