15 ff7 remake mods [2022]

A new PC mod for Final Fantasy 7 Remake has converted the heroes’ extremely realistic character models into their blocky counterparts from the original 1997 game. The formerly PlayStation-exclusive FF7 Remake has been available on PC since December 2021, and modders have already begun making modifications.

Many fans throughout the globe waited for years for the FF7 Remake to become a reality, with Square Enix continually teasing the concept with tech demonstrations and cryptic statements. When the first installment of the remake was published, fans were rewarded with graphics that exceeded their expectations. Nonetheless, many thought the fighting and pace of Part 1 left much to be desired. After the PC version of the game was published, modders rapidly produced fascinating modifications. Some modifications altered the game’s camera to more nearly reflect the original game’s fixed viewpoints. Others have altered the look of characters, such as the mod that replaced Cloud’s FF7 Remake suit with his Kingdom Hearts attire. Nonetheless, a more recent update alters the appearance of more than just the spiky blonde protagonist.

Players can’t get enough of the following Final Fantasy VII Remake modifications.

1) FFVIIHook

As with many other video game modifying scenes, the FF7 Remake modifications include a foundation-building mod that provides others with the means to modify their game. In the case of FFVII Remake, emoose and stoker25 have created FFVIIHook.

This hack enables access to the game’s developer console and modifies console variables. It also permits the addition of INI files to the game’s folder. These modifications are a lifesaver, as they serve as the foundation for many unique and valuable mods.

2) Advent Reshade

Advent ReShade is a modification created by user Vanguard1776 and the ReShade v4.7.0 team for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. ReShading is a prevalent sort of mod that enhances the photorealism of the game’s aesthetics. This crew has worked on ReShading for titles such Batman: Arkham Knight, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Dishonored 2.

This ReShade mod promises the addition of HDR lighting effects, among other aesthetic enhancements. In addition, it is intended to have little influence on PC performance.

3) Aggressive Companions

The Aggressive Friends mod increases the frequency with which your AI companions are assault. In FF7 Remake, your party members might be annoyingly timid. This mod makes their battle approach more player-like. We ADORE this update.

It is far more entertaining and relaxing to play a game with dependable AI that advances the fight. It works best with Cloud and Tifa, but it also works well with everyone else.

4) Tifa Invisible Weapons

The Tifa Invisible Weapons ability makes Tifa’s gloves and attached weapon invisible. Another modification for completing Tifa’s appearance. After gamers have taken the time to modify Tifa’s dress and look, oversized gloves might render that effort futile.

With this modification, the game will only reveal Tifa’s bare hands; make sure you’re not wearing her basic outfit, which might render her HANDS invisible. We also appreciate the combat’s graphics. The image of Tifa pummeling adversaries with her bare hands is entertaining. It gives her a rough appearance.

5) Character Customization Mods

There are quite a few modifications available for individuals who are interested in personalization, so let’s examine the greatest ones. Among them is a hair modification hack. This mod’s only feature is the ability to modify and improve the hair colour of the game’s characters. Some gamers want hair colours that the game does not give, such as their own hair colour or wild hues. Those who are interested in further personalising their characters have the ability to do so.

Eye Colors for Cloud Aerith and Tifa is an additional mod for Final Fantasy 7 Remake that complements this one. Similarly self-explanatory, this option enables users to alter the eye colour of their in-game avatars. It works in tandem with the hair colour mod and with all outfit changes.

Dress Recolors for Tifa and Aerith are offered as an additional customization option. This modification enables users to alter the colour of Tifa’s Purple Dress and Aerith’s Sexy Dress. While there aren’t many colour options, there is a handful that allows for more character customization than in the original game. Note that in order to use this mod, the Purple Dress Tifa mod and the Sexy Dress Aerith mod are also required.

6) Stuttering Fix

The Stuttering Fix Mod by BaselineX offers both a download and a tutorial on how to utilise the “DXVK Method” to make Final Fantasy 7 Remake run more smoothly. It is meant to assist with frame rate difficulties as well as asset loading concerns.

This is not a straightforward patch, and it is rather difficult to comprehend and describe what is being done in the game files to deliver this enhancement. However, BaselineX’s advice is straightforward and will hopefully resolve any troubles you have when playing FFVII Remake.

7) Equipment Rebalance

This mod modifies all of the equipment stats as well as the materia slots. This is a means for gamers to “hack” their armour and equipment to improve their stats. Players will have access to one more slot on their weapons. Additional materia slots might be useful since players can spend materia orbs and jewels to boost their stats. This may even affect the damage kinds and spells and abilities of the character. With more spaces accessible, gamers have access to more useful statistics.

In addition, armour will provide extra protection, since the game greatly prioritises attack statistics above defense. This indicates that when players advance, their defence level will not increase as rapidly as their offense. This mod enhances the player’s armour and weaponry with a few button presses. This makes a major impact for players playing on the Hard difficulty setting since defence increases survival.

8) Buffed Star Bracelet

The Enhanced Star Bracelet provides enhanced stats and new materia slots for a total of eight. A single piece of modified equipment is a subtle technique to increase your save file’s power without making major changes.

The fact that it is easy to delete, needing no file modification, is an additional plus. Simply remove the equipment from the character using the in-game equipment choices. In the posts area of the mod’s website, there are instructions for customising the star bracelet for a more customised piece of equipment.

9) Invisible Grappling Hook

The Invisible Grappling Hook ability makes the grappling hook invisible in all game scenarios. The most common approach to modify the FF7 remake is by replacing the characters’ clothes.

Some of these unique costumes leave the grappling hook model with nowhere to go, causing it to cut through the character in an odd location or get trapped on the ground underneath them, neither of which is desirable. This hack prevents the rendering of the unpleasant hook mechanism. This is required for admirers of Tifa’s outfits.

10) Hair Colors For Cloud, Aerith, & Tifa

There is absolutely nothing wrong with gamers sometimes deciding to give Cloud Strife pink hair. This modification by user Jujub enables users to alter the hair colours of Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa. One colour may be selected at a time, however there are other options for these three classic figures. Additionally, it is compatible with any outfit changes that characters may have.

Additionally, Jujub published a mod that enables you to alter their eye colour. This also works with costume and hair colour modifications. As with the hair colour mod, the player may only alter the eye colours of Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa.

11) 3DMigoto Base Mod

This is another another mod foundation, however it is designed exclusively for the installation of 3DMigoto-based modifications in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. 3DMigoto is a basic mod for several games. So long as the game is running on DirectX1, FFVII Remake permits the loading of a large number of custom textures – at least for the time being.

kso10, Narknon, and Yudokobos have contributed to this 3DMigoto integration. Special thanks are extended by the uploaders to Fraggerman, the Fairy Tail mod server, and the 3DMigoto devs.

12) Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Mod

Aside from its inclusion in the Capcom Fighting Collection, Darkstalkers is a Capcom game series that hasn’t received any attention in almost a decade. Despite this, the series has a dedicated audience, and Morrigan Aensland is one of the most enduringly popular Darkstalkers characters.

The Tifa – Morrigan Aensland Cosplay mod created by MonkeyMan Modifications, with credit given to Jenovation and Shinteo, focuses on cosplay outfits for the main characters, as do many other recent FF7 Remake mods. Tifa Lockhart assumes the role of the infamous Darkstalkers succubus in this mod, which also has an astounding level of attention to detail.

13) Cloud Advent Children Outfit

This modification adds the Advent Children Outfit to Cloud Strife. We’re huge Advent Children fans, thus this mod is fantastic. This Cloud Strife outfit is comprised of sleeker black leather, metal accents, and shining leather gloves.

Tifa and Aerith get the most of the mod community’s attention, but the guys, tool, are rather attractive. Watch the film Advent Children if you haven’t already.

14) Aggressive Companions

This mod makes your AI allies attack more often than normal. The majority of the time, these AI just observe the pandemonium as it unfolds. It is said to have Cloud and Tifa fight nonstop throughout bouts and adopt a more player-controlled strategy as opposed to mindlessly looking into the void. The AI will now attack other foes while the player focuses on the primary foe, which is very useful while battling numerous foes.

15) Asuka (Flare Cosplay) Mod

Aesthetic modifications are among the most common types of FF7 Remake modifications. Some individuals choose for a complete costume overhaul, while others desire to only alter their hair or eye colour. As is the case with the Aerith – Asuka (Flare Cosplay) Mod by MonkeyMan Mods, with credit provided to modders Raq and Ruris, it’s rather common to accomplish this with another series in mind.

Aerith wears Asuka’s attire from Neon Genesis Evangelion in this basic cosplay. It is based on the “Flare” figure of Asuka, therefore it differs somewhat from what she wore in the anime. Regardless, Neon Genesis is a classic, and the costume’s attention to detail is very astounding.

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