14 Best Destiny 2 Mods

Season of the Haunted’s peculiar meta relied mostly on Classy Restoration in all activities, whether PvE or PvP, as one of the finest seasonal mods ever released for players who desire to keep their character alive. Similar to Seasons before it, players experimented with the available artefact modifications and used the most effective ones in the relevant game types. Prior to debut, Season 18’s artefact mods were unveiled, with the different unlock levels and slot allocations for each mod that needs a particular one described.

Although this has not always been the case, Bungie has promoted build-crafting in Destiny 2 as one of the game’s strengths, and seasonal modifications are an integral part of what makes each build shine. In Season 18, Bungie brought intriguing items to the game that are compatible with Arc 3.0 builds or general play, but the fact that the majority of these seasonal modifications are limited to the class item slot sticks out. Class items in Destiny 2 contain a maximum of 10 energy and up to three slots for artefact modifications in the case of Artifice Armor, however this is insufficient to equip all Season mods.

1) Ammo Finders

Increases your likelihood to discover ammunition when equipped with the chosen weapon family. Primary weapons, particularly Exotic Primary weapons, make it easier to locate ammunition. On their own, Ammo Finders may seem unimpressive. These modifications are useless to PvP players, while PvE players may discover that Special Finisher does the same function. In reality, these modifications are crucial for the majority of PvE setups.

As long as the Ammo Finder mod is enabled, each enemy you kill will drop an ammo brick after a certain number of kills, often 13 to 17 for Specials and 15 to 20 for Heavy opponents. Using a Primary weapon decreases this requirement by a few kills, while using an Exotic Primary weapon further reduces it to between 6 and 8 kills. Each brick gives a modest quantity of ammo, and there is no limit to the number of bricks that may be generated in this manner. Ammo Finders are required if you wish to play a double Special build or main a Heavy weapon.

2) Lucent Finisher

At this time, it is very impossible to avoid encountering the Lucent Hive, and they are a headache to deal with. They are comparable to Champions in that you must often use all of your heavy ammunition to kill them before they can crush you to death. This mod alleviates your suffering by restoring your heavy ammunition. Using your finisher on a hive ghost or a champion will cause it to drop a big ammunition brick for you and your fireteam.

Special finishers often need a part of super energy to execute, since they are effectively lethal blows. This modification distinguishes out since none of the related finishers need extraordinary energy. This is significant, since certain supers take a long to charge, and players must often decide whether or not to squander charge on a finisher. With Lucent Finisher, there is no reason for concern. Simply eliminate the Champions and Hive ghosts to not only preserve your super progress but also recover some heavy ammunition for your big hitters.

3) Special Finisher

Finishers provide Special ammunition to the whole fireteam. Costs a third of your Super energy. Given that finishers may only be used in PvE, this mod has no effect in PvP. However, this mod’s influence is so large that it is required for PvE material of the highest quality.

Defeating a foe will provide a Special ammunition brick for you and your friends, at the cost of one-third of your Super energy. If you lack at least a third of your Super energy, you cannot complete objectives. The spawning brick is not an Ammunition Finder brick, but rather an ordinary Special brick that gives a large amount of Special ammo. If at least one member of your fireteam uses this mod, your group will never run out of Special ammunition during Nightfalls or raids. Special Finisher is one of Destiny 2’s finest PvE perks due to its ability to circumvent the game’s RNG-heavy ammunition economy. Additionally, it enables you to play a double-Special deck if you so want.

4) Piercing Bowstring

On the other side of the coin are Barrier Champions, who are even more unpleasant than Unstoppable Champions. Barrier Champions may generate a barrier that stops them from taking damage and heals them in the process. It’s frustrating to chip away at one of these opponents, just to have them erect a barrier and destroy all your hard work. Consequently, you will need a moderator or a member of your fireteam to deal with them.

Piecing Bowstring moves up with a mod that makes bows even stronger than they currently are. There are incredible exotic bows, as well as standard bows with outstanding attributes such as Explosive Arrowheads. The idea is that not only is this mod sufficient to breach a barrier, but it may also cause huge damage or even one-shot a Champion in the process. When speed is of the importance in combat, you’ll want to dispatch a Barrier Champion quickly, and some bows are more than up to the job.

5) Ammo Scavengers

The chosen weapon family receives additional reserves when ammunition is picked up. Duplicates of identical mods do not stack. Scavenger modifications are placed on the leg armour of a player. In both PvE and PvP, obtaining ammunition bricks for the respective ammo type will yield more ammo while these modifications are worn.

PvE players that use Ammo Finders will benefit greatly from these modifications, which essentially double or triple the quantity of ammo obtained from generated bricks. In PvP, certain modifications are required. A single mod provides two bullets each Special ammunition block. Since most Special weapons can kill Guardians with a single shot, this enables you to stockpile ammunition until you have over a dozen to use.

6) Unstoppable Glaiv

With the introduction of glaives this season, the vast majority of players have at least experimented with this weapon. In addition to its ability to inflict long-range damage, it may also be utilised as a close-quarters combat weapon when it runs out of special ammunition. The “Unstoppable” Champions are one of the exceptional Champions that players must face throughout each season. These enemies must be shocked since they will not stop assaulting until you do, and glaives serve well in this capacity. I like nothing more than rushing about and stabbing Champions to death with what is effectively a stick with a knife on the end.

Still, you or a member of your fireteam will need to be prepared to deal with Champions, and this is my preferred method for doing so. This mod may also be used with other glaive-related modifications to increase their versatility. Glaive Dexterity and Suppressing Glaive are excellent additions, since they aid in different forms of battle in addition to stunning champions. Glaives are awesome, and this is the best method to kill a Champion with a simple poke.

7) 7 Armor Parts Work Differently

In addition to the varying Mod counts per piece of armour, Guardians may only equip certain kinds of modifications in certain types of armour. For example, Guardians desiring the advantages of target-based Mods should equip them on their helmet.

Similarly, additional armour components are compatible with various armour upgrades. Arm pieces are compatible with reload- or melee-based Mods, while chest pieces are compatible with reserves- and unflinching-based Mods. Leg armors are compatible with scavenger- and dexterity-focused Mods. Therefore, Guardians must consider how each of these Armor Mods interacts with their individual playstyle before to wearing them.

8) Psionic Forging II

The second Psionic Forging artefact mod augments both the Hakke Breach Armaments and Land Tank origin traits. Hakke’s characteristic is rather specialised, increasing the weapon’s damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis crystals.

However, the Lank Tank origin attribute, available on Season 16 weapons, is proving rather handy, particularly in a meta where Protective Light will be much less effective. The Land Tank origin feature, which may stack up to three levels owing to this artefact patch, increases a player’s durability and damage resistance everytime they land the killing blow. For challenging PvE material, this is ideal.

9) 3 Certain Mods Work With Certain Enemies

Certain Specialized Mods are more effective against certain foes. Mods based on the Hive and Mods based on the Taken are more effective against Hive and Taken foes, respectively. In addition to Specialized Mods, Guardians may evaluate particular structures and regions to determine which opponent kinds exist and which Mods are effective against them.

This recommendation also relates to Elemental Affinity. In addition to wearing Armor Mods for certain adversaries, Guardians must also be aware of which elemental kinds work against them. This procedure simplifies the preparation for particular raids.

10) Font Of Might

Due to the overhaul of Masterworking weapons, Charged with Light modifications have been severely nerfed. Now, users must install a specific mod in addition to Masterworking in order to generate Orbs of Power from their weapons. This has significantly increased the plausibility of Elemental Well modifications.

The Font of Might artefact mod is an excellent introduction to Well modifications. When a player picks up an Elemental Well that corresponds to their subclass, all weapons that also correspond to their subclass will get a damage buff. This item combines quite well with Void builds and allows players to do massive damage.

11) Thermoshock Plating 

There are several types of damage that may be delivered in Destiny 2, with elemental damage being among the most irritating. Numerous enemies use elemental damage, particularly in big groups when they bombard you with energy bolts. A prime example is the last fight of the dungeon ‘Grasp of Avarice,’ in which you take continual arc damage from all sides. Some modifications lessen incoming damage types, however most only lower one kind, making them cumbersome to equip.

Thermoshock Plating stands out because it prevents damage from arc and sun sources. It is quite advantageous to equip, particularly if you know what you will encounter in the forthcoming fight. It’s not so great in PVP, since it’s impossible to guess what subclass people will run, and since this season’s focus is on void, most players will choose for that. Still, it’s an excellent protective mod, and because it accumulates, you may increase your defences.

12) Psionic Forging I

Origin qualities are a new sort of bonus introduced to the game, and some of them are quite potent. The Psionic Forging I artefact mod increases the duration of Psychohack and Suros Synergy, two powerful origin attributes. Psychohack is especially beneficial in more difficult PvE material, since weapons with this feature reduce an opponent’s damage output.

Suros Synergy is an excellent enhancement for any of the new Suros weapons. Suros Synergy improves the weapon’s handling and decreases recoil while reloading, making it particularly beneficial for the new Suros sniper, the Fugue-55, but equally effective with the Suros pulse rifle Syncopation-53.

13) Overload Rounds

This season’s Overload anti-champion mod is for SMGs and Auto Rifles, which is wonderful since there are so many new weapons for players to try with in these two categories. The Funnelweb secondary SMG, for instance, has already become a player favourite.

While the majority of anti-champion modifications are beneficial and unlockable by default, the Overload Rounds artefact mod is the most desirable due to its two alternatives. In addition, its sole equivalent is the Overload Grenades mod, which needs a Void build. The strength of the Overload Rounds mod is that it is applicable to all subclasses.

14) Overload Rounds

With Witch Queen’s implementation of a new void system, it’s no surprise that many seasonal artefact modifications will be void-based. Bungie wants you to give Void a try, and I can attest that the resulting alterations are worthwhile. Volatile flow is a mod that enables your void weapons to inflict the Volatile stat when they strike an opponent. Volatile causes enemies to explode and does area-of-effect damage around them, making it an excellent ad-clearing spell. This is the mod you should equip if your build focuses mostly on clearing out rooms.

To deliver more damage, you may combine this with Font of Might to create an endless stream of damage. This mod excels in PVE situations when you need to clean out rooms. It has considerable usage in PvP…particularly when engaging many enemy Guardians. This mod may do terrible harm to the enemy squad if they are dumb enough to stick close together. I could see competent Void Hunters using this to their advantage, despite the fact that it is rather situational. If you mostly use void weapons, it is well worth it.

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