The Top 19 Best Bannerlord Mods

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord modifications have already surfaced by the thousands, allowing you additional options to tweak and personalise your experience in the Early Access mediaeval sandbox RPG.

Below you’ll discover the greatest Bannerlord modifications we’ve seen thus far. Some adjust and alter the gameplay, some enhance the aesthetic of the environment or characters, and one adds a developer console to Bannerlord so you can quickly enter instructions. Have you ever wished Bannerlord had dismemberment? Modders have you covered.

Remember to read each mod’s page completely—there may be unique installation instructions, and some modifications need you to start a new campaign before they will function. Back up your data and saved games, and remember that upgrades to Bannerlord, which is currently in Early Access, may prohibit certain mods from operating in the future. We’ll be updating this list as new modifications arrive.

1) True Battle Loot

If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with mundane treasure drops on the battlefield, True Battle Loot was designed to rectify the situation. The loot drop now has a more realistic appearance, with restricted overall loot and a more equitable distribution of loot across your squads and warriors.

As a commander, you may now choose how often you comb the battlefield for treasure, how much loot is allocated to your soldiers and friends, and even who receives loot.

2) FireLord

FireLord grants you one of the greatest innovations of the Middle Ages: fire arrows (and swords)! This patch allows you to alter the characteristics of ranged units such that a portion of their projectiles are on fire. When these burning weapons strike soldiers, they have the potential to set them on fire. It increases the lethality of missiles and, more crucially, improves the visual quality of the game, particularly during night sieges. You may also get a sword that has the same effect when used to strike individuals.

3) Fighting Together Relationship

Through combined battles and sieges, the Fighting Together connection offers fresh possibilities to develop or deteriorate relationships with other lords and clans.

Numerous fatalities of friendly troops throughout the conflict will significantly damage the commander’s reputation, however a decisive win over the enemy with few losses would increase the degree of respect amongst allies.

4) Caravans Give Trade XP

This mod seems little until you know what Bannerlord’s trade system can achieve. This mod makes it so that your caravans passively exchange experience, which would normally require three aeons and at least a million journeys between towns. The last perk in the trading tree (currently at level 300 in trade) enables you to purchase and sell fiefs. You may play God by purchasing your way to victory.

5) Diplomacy

Not all confrontations must be settled by the use of fire and blood. Diplomacy’s purpose is to create well-balanced, engaging, and imaginative methods for players and NPCs to influence the globe.

Diplomacy adds legitimacy to the world while giving the player the option to shape it with the addition of non-aggression pacts, alliances, feudal claims, civil conflict, and other aspects.

6) Telepathy

Telepathy removes Bannerlord’s second most unpleasant grind. To finish the primary mission, you must speak with more than ten lords who are dispersed over the landscape and continually moving. It may take an entire year in-game to go to them, speak with them, and then move on to the next one. Telepathy is only a telephone; you pick a lord in the encyclopaedia, click on them, and they appear as if they were standing right in front of you, and you may speak with them.

7) Developer Console

Sometimes, after a hard day at work, cheating in a video game is just what the doctor ordered. This mod grants you full access to the Bannerlord developer console, allowing you to do acts such as granting yourself an army of tier 5 berserkers, granting yourself an entire nation’s territory because one lord dared to fight you, or making you the wealthiest and most intelligent man in history. It’s fantastic if you want to produce videos since you can customise your setup for the material.

8) RTS Camera

Bannerlord’s RTS Camera is a visual addon that adds more cameras and warfare features. It does this by introducing a new camera option that allows you to direct and watch action from an above perspective, similar to a real-time strategy game.

The feature is accessible even after the conflict has concluded. Combat may be delayed or sped up as a bonus. Compatibility with the Realistic Battle Mod is complete. It neither reads nor writes game save data. The installation or removal of this mod has no effect on your saved game. So that you may use it without fear of corrupting your saved information.

9) Swadian Armory

The Swadian Armory mod collection is the repository of an independent Bannerlord player’s 3D-modeled armour creations. Download your own collection of Swadian Armor.

There’s no reason why we can’t have both elegance and glory on the battlefields, since many of the items seem to be of excellent quality. Every game’s actual conclusion consists of cosmetic accomplishments. If cosmetic modifications are your thing, there are plenty of others available.

10) Open Source Armory

Open Source Armory is one of the greatest Bannerlord armour modifications you can add to your game. It fulfils all of your armour demands.

Included in the extensive mod collection are over 830 new unique armors, 40 shields, 14 flags, and 17 weapons. Even horses are not forgotten, as the author has designed twenty unique pieces of armour for warhorses.

11) Cultured Start

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord’s character creation system was decent, but additional customization choices are always welcome in games like this.

Here you may get the Cultured Start mod for Bannerlord. Cultured Start alters the system so that you have more options when creating your character, specifying more exactly how your journey in Calradia will begin. You may choose your beginning groups, civilizations, and locales; the options are almost limitless.

12) Bandit Militias

In this version, if you are not cautious, disaster lurks around every corner. Bandit groups will band together under the direction of commanders and gradually gain levels and numbers until they can defeat even the most formidable armies. This adds a new level of risk and complexity to the game, and it may be very beneficial or devastating in times of conflict. Overall, it adds some enjoyable diversity to the game!

13) Dawn of an Empire

There are no more ambitious mods than this one. This mod’s developers plan for it to act as a foundation for future expansion-level story and gameplay content.

With custom factions, the Eagle Rising team transports us to a new era of Calraic antiquity (the start of our beloved empire) so that we may explore and enjoy its rich narrative. You may join a Discord server to get information about upcoming upgrades. Multiple new groups are being prepared.

14) Realistic Battle Mod

The Realistic Battle mod is one of the greatest Bannerlord gameplay modifications, and it accomplishes exactly what its name implies. It makes fighting more realistic by reconfiguring armour and damage according to experimental data based on real-world conditions.

Weapons will attack quicker, units will parry and block much more, projectile injuries will be based on kinetic energy, and ranged weapons will simulate impact and projectile weight. In addition, AI tactics have been improved, making the game even more hard.

15) Kaose’s Parties Sizes

This mod allows the customization of party sizes for all factions. You may create thousand-strong looter swarms or weak Vlandia troops. You may configure spawn rates for all party types, including caravans and villagers. You can accomplish so much with this mod, particularly in combination with Calradia Expanded Kingdoms, which will be discussed later in this list.

16) Bannerlord Tweaks

As indicated before, the game is currently in its early access phase and needs significant adjustments.

Bannerlord Tweaks is a collection of in-game adjustments designed to improve balance and reduce drudgery in Bannerlord. All of these modifications are adjustable through the in-game settings menu and may be disabled if desired.

17) Screamermaster

If you truly want to immerse yourself in Bannerlord, this mod allows you to use your own voice to issue orders to your soldiers. Using the VoiceAttack speech recognition feature, you may lead your soldiers by shouting through a microphone. VoiceAttack’s free edition provides you with 20 commands, while the premium edition offers you 50.

18) More Troops 

This mod offers a complete redesign of every faction’s army, even those of smaller factions. This individual has introduced unit branches to almost all factions, adjusting the game entirely (and making it way more fun). The degree of variety is astounding. Regardless of your play style, installing this mod on your next run will benefit you. The main issue is that it may not be compatible with comprehensive revamp modifications that introduce a large number of new kingdoms and soldiers.

19) Dismemberment

Dismemberment will add a dismemberment and decapitation feature to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, as the name indicates.

Every time a player or NPC strikes a fatal blow by cutting off an enemy’s head with a left or right swing, there is a high probability that the head will be severed.

These are the finest Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord modifications we were able to locate. Nonetheless, this is just a tiny sample of what is available. Try some of these out on your next playing, and let us know what you think in the area below. Additionally, feel free to bookmark this page and return often so you don’t miss any new modifications.

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