Entrance in Murree outlawed for another week


In the recent times, winter wave has hit Murree with great intensity, and it took place after ages. This year on 7 January 2022 Murree was recorded with 8.5 inches of snow which was the result of natural Disaster. This snowstorm became a source of death for tons of people including kids and young ones with their families. 

The other reason for tourists’ death was the decreases in temperature for about -8oC. due to this incident government has had banned the tourist activities in Murree for about 6 days then later it was further extended till 17th January 2022. 

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Time before Snowstorm 

thousands of people from several other areas of Pakistan had travelled to the upper areas of Murree, just to witness the charm of snowfall, right before the time incident was about to take place. As a result of the snowfall, so many vehicles were trapped on the roads, and majority of tourists had to spend the night on the jam-packed road. 

whereas clock began it’s ticking for the disaster and on Tuesday night Snowfall began & it lasted throughout the week, attracting a large number of tourists. Also, Murree is a very popular place among the tourists and citizens of Pakistan especially in winter seasons. 

Restrictions after Natural Disaster in Murree

Following the Murree tragedy, the Punjab government forbidden tourists from entering the town except for its locals by erecting a roadblocks strategy. After 1 week, the district administration granted tourists a very conditional permission for the Murree after January 17. 

However, 8000 vehicles were permitted to enter the hilly station, and short time rule was implemented on the entry timing which said from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. entry in Murree will be prohibited.; moreover, locals and armored cars, including those from Azad Kashmir, will be exempt from this restriction.

on the first day almost nine hundred vehicles entered the Murree, according to traffic police records. A record of tourist vehicles entering and exiting Murree areas were also kept under the radar. District administration allowed the tourists entry from main entry point of the district.

Well, on the other hands, Hotels have increased their rents due to the customer shortage because of snowstorm disaster. 

Precautionary measures after the disastrous event 

Due to the disastrous situation the PDMA of Punjab had issued a warning about expected snowfall and heavy rainfall in the areas of Murree and other regions of districts throughout the province from 11th till 13th January morning, the PDMA Punjab had also released an alert warning for Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Gujrat, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Lahore. PDMA orders were issued for the preventive measures so that disaster could be avoided.

alongside with PDMA alerts the MET Office has also issued a forecast for the next few days so people would take precautionary measures in such weather. Motorists have been advised to contact the NHMP helpline 130 for travel advices on roadways & major highways across the country.  

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