10 Top Best Mods of death stranding

Which Death Stranding add-ons and customization options are the best? Now then, we have some suggestions for you to consider. It should come as no surprise that fans of Death Stranding, which is currently one of the most thrilling adventure games available, as well as the game having one of the most loyal communities around, have created some very fantastic modifications for the game.

Several gaming publications, such as The Verge, GameSpot, Game Informer, and IGN, amongst others, have lauded Death Stranding as an excellent video game overall and have given it high marks. The community of modders, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to build upon the game’s existing aesthetics and gameplay features in order to make the experience even more entertaining for players.

The following list highlights some of the most notable Death Stranding modifications currently available on the market. All of these are separated into many categories, each of which depends on what you want to do with the game. These sections range from very easy adjustments to more in-depth ones, and they are all accessible via the menu system. In addition to that, links to all of these modifications’ respective download sites will be provided alongside them. Therefore, make sure that you thoroughly read the installation instructions for each mod.

1) Actors Mod Pack

You have the ability to personalise the character models in Death Stranding thanks to the Actors Mod Pack. The great appearance of the modifications is a direct result of the high degree of attention to detail that was put into developing this mod. There are a plethora of awesome customization choices, some of which include altering the colour of a character’s eyes and decorating them with wicked tattoos. The character models in Death Stranding are already of a very high quality, which makes it seem even more rewarding to customise them to your desire. They certainly do have a wonderful appearance. Because of this, the Actors Mod Pack is now in first place on the list of the finest Death Stranding modifications.

2) Simple Realistic 3d

Simple Realistic 3D by crubino is a reshade and Textures mod that adds an additional level of detail and lighting effects to the game. It also makes the game appear a bit brighter while still having a much better shading. This is the mod that has received the most positive feedback, making it one of the most popular Death Stranding mods.

To install this mod, you first need to unpack the files, and then you need to transfer those files into the primary folder for the game. Simply using the Insert key will allow you to activate or deactivate this modification whenever you choose.

3) Simple Realistic 3D for Death Stranding

The Simple Realistic 3D for Death Stranding mod offers this game, which already has a stunning visual presentation, a whole new coat of paint. This modification is the one for you to use if you want to improve the overall visual presentation of the game. It has enhanced detail, lighting effects, and shading in addition to a brighter overall display. Not only that, but in addition to that, it enables a 3D stereoscopic option for players who desire Death Stranding to have a more vivid appearance.

The Simple Realistic 3D mod is one of the greatest Death Stranding modifications that are currently available since it combines all of these fantastic features into a single, straightforward package.

4) Actors Mod Pack

Even though the Actors Mod Pack is not presently compatible with the most recent build of Death Stranding, users are still able to utilise it with older versions of the game. It improves more than 80 of the game’s textures and comes packed with a tonne of features, such as 4k-supported character models that can be altered, more realistic clothes and effects, and it also supports higher resolutions.

You won’t only be able to alter Sam with this mod; you’ll also have access to a wide range of options for the game’s female characters. It also makes it very simple to modify and customise your characters in any way you see fit, such as by including some interesting tattoos, bright shirts and pants, fashionable skirts, and eye colours that stand out.

5) Biome

The first mod on this list dealt with modifying the appearance of the playable characters in Death Stranding. The focus of BIOME is on modifying the in-game environment to your liking. The BIOME patch really adds four new “biomes” or appearances to the world of Death Stranding, despite the fact that at first look it may seem to be very straightforward. This opens the door for you, the player, to set off on an adventure in a world of your choice.

Vita, Tundra, Moss, and Mortem are the names of the game’s four newest biomes. “Vita implies abundant life,” as stated in the official description of the brand. Tundra signifies chilly plains. Moss is a symbol of wet and harsh terrain. Mortem is a metaphor for the landscape after the apocalypse.

6) Thomas the Tank Engine

If Thomas the Tank Engine wasn’t involved, then it just wouldn’t be a PC mod, would it? Come on. The reliable Tommy boy is an essential component in modding. He has appeared in every iteration of Skyrim, which means he has also been present in Tamriel. Why not include him in the Apocalypse while playing Death Stranding, seeing that he is essentially the emblem for the PC Race? In addition to this, that face was created specifically to strike fear into the minds of numerous people.

7) Will from Hannibal

With Hannibal season 4 in a state of permanent limbo and with that conclusion to season 3, it would be very fantastic to have Mister Will Graham as a reskin for the main protagonist of the show. Even better, considering that Mads Mikkelsen plays the role of the “bad guy” in the television series Death Stranding, which he starred in. Cannibals and the FBI have nothing to do with each other, so what better way is there to get the two teams back together than with a game that has nothing to do with either of those things?

Even while it would not be the same as having a season 4, it would help ease the suffering of at least one fan, and I hope that I am not the only one who feels this way.

8) Different Hair and Face Options for Main Character

In the majority of games, this modification is a very normal move. To accommodate everyone’s desire to have a gaming experience that is unique to them, it would be awesome if the main character could have their appearance modified beyond the scope of the cosmetics that are now available. Would an emerald mohawk look well with those deliveries? Check. Are you ready to take on the free world as Mr. T? Check. The sky is the limit; if you hacked your game extensively enough, you could even make yourself appear like the sky.

9) Attack On Titan Season 1 Theme Song

Listen to what we have to say. Imagine the theme music that played at the beginning of every combative meeting in the first season of Attack on Titan. A very important scene break is coming up. Wir sind die Jaeger! Would this result in a significant improvement to the overall experience? Actually, they do not, but it definitely would be a lot more interesting if they did.

10) Making the Main Character a Sandwich

Again, we beg you to hear us out. The “make Jill a sandwich” hack for Resident Evil 3 was great, and even while it was intended to be a joke referencing that series in particular, the fact that it made the game so much more enjoyable means that it cannot be confined to just that one world. Put a slice of bread on the rear end, and we’ll be good to go. Beep beep, delivery! Bread, it’s me here!

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