Know Where to Get a Vasectomy Done for Family Planning

Vasectomy refers to a simple surgery performed by a urologist in a clinic or hospital and is the most popular type of male sterilization. In this procedure, the small tubes in the scrotum that carries the sperm are blocked or severed so that the sperm does not leave the body and impregnate a woman. This procedure does not take much time, and there are no hospital or clinic stays as you are discharged at the same time.

Where To Get a Vasectomy Done?

Suppose you are wondering where to get a vasectomy done. In that case, you should conduct some research online or ask your family doctor about credible urologists in your area who perform this procedure safely. As mentioned above, this procedure is conducted at the clinic, doctor’s office, or a hospital. It is almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy if you follow up on the doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

There are two types of vasectomies: the no-scalpel and the incision method. As the name suggests, the no-scalpel method has no cuts and fewer complications and risks. This type of vasectomy also takes a shorter time to heal.

Think about the procedure carefully

Suppose you are planning to get a vasectomy done. In that case, you and your spouse/partner should carefully consider the procedure, as it is a permanent type of male sterilization and generally cannot be reversed. You must undergo the procedure only if you are 100% sure you do not want children. The word ‘vasectomy’ is derived from both of the tubes blocked in the male scrotum – vas deferens.

Effects of the procedure

The male sperm, which are the microscopic cells that join with the female egg to result in a pregnancy, is produced in the testicles. It leaves your testicles via the vas deferens and merges with the other fluids in the body to produce semen. The sperm in the semen causes pregnancy if it gets inside the vagina.

The vasectomy cuts or blocks both of the vas deferens tubes so that sperm is out of the semen. These sperm cells remain in the testicles and later are absorbed by the body. The release of semen will be the same as before, except it will not contain any sperm. Three months after the vasectomy, the semen will no longer have any sperm, so pregnancies will not be caused.

Undergoing a vasectomy will not change orgasm, and you will experience the same feelings as before. In fact, the semen will feel, look and even taste the same after the procedure, with the only exception that it will not make any woman pregnant.

When it comes to finding where to get a vasectomy done, ensure you rely on an experienced urologist and a credible clinic so that you face no hassles. Experienced professionals will manage complications better than those doctors who are new to the field. Read reviews and schedule a consultation prior to the vasectomy to clear your doubts and be fully prepared for the procedure on the final day.

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