13 Best Dragon Age Mods Available

Dragon Age 2 wasn’t the most well-received game when it was first published, but it has recently seen a boom in popularity among fans as an unappreciated treasure. In Dragon Age 2, players are reintroduced to Thedas, although confined to the city of Kirkwall. The player assumes the character of Hawke, a refugee from Lothering, which was also devastated by the Blight in Origins. Hawke and his companions earn a place and a reputation in Kirkwall by battling bandits, slavers, and monsters and ultimately becoming its Champion.

As with previous role-playing games and titles in the Dragon Age series, there are several reasons to return Dragon Age 2 owing to the enormous number of options and alternative endings. Despite the fact that neither the city nor the tale is as large as Origins or Inquisition, there are still several avenues to explore. Mods may be downloaded and installed if the standard game has gotten repetitive or if players want to add new and beneficial features. Here are some of the greatest and most important Dragon Age 2 modifications.

1) NPC Hands

This may be a minor criticism, but it cannot be denied that the hands of some characters in the game may be rather distressing to see. It may be a minor gripe, but one cannot help but gaze at these abominations the game dares to call hands.

Downloading the NPC Hands mod is all that is required for players to make this problem obsolete. It enhances the texture of the hands of Bethany, Isabella, Merrill, and Anders, as the name suggests.

2) Dragon Age II Redesigned

Dragon Age II has a highly unusual aesthetic that may not appeal to many players. But the Redesigned mod can make things a bit better for these dissatisfied travelers. This graphical makeover patch includes a metric tonne of modifications to the game’s aesthetics, modifying the game’s ambiance and making it considerably darker and more realistic.

The installation of the mod is also quite complex. However, this shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of players: all the stat management and item management you’ve performed over the years should count for something.

3) Bidelles Cosmetics 2

Dragon Age II personalization choices were requested to be as broad as possible by players. Given the criticism of this title, it is evident that character customization also lacked diversity.

Thankfully, with the Bidelles Cosmetics 2 mod, Dragon Age II gamers may add a variety of cosmetic choices. It’s a little adjustment, but the fact that it enables characters to seem as distinctively as possible is certainly a positive.

4) Unique Face Textures for Companions

Download the Unique Face Textures for Companions if you have any affection for your Dragon Age II companions. After suffering so much for you, they have earned it. This patch upgrades the skin and eye textures of all vanilla companions to a higher quality.

All of the mod’s additions are modifiable, allowing you to return certain items to their original state if you so choose. Which, given the great quality of the new assets, you really shouldn’t do, but who am I to say?

5) Valuable Junk

The act of selling objects for cash is universal to all role-playing games. So it comes as no surprise that Dragon Age II adheres to this golden guideline. However, most merchants do not pay Hawke a great deal for the items he or she supplies.

This may sometimes be rather frustrating. Thankfully, the Valuable Junk mod will make shopkeepers more reasonable when purchasing the party’s riches.

6) Diversified Follower Armors

Despite the fact that Hawke’s followers may wear a variety of garments, the variety is little to write home about. Dragon Age II gamers who want more customization options for the appearance of their party members may be slightly disappointed by this fact.

This is when the Modification: Diversified Follower Armors comes into play. Now, not only can every slot of a companion’s equipment be altered, but new and unique pieces of armour for every single follower have also been added to the game!

7) No More Spiders

Dragon Age 2’s enormous spiders are extremely terrifying, frequently descending with a loud hiss when the player least expects it. There are plenty of them, including a handful with the moniker “Monstrous” due to their excessive size. If players are having trouble with the game’s spiders, they may install Icerf00’s No More Spiders mod. This modification simply replaces all of the game’s spiders with Mabari war dogs. They will continue to hiss and be referred to be Giant Spiders, but they will no longer descend from the ceiling or have those beady eyes.

8) DA2 Equip Your Party v3

The inability of players to personalise their party members in Dragon Age II is another peculiar mechanism that did not sit well with the audience, thus they took things into their own hands in order to adapt this alteration.

This Dragon Age II mod enables players to modify their party’s armour and change their appearance, creating a more immersive experience that feels more like a fully realised RPG than a stripped-down one.

9) No Follower Auto Level

When Hawke encounters a new ally, they are automatically leveled with a handful of abilities and attribute points awarded. This indicates that the player cannot choose whether Aveline is a weapon and shield or a two-handed fighter if Isabela is proficient with a bow, or what spells Merrill knows. Installing the No Follower Auto-Level mod by Verdical Q will modify this. At the time of recruitment, players may choose the talents, tactics, and attribute distribution for each of their friends. Even Hawke is impacted, as players must choose their initial spells, talents, and attribute allocation. Additionally compatible with the DLC for Sebastian and Tallis. There is an extra collection of files that users may download with this mod to intelligently auto-level companion stats prior to recruitment while retaining the option to not auto-level companion abilities.

10)Super Lots of Skill Upgrades

Dragon Age II’s skill tree is sufficient for those wanting to enhance their characters as they see appropriate… but it’s impossible to deny that additional customization choices in this area would have been a great assist anyway.

This is possible with the Super Lots of Skill Upgrades mod, which adds a plethora of active and passive abilities to the skill tree to make leveling up characters in the game more engaging and exciting.

11) Save Generator

One of my favourite aspects of importing saved files from prior entries is:

Unlocking restricted content I detest not having access to these files! Those who have lost their DA save files or who have never played the game are rescued by our Save Generator modification.

It produces valid save files that are compatible with Dragon Age II. You may pick from several plot options to be represented in the new file, and we advise novices to avoid using this mod. In case you decide to play Dragon Age: Origins in the future. A ruined experience can never be fully restored.

12) Rune Expansion Pack

Sandal returns in Dragon Age 2 to enchant any of Hawke’s or his allies’ weapons or equipment. However, the possibilities are relatively limited and may rapidly become tedious. With the Rune Expansion Pack by Veridical, players may increase their rune options. This patch adds 24 new weapon and armour runes, as well as recipes for their creation, to the game. Any missing recipes may be acquired from Hubert in Hightown. The new runes may accomplish anything from increased threat generation to enabling specific spells to be performed without requiring mana.

13) Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD

However, it would be hard to discuss Dragon Age II graphics upgrade modifications without discussing the mod that transforms the game into a visual feast in every manner.

Not only does the Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD mod end up upscaling and redoing the majority of the game’s fundamental textures, but it also tries to enhance the game’s graphic style in order to give the game a more contemporary and aesthetically beautiful appearance, which it does in spades.

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