Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Killing Blog Post

As the competition in blog writing is increasing day by day, and many people are giving their best in the blogging field, it is essential to think about how can we write attractive and appealing blogs which attracts more people, how to make the blogs unique from others so that more readers like it. The answer to all these questions is to write a blog post so that no one is writing; you have to be creative and play with words to create an engaging and killing blog post. This can be done by understanding the dos and don’ts while writing a blog post. There are particular rules which need to be kept in mind while writing an article or blog, and when we understand the criteria of writing, we will surely be able to give our best shot. Some of the dos and don’ts for writing a blog post are:

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While writing a blog, the writer must be creative and be able to write what is genuine and authentic. For writing a blog, research and studies should be done. Your work should be a reflection of your thoughts. Copying someone else’s ideas and using them in your work won’t help write a lovely blog. Blog writing is not just about writing, but it’s also a portrayal of thoughts and ideas, so it should be and not a copy of others.  

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As a writer, one should think out of the box for their blogs. Plagiarism or copying someone else’s content is a big no for blog writing. As we know that there are different sources on the internet, we can read different blogs, but we should not copy the blogs of other writers; instead, we can get an idea of what should be written in a blog and how it should be written. Various sites detect the plagiarism of a blog, so it’s better to avoid plagiarism in blog writing.  


Insertion of credited images makes a blog more attractive and exciting. Pictures always attract more readers. When pictures are added to the blog, it makes it more appealing. Readers don’t like blogs with only texts in them, but they also like some pictures. Insertion of pictures takes blogs to another level; the pictures should also be given credit.


While writing a blog, the writer must adequately understand the language. If a blog has grammatical mistakes in it, the readers will not be able to connect with it, plus they won’t be able to understand the blog clearly. So, it is essential to properly know how about the language in which a blog has to be written. As English is a universal language and most of the blogs are in the English language, the knowledge of the English language plays a vital role in writing a killing blog.  


Proofreading is as important as other factors. After writing the blog, a writer should give it a second read to point out the mistakes. Proofreading the blogs helps correct the mistakes from it and makes the blog error-free. For this purpose, various soft wares can be used. Readers spend their time reading those articles which are free from mistakes and understandable.


Headings must be given the same attention as the content of the blog. It helps in making the blog more understandable to the readers. Headings support the concepts and ideas of the blogs. So, the writer must create those headings which are short and attractive at the same time.  


Writing needs patience. Writing a blog should give proper time to it as it requires time and effort. Writing should not be taken as a job only, but it is a depiction of thoughts and ideas, so time should be given to the blog so that you can give the best of your work. Take your time to explore different subjects.


Even though there are many blog posts, writing a killing blog post is possible by making some efforts by using all your ideas, knowledge, and expertise. You can create content that is not like the content that has been shared before; the more effort you will do, the better blog you will write, and your blogs will stand out from other blogs.  

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Muhammad Junaid is a Senior Analyst, Search Engine Expert, and CEO of Rank Higher. Extensive experience in SEO, Analytics, Research, and Blogging. Work for years with local and international enterprises for 7+ years. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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