10 Best Cosmoteer Mods you should install now

The video game Cosmoteer combines elements of simulation, space combat, and the creation of starships. Create a fleet of ships by first putting up the various chambers and passageways, including guns, lasers, shields, and thrusters in each. Fight other starships to gain bounties, then spend those rewards on expanding your own vessel with the money you’ve earned. Every design choice becomes crucial and intriguing when you include in dynamic elements like a crew and a fight simulation.

A List of the Best Cosmoteer Mods

When modding Cosmoteer, it’s all about making your unique pieces and giving you greater control over the gameplay.

1. Warhammer 40k!

Another massive crossover between the Cosmoteer universe and other fantasy realms; this time, the Warhammer 40,000 universe will be included in the game.

This modification was developed to bring honor to the Emperor while wreaking havoc and causing devastation to each and everyone who stands in his path as a pillar of humanity.

The incredible weapons and ships that may be crafted with the help of this bundle are sure to wow.

The quad laser and macro repeater turrets are two of the most innovative custom components that can be purchased easily online.

2. Star Wars: A Cosmos Divided

This mod was created with a lot of care and creativity, and it brings together the Cosmoteer and Star Wars universes. Because Cosmoteer already has a Star Wars vibe, this effectively makes it an unauthorized Star Wars game.

The expansion pack A Cosmos Divided comes equipped with the laser system from the Death Star, new anti-ship ion pulse guns, and a slew of other offensive and defensive technology that players may recognize from the legendary movies.

Construct an X-Wing, an imperial fighter, a Death Star, or a potentially lethal combo of all three. In the sandbox mode of Cosmoteer, the possibilities for what you may create with the Star Wars components are almost endless.

Despite the fact that it requires a significant amount of effort to construct and maintain, the Superlaser that comes with this bundle is one of our favourites to use.

The meticulous construction of the weapon as well as the technique that must be followed provide the impression that you are engaged in significant and vital work in space, which you are.

3. Galactic Allegiance Mod

This is the first mod on your list that focuses heavily on the Cosmoteer mythos.

The novel Galactic Allegiance presents a universe with two primary groups, the Alliance and the Federation, as well as the conflict that exists between the two of them.

In addition to the two minor factions of the NRDF and the Union, the player is presented with a fresh potential for success and intrigue in space.

This user-created story, mythology, and item series deserves acclaim for its quality. Even though we are big fans of the branded modifications for Cosmoteer, we can’t help but feel that this one is extra unique since it was created by the ingenuity and hard work of a fellow player.

A genuine Commander and an example to all of the other players of Cosmoteer out there in the world.

4. Yare’s Mods

The collection of five modifications known as Yare’s Changes was crafted by a single developer and includes new components, facilities, and ships in addition to mods that improve quality of life and accessibility.

This pack includes Yare’s Reactors, Engine Rooms, Thrusters, and Shields, in addition to the Vantablack Accessibility modification. A practical single download for all necessary updates.

5. Speedset

Players that have access to a greater variety of activities will benefit greatly from using the Speedset mod. Any modification to a game that shortens the amount of obligatory downtime will be very popular.

The players have the ability to change the pace of the game, either speeding it up by 1000% or slowing it down by 95%. The slower speeds are beneficial for beginner players since it allows them more time to consider their options and make decisions.

On the other hand, a more experienced player has the ability to rush through the lull that often occurs in between significant choices.

6. Bounty Hunter Ship Adder

The Bounty Hunter Ship Adder mod allows you to include your ships into the game of Bounty Hunter.

The main game of Bounty Hunter is enjoyable, but the ability to insert your own ships directly into the action makes it a lot more user-friendly than having to choose or create new ships after each round.

Bounty Hunter is a game that may be played either with artificial intelligence or with other people. Using this modification while connected to the internet is not advised. If someone discovers your behaviour, they could report you.

However, the majority of online gamers seem to be cool. Alongside the official release of Cosmoteer on Steam will come to a single-player Bounty Hunter campaign. This release is scheduled to take place soon.

7. Star Forge Utilities

One of the most recently updated versions of a Cosmoteer mod that can be found on the internet is SF Utilities.

This collection includes elements that may be used for various ship support services. For the purpose of enhancing the construction of players’ ships, extra crew cabins, docking places, landing pads, corridor sections, and other components have been included.

The image of space travel is finished when SF Utilities is added to it together with the downloadable weapons that are specified on this list.

The previous packs may be larger and showier, but this one is still highly helpful despite its smaller size and lack of flashiness.

8. Additional Weapons Mod

Additional Weapons is a small expansion pack that adds 17 additional pieces to the base game of Cosmoteer. All of these new additions have been carefully calibrated to work together. Players of Cosmoteer will never stop asking for more pieces.

We adore the shield projectors from this set in particular. The very little aspect of how their visual appearance changes after taking an injury have a significant impact on the overall presentation.

To become an expert at Cosmoteer and a genuine Starship Architect, one of the keys to success is to amass a large stockpile of different components that can be accessed at any time. Versatility is the name of the game.

9. The TinyBits Mod

This modification adds a substantial number of additional components to the game. If you don’t end up downloading any other modifications as you get started on your trip, this one should be the first one you get.

TinyBits is a collection of user-created components created by the modder Gray. Custom weapons are available, such as the TinyBits flamethrower, different canons, booms, missiles, miners, and the list continues on and on.

When we take into account how helpful these weapons are, the colourful effects that many of them produce are charming and whimsical; this is a delightful little bonus that comes as a result.

10. Competitive Graphics

It’s possible that games are more about how visually appealing they are, but sometimes they put a premium on how well you play. This exploit is the equivalent, in the digital world, of an Olympic swimmer shaving their head in order to improve their speed.

The processes that are used to generate the game’s presentation have been reworked by Competitive Graphics in order to improve the speed and accessibility of inspecting the state of objects inside the game.

Because there are fewer unnecessary visual aspects and effects, elite players are able to make decisions on building and strategy without being distracted and at a quicker pace.


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