15 Best Dark souls 3 mods

Dark Souls III is often associated with the video game equivalent of a masochist’s sense of enjoyment.

Dark Souls is a fantastic game. Those desiring more from this series would have been ecstatic at the idea of a sequel with more of the same interwoven level design and finely calibrated difficulty. However, despite the fact that Dark Souls 2 was a superb game in its own right, the general consensus is that it is the poorest Soulsborne game, mostly owing to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s absence.

Dark Souls 3 was a fitting conclusion to one of the best action role-playing game trilogies ever created. Dark Souls changed the future of gaming, spawning its own genre and forcing numerous creators to attempt to replicate everything that made this game such a big hit to begin with. With these Dark Souls 3 modifications, PC users may enjoy this game even more. The finest of the lot are listed here. Notably, the most of these modifications may get you banned, so it’s best to enjoy them offline.


1)Incandescent Re-Shade 2.0

Dark Souls was the standard for a gloomy and frightening ambiance for a very long time, particularly before BloodBorne was a thing. FromSoftware wears their horror influence on their sleeve, and it is evident in the game’s low natural lighting and consistently gloomy passages. What IR 2.0 accomplishes for DS3 is raise the illumination to never-before-seen heights with subtle adjustments. If you believe that the game’s natural mood no longer appeals to you, Incandescent Re-Shade is the DS3 mod for you.


2) Hollow Overhaul

Many diehard FromSoftware fans consider Dark Souls 3 to be one of their simpler titles. With the Hollow Overhaul mod, the game’s difficulty is significantly raised.

It enhances the difficulty of adversaries while also deleting some bonfires. Numerous more modifications and adjustments to the game keep it new and tough for seasoned players.


3) Color Clarity

There are several graphic presets available for use with iGP11. But Color Clarity is, in my view, one of the greatest.  Some tweaks make the game much too dark, while others just remove too much information.  Color Clarity is an excellent mod if you just want to improve the appearance of things. But without entirely altering the game’s appearance and feel.

In consequence, colours are now more bright, resulting in a more realistic appearance of the environment.  Environment details stand out more, although gameplay is unaffected. Shadows and brightness are unaltered, thus everything remains as apparent as in the original game.


4) Wex Dust Mod

How long have we desired a mod that doesn’t need us to trek halfway across a map to reach a location where we may invade another player’s mod?

There is a DS3 feature that enabled players to invade other players’ instances when they went to (or were in) the same place as the person being invaded. This was a tedious task, but happily there is now a solution.

That concludes the Wex Dust Mod. This incredible tiny patch allows you to invade other players regardless of their location. Armed with this knowledge, we cannot even begin to comprehend the destruction you would wreak against the other undead.

5) Modern Firearm

The concept of employing contemporary guns in Dark Souls 3 is just absurd. However, it cannot be denied that some individuals are curious to see how such an idea may be implemented.

The Modern Firearm mod provides the same feeling. In Dark Souls 3, pulling out an automatic rifle and spraying foes with bullets is only possible via modifications, and the weaponry in this mod are sufficient for a full run.


6) Moonlight Greatsword Restored

Fans of the prior games in the Dark Souls series are likely already acquainted with the Moonlight Greatsword. Many Dark Souls gamers were eager to see whether one of the game’s rarest swords will make a cameo in the third instalment. In Dark Souls III, however, the aesthetic of the weapon was radically altered, leaving many gamers unsatisfied.

Ez wanted to restore the famous appearance of the Moonlight Greatsword from earlier games. Having reapplied the vivid green light, obtaining the sword in DS3 is now just as thrilling as in prior games. After all, its name is probably derived from its hue!



7) Cinders

Cinders, widely regarded as the finest mod published for Dark Souls 3 to date, takes the quality of all previous modifications for the game and turns it up to 11.  Cinders is not only a mod. It might be regarded a different version of Dark Souls III due to the many alterations made to the core game.

This contains fundamental abilities such as levelling up and item management at the bonfires themselves, unrestricted character respecs, a greater understanding of condition effects and the like, and the ability to walk at the character’s normal speed even in wetlands.


8) Honest Merchant

This is one of the greatest Dark Souls 3 modifications from a strictly practical standpoint. The Honest Merchant mod adds a character to the game that enables players to get all necessary stuff at reasonable prices. It’s ideal for gamers who want to return to the game but don’t want to spend time grinding for important things.

This mod is not advised for first-time gamers, who should explore the vanilla experience prior to installing this mod. Also, you need not worry about getting banned from online play, since this mod raises no red flags in this respect.



9) Darkdrift Reborn

Darkdrift is another of Dark Souls III’s secret weapons. As with other difficult-to-obtain secret weapons, you were probably anticipating something more impressive than the Darkdrift’s default appearance: a translucent katana that resembles every other katana in the game (except this one is see-through).

This mod alters the Darkdrift’s appearance in various ways, including the addition of a black flame when used to strike. Without a doubt, this makes the Darkdrift a tremendously formidable weapon. That for which it was intended.


10) Item Randomize 

This is for lovers of the roguelike/rogue-lite genre who appreciate and want fresh experiences and like the unexpected. This mod does exactly what it says on the description; it randomises your basic stuff and auto-equips whatever it chooses. This presents a larger difficulty than picking modifications and things to aid you on your trip. This is essential if you really want a Risk of Rain-like experience.


11) Hunter’s Combat

Hunter’s Fighting is the ideal modification for those who wished Dark Souls 3’s combat had a more Bloodborne-like feel.

The Threaded Cane, Ludwig’s Holy Blade, Saw Cleaver, and Rakuyo, in addition to the firearm parry and visceral attacks already featured in Bloodborne, may be used with this modification. This alters the gameplay experience of Dark Souls for players.


12) StraySouls

There are some Dark Souls enthusiasts that like the game due of its difficulty. Incredibly, there are modifications available that actually make the game more challenging. Check out StraySouls if you’re interested in such music. It essentially randomises adversaries, so the trial-and-error strategy we’re all used to no longer applies.

Normal foes, bosses, and non-player characters may all be randomised. You may increase the number of opponents by up to nine times the quantity in the original game. Why you would desire this, I cannot fathom. However, if you like a challenge (as if vanilla wasn’t enough), consider this.


13) Draw Distance Increased – Ultimate

Dark Souls 3 is a gorgeous game in its own right, but occasionally it is necessary to take a step back and admire the game’s superb visual direction. This is provided by games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and The Witcher 3, which is severely absent in FromSoftware’s last Souls game. This hack enables you to appreciate the breathtaking scenery the game has to offer.

Increasing the draw distance and the degree of information at that distance not only reduces the appearance of random textures when zooming towards the horizon, but also reveals just how stunning the eerie beauty of Lothric’s lands can be.


14) Blue Sentinel

Online combat is a major source of delight for Dark Souls enthusiasts. Unfortunately, hackers, a chronic issue in Soulsborne games, might detract from the enjoyment of this activity. The Blue Sentinel mod may be a saviour in preventing these cheats from hurting a player’s experience.

This modification enables players to identify cheats during duels. They may then either fully boot them (if they are an intruder) or disconnect (if they have invaded). It may seem like a basic function, but any player who has repeatedly been hounded by cheaters will confirm that the Blue Sentinel patch has the potential to be one of the best Dark Souls 3 modifications.

15) Challenge Mods

The Challenge Mods are a collection of Dark Souls customizations. Players may modify them to their own, allowing for a vast array of new circumstances and — appropriately — difficulties.

This mod pack is so famous because it has a script that, in essence, enables users to summon Stands of enemy characters. This transforms the game into a gigantic JoJo reference that is a tonne of fun to play.

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