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The Gevora International Hotel & Mall, located near the Gulberg Expressway, Block E Gulberg Greens, Islamabad, is a spectacular new addition to the Gulberg Islamabad. It’s a blend of exotic residential and business environments with cutting-edge facilities and indoor and outdoor amenities that have been thoughtfully developed to complement your extraordinary lifestyle.

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Gulberg Greens’ large and beautiful farmhouse is flanked by the Gevora international hotel and retail. Residents and guests may use the neighbouring Convent Golf Club and enjoy the gorgeous lake.

Hotel flats have been created solely with imported furnishings to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Gevora International Hotel and Mall is the only one of its kind in the area, with an elegant construction and unrivalled flair. It is certain to become the top choice for travellers, showcasing top-of-the-line hotel flats with world-class amenities all under one roof. This elegant skyscraper provides magnificent penthouses with panoramic views of the capital’s skyline at every angle. The term Gevora International Hotel and Mall conjures up images of opulence and grandeur. Get the idea from the Kingdom Valley.

International hotel and shopping mall:

Gevora is an international hotel and shopping mall project with a futuristic concept. It’s an 18-story building with a double basement parking garage. For the indoor mall, three commercial levels have been set aside with the goal of delivering a high-end shopping experience with branded stores. To make it a one-of-a-kind and exclusive project, it includes a family arena, doctor’s floors, restaurants and cafés, a gym, spa, 5 star hotel apartments, and 360-degree view penthouses.


This is a G+18 storey high-rise building with branded outlets on the ground floor, a Family Arena on the second floor, a Doctors floor on the third floor, a Double heighted hotel reception and restaurant on the fourth floor, restaurants and cafes on the fifth floor, a Gym and Spa on the sixth floor, and 360° penthouses on the 17th and 18th floors.

Islamabad, the magnificent:

The captivating capital is Pakistan’s ninth largest metropolis and one among the world’s most attractive capitals. It is encircled by the magnificent Margalla Hills, which provide breathtaking vistas that are a visual delight. The capital has become an attractive site for investors, residents, and visitors alike, thanks to the world-class amenities that are easily available.

Gulberg greens:

Gulberg Greens is a gated community with magnificent villas and lovely farmhouses. The society has all the amenities, including 24-hour power, ample gas and water supply, efficient waste management, and a highly competent security system. The neighbourhood displays a tranquil and serene setting, occupying 80 percent of the open space.

Location is perfect:

Gulberg Greens’ spacious and beautiful farmhouses surround Gevora International Hotel and Mall. The adjacent Golf Club and picturesque lake are easily accessible to residents and guests.

Life in your style:

Stylish With its surrounds of stately farmhouses, Gevora Heights stands towering and beautiful. Its elegant design complements the Gulberg Greens’ opulent lifestyle. Apart from a three-story mall, this is the first project in the area to include hotel flats and consultant clinics.

Hospitality in the tradition:

The elegant hotel lobby exemplifies style and grace. The entrance’s lofty ceiling makes it quite majestic, and as you go in, you’ll be quickly charmed by the regal atmosphere.

Redefined glamour:

It’s difficult to resist the grandeur and comfort found in these tempting hotel rooms. While staying in these soulfully calm flats, the bedrooms provide a wonderful living and relaxing experience.

Unwind and relax:

It’s never been easier to recharge your batteries. Every time you enter, the spacious bath rooms with an exceptional environment will wow you with their grandeur.

Style your visit:

Visitors will never be bored being cooped up in one room because the suite has a pleasant lounge space where they can rest and enjoy themselves. A well-equipped kitchen will undoubtedly be a nice surprise for them. There’s no need to be concerned about food supply. One may now eat whenever they want.

Glitter and glamour in the world:

The bright world of a trendy mall greets you with a large, roomy, and separate entrance. It is truly a shopper’s joy, as it is built to worldwide standards. Exclusive to the mall, fast, roomy, and less congested lifts will seamlessly navigate between the three floors.

Atrium grand:

During the day, an extravagant great atrium keeps the mall well-lit and is tastefully surrounded by stores displaying top brands.

Shops in a duplex:

Showcase your products in modern and spacious double-story stores that are ideal for Pakistan’s top companies. Make a lot of money since these stores will be a big draw for customers.

Strong hallways:

The mall’s wide and opulent halls make it easy to roam between shops in search of the ideal purchase. They protect the mall from becoming suffocatingly packed.

Eating and playing:

Are you sick of shopping? Let’s go to Gevora’s lively food court and eat your favourite dish. Everything from quick food to desi and continental cuisine is offered at the food court. Enjoy, unwind, and refuel for another shopping spree!

Penthouses with a View:

These ultra-modern penthouses are distinguished by their unrivalled sophistication. These penthouses provide breathtaking views of Islamabad from all four sides, elevating luxury living to new heights.

Parking in a safe place:

We provide a safe parking place where you may leave your car without worrying. The two-story subterranean parking garage provides enough space as well as world-class security for your vehicle.

Frolick and fun:

Allow your children to have a good time while you shop. For the smaller ones, a specialised play area on the second level provides a safe world of fun and excitement. For the more energetic and inventive children, a game zone has been set up on the floor. Allow them to let their imaginations run wild. The arena also has a day care centre where your children may be cared for while you are away. Gevora has an advantage over other projects in the area because of this one-of-a-kind characteristic.

About the constructor:

Eagle Developments is a well-known company in the construction business, with extensive expertise in real estate and construction. The builders are committed to quality, and as a result, they adhere to all international building requirements. A number of quality control and standard procedures are followed. Your aspirations become a reality with Eagle Developments.

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