Bruce Weber Photographer Shares a Few Valuable Tips That Can Help Take Amazing Pictures of Dogs

Dogs often are the energetic, over-eager, and adorable members of a family who often turn into a massive blur on camera. Dog photos can truly be gorgeous, but taking their perfect images do take a significant amount of work. In many ways, pet photography requires a mix of portrait photography, child photography, and sports photography skills. This is why; it is often industry experts like Bruce Weber Photographer who take the most amazing dog photos. However, with the right approach and creativity, even amateurs can hone their skills and learn to take amazing images of their furry friends.

The trickiest part of pet photography is that dogs do not understand posing instructions like a human subject. In this situation, a few toys and treats can go a long way in getting the pup to stay put or look in a particular direction. Any dog that has been trained to stay and sit would especially be easier to work with when they are eager to get a treat. Food bribes work well with untrained dogs as well, as they often look towards the smell of the treat.

A lot of pets have a hard time sitting still; hence it is better to use a fast shutter speed when trying to capture their images. The camera should typically be set to shutter priority mode or manual mode, and the photographer must try to use a shutter speed of at least 1/250 if possible. An even faster speed should be used for action shots of a game of fetch or when the dog is running. Turning on the burst mode shall be helpful in taking a sequence of fast shots to up the odds of getting a shot that is perfectly timed. Using a continuous autofocus mode will additionally be perfect for getting sharper images.

Capturing dogs while they are playing outdoors can be a great idea, but one should try to avoid the midday sun while doing so, especially during hot summer days. Doing an outdoor shoot in the bright sun can run the images. One may find black shadows over the dogs in those photos. Moreover, the dogs are likely to feel too hot and start to pant in the sun, which would simply make them uncooperative for photo shoots.

Dogs with fully black coat or fur are essentially difficult to photograph even at the best of times. And it would be hard for the camera to expose correctly for the black dog at midday on a bright sunny day.  When trying to photograph a black dog outdoors, one should try to use a covered shade to get even light. A nice cloudy day can be great for the portraits of black dogs. Covered shade can include trees or even the side of a building with a slight cover overhang. One can always explore the works of Bruce Weber Photographer and other professionals online, to get ideas on clicking stunning images of dogs.

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